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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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United Against Repression EuroDemo + Teknival: Strasbourg: 15th April

10-03-2006 11:34

MOBILISATION - united forces of soundsystems and peoples...

We ask you to mobilize yourselves, your sound systems and your friends and head for Strasbourg to the European Alternatives Resistance (E.A.R) protest to make yourselves seen and heard peacefully. We will be assembling at 14.00 hours at Place de l'Universite in strasbourg city center and will be marching on the European Parliement and Council and the Court of Human Rights.

We ask you all to bring the carnival atmosphere with whistles, horns, drums and anything else you can make some fucking noize with !!! We do not want a violent protest and ask everyone to be on there best behavior, dont give them the excuse to turn this on us, the worlds press will be watching... [then party after...]

Copies of flyers below - full size + posters + more infos at:

Why? Against the repression of parties, squats, cultures and people: eg: "One dead and over 50 injured as police spread chaos at Czech Tekno Festival" 06.08.2005

See you there!

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George Fox 6 - trial on Monday - Lancaster

10-03-2006 11:06


**Monday 13th March - 10am outside Crown Court (back of Castle) Lancaster**

the George Fox 6 are appealing their conviction for 'momentarily disrupting' a corporate networking conference at Lancaster University in 2004.

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april 15 2006 let's do it ... protest + teknival strasbourg

09-03-2006 23:14

the protest against police repression at czechtek and oppression of alternatibe culture generally in fortress is back on ...
april 15 strasbourg france ...
a march to the european parliament followed by a teknival ..better be there for this one!!

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Llibertat! – Saoirse! No.2

09-03-2006 21:49

Catalan Solidarity
E-news service of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee
March 2006 E-news service No.2

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09-03-2006 15:41

For anyone who has heard something about the prisoners arrested on 4th February in Barcelona but is unclear on the details, here's the story. If it's unfamiliar, you too should read on. This a story of overt police repression in Europe. If we don't resist, we'll be next...

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09-03-2006 15:32

Reminder - a night of great music, cheap booze and solidarity!

Friday 10th March, 6pm onwards, The Common Place, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds

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Investigation into racist abuse at Whitemoor Prison

09-03-2006 15:21

Evidence has been mounting for some time that prison officers operating regimes in the segregation/punishment units of the maximum security dispersal jails such as Frankland, Full Sutton and Whitemoor, are systematically brutalizing prisoners.

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FBI informant identified in the 'Auburn 3' case contacted Anti-G8 2005 medics

09-03-2006 05:03

An FBI informant identified in the set-up of the Auburn 3 attempted to make contact with the Anti-G8 medics in Scotland 2005. More information needed to determine the extent of her infiltration of the movement...

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The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

09-03-2006 01:06

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is currently being passed quietly through parliament, with hardly any mention in the national media.

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Unfascist Radical Reprogramming Programme Proposed

09-03-2006 00:32

Deprogramming and Reprogramming
Appearing on the Government television network the Australian Broadcasting Corporation tonight, Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has proposed a programme for the deprogramming and reprogramming of political radicals, particularly (and at first) where those dangerous idealists pose some manner of immediate threat to the Australian State. Following models now in place in the United States and Indonesia, Keelty suggested compulsory reprogramming programmes could reduce the risk to Australian interests from militants, dissidents, and ideologues.

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09-03-2006 00:29

Watching The Watchers Watch YOU
It is up to ordinary people to raise the level of debate about the undemocratic surveillance practices of the many faceless and unaccountable agents who make daily intrusions on individual privacy, and about the apologists and propagandists for the War nn Terror who applaud every new attack on human rights and freedoms as "prudent" or "necessary". If there is no discussion of reverse surveillance in the national media, create it on the streets on a citizen to citizen basis. If nobody is talking about the outrageous assaults on privacy and human rights embodied in the new antiterrorist acts forced through US, UK and Australian legislatures, start talking about it to your neighbours and friends.

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Jean Charles de Menezes, innocent victim - BBC Panorama 9PM Wed 8 March 2006

08-03-2006 21:16

Watch the programme to see about the British police and UK government cover up in the Jean Menezes case.

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Lockerbie & the FBI: Fakes Bureau International!

08-03-2006 18:07

The FBI put pressure on the Scottish police to ensure evidence was 'swept under the carpet'. This way the FBI and CIA avoided any embarrassment in the framing of Libya in the Lockerbie 'trial', where according to the UK police evidence also was 'made by the CIA'.

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FBI ordered McKie case 'swept under carpet'

08-03-2006 16:38

"THE FBI met senior members of Scotland's forensic service to ensure the Shirley McKie affair was "swept under the carpet" and so avoid any embarrassment in the run-up to the Lockerbie trial, according to an investigator into the bombing." - todays Scotsman headline

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Church (ofE) Caterpiller Share Disinvestment - Ethics Committee Advises U-turn

08-03-2006 16:18

After the recent Church of England vote to divest its £2.2 million shares from bulldozer manufacturer Caterpillar, the Church's ethical committee today advised the church to not sell their shares in Caterpillar... (unless sales resume)...

Interview with Joe Zacune from War on Want campaign
5 mins 33 secs, Mono MP3, 1.9MB @ 48kbps

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Law Lords Rule DSEI Arms Fair Section 44 Terrorism Act Use Valid (Liberty Audio)

08-03-2006 15:42

Interview update on today's law lords appeal ruling that use of section 44 of terrorism act during protests for stop and search is not a violation of the right to peaceful protest since its use did not deter protests and as such was valid, but that section 44 should not be used when police didn't believe the target of the search was likely to be a terrorist... hmmmm.

Interview with Alex Gask from Liberty and next legal steps
8 mins 11 secs MP3 mono 2.8MB @ 48kbps

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U.S. repression of journalists

08-03-2006 13:02

Bush and his ultra-right honchos are really pissed this time – in their efforts to track down a US loyalist, who spilt the beans on domestic spying, the Bush gestapo are now targeting journos and the free press. All the ‘security’ agencies at this megalomaniac’s disposal have been commandeered for the task. This attack on the free press is yet another devastating blow directed at the already battered body of American democracy and liberty. America, the home of the brave and the land of the free, has been relegated to the historical record. This new land is an abominable aberration of the original.

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Updated map of detention camps for foreigners in Europe and Mediterranean

08-03-2006 09:52

screen grab of pdf map
Migreurop, an association of individuals, NGOs and academics from different EU and North African countries, has published an updated version of the map on detention camps for foreigners in European and Mediterranean countries that it produced in July 2004.

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Briefing on the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - Get Clued Up Now!!

08-03-2006 08:15

Boring bill title, but a massive change to the so-called democracy in this country. The Bill would allow the government to introduce, amend, or replace any legislation it likes, on the say so of a single government minister. Things like creating new offences punishable by up to 2yrs imprisonment, abolising local government, introducing house arrest, and giving the police greater powers of arrest and interrogation. It could also be used to set up new courts, and in effect re-write the rules on immigration, nationality, divorce, inheritance and the appointment of judges – all without any parliamentary scrutiny...

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The Iraqi Women Have Arrived. C Sheehan & M Benjamin Jailed Delivering Truth

07-03-2006 21:37

In Tucson, Arizona women will hold a rolling fast leading up to a huge rally on the anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, March 18. In Oakland, California women will march from the military recruiting center to a church where women of color soldiers will speak out in opposition to this war. In Los Angeles, over 2,000 women will gather to create an aerial peace image.