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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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London Bombs: Police wants to have every mail and SMS contents

11-07-2005 09:29

Reuters titled yesterday: 'Police seek emails and SMS from day of blasts'

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Pix of G8 Alternatives demo and action. Archutader 6th July

10-07-2005 21:44

Pix of march and action at perimeter fence

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G8 alternatives demo and fence pulling Aurchtrader 6th July

10-07-2005 21:02

Sorry for delay getting this up, had a few IT problems!

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Lewisham Council Stop and Search.

10-07-2005 15:49

Every year an excellent public event called People's Day is held in Mountsfield Public Park in the London borough of Lewisham, only this year it was quite different.

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Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committe Blasts Blair Torture Policy

10-07-2005 11:37

The Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee Foreign Affairs has launched a damning attack on the government's human rights record in the "War on Terror", urging Blair's government to "end its policy of obfuscation and that it give straight answers to the Committee's questions".

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10-07-2005 00:40

BRITAIN and America are secretly preparing to withdraw most of their troops from Iraq the SUNDAY MAIL in UK is reporting. The document, Options For Future UK Force Posture In Iraq, is the first conclusive proof that preparations for a major withdrawal from Iraq are well advanced. The secret paper written by UK Defence Secretary John Reid for Tony Blair reveals that many of the 8,500 British troops in Iraq are set to be brought home within three months, with most of the rest returning six months later.

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A G8 protestor reacts to London attacks

09-07-2005 20:34

Here's something I jotted down on the Resist G8 train from Scotland to London. It's basically sets out my feelings at this stage about the political situation, and these may change while I'm actually in London. It's weak on many points, but please see it as a starting point for discussion.

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Resist train returns safely to Kings Cross

09-07-2005 19:03

We've just heard that the South East Assembly Resist train has returned safely from the G8 protests. The train set off at 11.47am this morning - there were some 40 cops there to greet the London-bound protesters, a couple of stop and searches took place before anarchists waved goodbye to the police.

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G8 debriefs

09-07-2005 11:57

Think it would be really good idea to come together really soon to debrief and document our mobilisations in Scotland....

We must collectively share and learn from our experiences so we can take forward good tactics and drop our modify those that nolonger work.

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Bush resigns!

09-07-2005 11:40

He's resigned!
Here is the Time magazine cover which says what we all want to here! Bush has resigned and Cheney is in prison!
If only!

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Croatian police violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine

09-07-2005 11:31

Croatian police violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine

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Every crime has a motive.

09-07-2005 07:39

British and American aid intended for Iraq's hard-pressed police service is being diverted to paramilitary commando units accused of widespread human rights abuses, including torture and extra-judicial killings, The Observer can reveal.

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As Bono and Geldof praise G8, NGOs say G8 deal is a "betrayal"

09-07-2005 06:00

They've been privately fuming for months at the unnaccountable way in which celebrity campaigners like Bono, Geldof and Richard Curtis have consistently hijacked the Make Poverty History campaign and message. But finally, as the G8's disappointing communique was released, it was only now that the NGOs' anger finally boiled over as they sat with their heads in their hands.

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Don't follow US down the dark road of terrifying political deception and war!

09-07-2005 04:26

A message from the post-9/11 US to citizens of the UK who DON'T want their country to go down this same dark catastrophic road! TRUTH and JUSTICE are needed--and it's up to YOU to make up your mind.

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London terror bombings: a political crime

09-07-2005 00:11

The criminal nature of these outrages is underscored by the fact that they occurred in a city that has been the scene of innumerable protests against imperialism and war. In February 2003, more than 1 million people marched in London to oppose the plans of the US and Britain to invade Iraq.

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Prisoner Solidarity Demonstration, Edinburgh

08-07-2005 23:00

From 3.30 pm till 5pm a prisoner solidarity demonstration took place at Saughton Prison near Stenford Road in Edinburgh.

Only few people seemed to know about the "noise" demonstration, as it startet off with about 20 protesters, swelling the numbrs to about a hundred people and one dog in the end.

The whole atmosphere was very non-confrontational and the access road was kept open all th times so visitors could still proceed to see inmates (?) during the assembly.

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Unprecedented police harrassment operation against Wombles

08-07-2005 21:16

Since Friday 1 July, some 12,000 police officers from across the UK have been carrying out one of the largest and most successful operations against summit protesters ever experienced. After Saturday's Make Poverty History march, this small army has used new powers to clamp down on almost every protest - of whatever kind. One activist group in particular has been targeted in an extreme way - the Wombles. This is the story of 'Operation Get Wombles', and incorporates yesterday's newswire post. It may contain some innaccuracies on numbers and times but the general thrust is correct.

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G8 Edinburgh, Against State of Fear and Police State

08-07-2005 21:03

A report of the anti-state terror action that took place outside Waverley train station in central Edinburgh , Friday 7th.

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Leaflet on London Bombs distributed in Edinburgh

08-07-2005 19:55

Spontaneous leaflet distributed on a spontaneous gathering in front of Edinburgh train station

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Street party in Glasgow

08-07-2005 19:32

A street party occupied the bridge south of the Glasgow train station today. Samba music and a small amp were playing, and the sun was out! Unfortunatelly the Police set and end by closing down the north side, and trying to pen in people.