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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New Labour's New Year New Law

02-01-2006 14:47

LONDON (Reuters) - Police will be able to arrest anyone for any criminal offence, including minor misdemeanours such as dropping litter, under new laws which come into force on Sunday (1/1/2006).

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Live party by the Dead Sea on New Year's Eve.

02-01-2006 10:09

This is a short, humorous account of the lively party by the Dead Sea on New Year's Eve. 13 photos attached.

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Mohammed Arrian fights deportation

01-01-2006 19:05

Mohammed Arrian is to be deported to Afghanistan in two weeks time. This is despite the fact that all the rest of his family are happily settled in Sheffield and all have indefinate leave to remain in this country. The Home Office are even refusing to talk to Richard Caborn, his MP about the situation.

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Political Prisoner - Veronza Bowers

01-01-2006 03:09

How is it possible for a citizen of the USA to:

1. Serve his complete sentence under law;
2. Go thorough the entire parole process having his release recommended at every stage and at each hearing;
3. Have his release date rescinded four times at, literally, the very last minute;
4. Have the highest administrative parole body in the nation vote on and fail to overturn his petition for parole

. . . and still be held in prison for 16 moths after this sentence expired?

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31-12-2005 10:56

Fears that an exposé of the UK government over torture will be covered up have led dissident bloggers including the Glos Green party to publish on the web

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Online Petition NO SHOOT TO KILL!

30-12-2005 20:41

Please sign the online petition initiated by the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) to abolish the Shoot To Kill Policy, and spread the word.

Sign now:

For full petition text and more links see article.

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Arrest Information

30-12-2005 14:19

Right-wing nations are now utilising their new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws. Activists are being targeted and arrested in the US and Australia – who is next? The following information may prove useful in the event of arrest. A ‘friend of mine’ was recently detained for questioning by state police; his experiences were similar to those of others in the milieux. Familiarisation with the procedures and methodologies of our ‘regulatory authorities’ is invaluable in the event of arrest or detention.

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Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle at Bil'in intensifies!

30-12-2005 10:28

The outpost which was built on the lands of Bil'in on the west side of the separation fence - adjacent to the illegal building site of the settlement town Modi'in Elit, on the robbed lands of Bil'in, existed a day and a half. The outpost that was named "Bil'in center for the joint struggle for peace" got lot of Israeli and international media cover.

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UK Torture Memos Released

30-12-2005 06:29

Render Torturerers

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Family Law + secrecy of draconian acts

29-12-2005 18:15

Further to our protests and conferences recently;

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Belarus Indymedia

29-12-2005 15:56

Belarus is called "Europe's last dictatorship", and things are certainly grim there, but Belarus Indymedia is alive and well, and here is a snapshot of what you can find on it...

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Catholics breach the exclusion zone to read out more names of Iraq victims

28-12-2005 18:09

Members of Pax Christi today today risked arrest by assembling outside Downing Street and reading out the names of Iraqi children and British servicemen killed in Iraq

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Anarchist Assembly

28-12-2005 14:12

It's time for another anarchist assembly in London.

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Pakistani immigrants in Greece, kidnapped by Greek and British secret services

28-12-2005 10:13

According to the Greek newspaper, Proto Thema, MI6 and EYP agents collaborated during July, in order to arrest and interrogate Pakistani immigrants living in Greece.

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Unpleasant pictures from Palestine

27-12-2005 20:20

a killing
Pictures of a killing in Palestine

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MUHAMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the abuses of faith and belief

27-12-2005 03:54

Those who held the most power and used it in like measure in the world during the past twelve months also invoked a strongly displayed and powerfully communicated allegiance to religious faith and even belief in God. They used peoples’ ordinary faith in God and religion to incite fear and alarm as tactic in the overall strategy to make people accept rules that they would otherwise reject. The power-holders’ behaviour was most contrary to anything that religion allowed them to do :-
Violate the innocent and deprive the weak and do so with no show of shame of remorse let alone faith.

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Activist Commits Suicide in US Jail

26-12-2005 20:08

At 7a.m. on the 22nd of December, Bill Rodgers, a long-time community activist arrested as part of a nationwide crackdown on radical activists in the US was found dead in his cell. The authorities have called it a suicide.

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26-12-2005 19:42

A review of Professor Norman Finklestein's important new book that exposes Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and Israel's supporters who approve of them

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26-12-2005 18:00

Represion policial
In the last three days the Mapuche Community ‘Juan Paillalef’ was confronted with harsh police violence. The confrontations started during a peaceful act of protest by the Mapuche Community against illegal road constructions through several Mapuche lands. The police chased away the protesting group and entered the community using guns, teargas and clubs. The following day Juana Calfunao and her sister were arrested without a warrant. When released yesterday, both women showed bad injuries from being beaten by the police.

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24-12-2005 18:35

The U.S. has a tradition of voting fraud.