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How the Falcon can hear the Falconer. Protest @ Tara.

25-08-2008 12:17

Call to Arms

Yesterday the campaigners of five years at Tara were visited and supported
by Ireland's Poet Laureate , Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon (Pulitzer Prize
Winner) :

To Protest the desecration of the Tara Complex by the current and Previous
Irish government.

This was presented in the Progressive Democrat Edited Irish Times as the
Poet marks Government Sponsored Heritage week- which is a crime of Ommission.

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Uproar over Manchester Pride Parade Censorship

25-08-2008 11:47

Pride Not Profit Activists Claim Harassment by Parade Officials
Manchester's gay community expresses anger at pride stewards after they attempted to confiscate “Pride Not Profit” signs at the start of city's annual gay pride parade.

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NW // Animal liberation – A movement evolving - a critical look at hierarchy

24-08-2008 20:28

A critical look at hierarchy within the animal liberation movement and other social justice movements and how a different approach to campaigning might be needed.

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Nuclear Slush Fund

24-08-2008 19:41

Nuclear Slush Fund is buying off Cumbrians, lock stock and barrel...Two months ago a question was directed to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority at a conference organised by Core(Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment and funded by Friends of the Earth). The question was "how much money has the NDA 'given' to organisations/groups/hospitals/colleges etc over the last 3 years?

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Cops Admit FIT Watch works

24-08-2008 11:23

An article on The Register about amateur photographers getting nicked/harassed by the cops for taking photos includes, effectively, an admission that FIT Watch is worrying the cops

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Free Gaza Boats Break Siege of Gaza; International Support Crucial to Success

24-08-2008 10:16

Thousands of Palestinians line Gaza Port to welcome Free Gaza boats
Two small boats carrying 42 human rights activists broke the siege of Gaza. They sailed from Cyprus in defiance of Israeli threats to intercept the boats to enforce its blockade of Gaza. The arriving boats were greeted by thousands of jubilant Gazans and former Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Intense international support was crucial in persuading Israel to allow the boats through.

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Zapatista solidarity protests at Edinburgh, Bournemouth and European Airports

24-08-2008 09:25

Zapatista solidarity protest at Edinburgh Airport
Passengers hurrying into the main check-in at Edinburgh international airport on 22 August were greeted by an unusual sight. A massive banner proclaimed: “ MEXICO ...Sun…Fun…bloomin’ nice beaches…”, alongside a painting of a palm tree. A somewhat eccentric Mexican tourist board initiative perhaps?
Not exactly. “Torture….Death Squads…Human Rights Breaches…” continued the lower half of the banner, with a carefully painted AK47 illustrating the point.

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International Solidarity-Week With The Anarchist Prisoner Amadeu Casellas

24-08-2008 08:31

More than 60 days is Amadeu Casellas in hungerstrike now.

Not the judge, nor the General Direction, no one

politician...are doing anything to find a solution for his


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Amadeu Casellas, 64 days hungerstrike - a "not political enough" prisoner.

23-08-2008 19:04

Amadeu Casellas has been imprisoned since 1986 for taking part in armed robberies of banks in which no person was shot or physically injured. Previous to that he had been imprisoned during the dictatorship. In total almost 30 years of his life have been spent in jail. It was in jail that he contracted HIV in 2000. It is in jail that he has consistenly revindicated his anarchist philosophy known to many since the group he formed part of in 1973 distributed the money they robbed amongst tenants in danger of eviction.

His case as a political prisoner is clear & the contrasts between his hungerstrike against unconstitutionally continued detention & those of more "political" prisoners in the recent history of the Spanish state is stark.

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Armenia's Struggle for Independence

23-08-2008 12:29

Each country must find its own way, shaped by its immediate situation, and seen against the backdrop of its own specific cultural and political history. In the case of Armenia, it is evident that any perspective for real economic progress must be based on cooperation with its neighbors in the context of a regional development perspective. This means negotiating political solutions to the continuing conflicts with Azerbaijan and Turkey, in order to reestablish normal economic and trade relations. To achieve this, requires a capable leadership dedicated to the future of its nation and its people, as well as support from the international community. Armenians are seeking such leadership.

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Benefit for Ballymurphy Massacre Committee

23-08-2008 10:36

Benefit gig at the Maze

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National Green Day UK - Sept 28th - in the parks

23-08-2008 09:58

Cannabis Campaigners from around the UK will gather in parks to draw attention to 80 years of unjust, unsound and ineffective cannabis prohibition, on Sunday Sept 28th.

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Latest from the boats sailing to Gaza.

23-08-2008 09:35

Early yesterday morning the 43 people on 2 boats of the Free Gaza movement embarked from Cyprus, to sail to Gaza Port, a journey that would normally take 30 or so hours. They are all fine, have sent out footage of themselves from the boats, and it seems that they have not yet had any direct contact with the Israeli navy. However, at 10am today they spoke to their support team in Cyprus to issue this message:

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Promo video for the Carnival Against Vivisection

22-08-2008 12:44

Promo video for the carnival against vivisection at Sequani Labs and suppliers on the 6th September! More information visit or

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Thessaloniki political prisoner and stitch-up victim Simon Chapman convicted?

22-08-2008 06:58

Four years on from his reported acquittal, British activist Simon Chapman has allegedly been sentenced in absentia to over five years in prison for taking part in protests against the Thessaloniki EU summit in Greece in 2003. He was the target of a high-profile activist defence campaign after widespread coverage of police corruption in the case - videos show riot police planting a bag of Molotov cocktails on him which formed the basis of the case against him.

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New body formed to unite Baluch Diaspora

22-08-2008 06:56

Baluch [also spelled Baloch] who got politically divided under Biritsh Imperial rule are today stateless in southwest Asia. Their homeland was used for testing Pakistan's so-called Islamic Bomb in May 1998. Their persecution remains unmitigated both in Iran and Pakistan. A new body has been formed to unite the Baluch, a fiercely individualistic people.
Picture shows the Khan of Kalat Beglar Begi [Prince among the Princes] Suleman Daud Ahmedzai with international human rights activist Peter Tachell protesting Pakistan's forced annexation of Baluchistan.

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Westminster bollocks a.k.a a crock of shite

21-08-2008 18:53

Do I have the right to say bollocks on English soil in front of Parliament or not?

Charity Sweet XXX

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The tormented and the witness: Inside Sequani Limited Exclusive Report!

21-08-2008 17:26

In June this year Sequani Limited in Ledbury invited a group of students from Newent Community school on a guided tour of the labs for as part of an ethics lesson.

The following is the full account of what one student experienced.