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George Fox 6 - trial on Monday - Lancaster

George Fox 6 Supporters Group | 10.03.2006 11:06 | Education | Globalisation | Repression


**Monday 13th March - 10am outside Crown Court (back of Castle) Lancaster**

the George Fox 6 are appealing their conviction for 'momentarily disrupting' a corporate networking conference at Lancaster University in 2004.

The case has become significant, and universities all over the country are watching it closely. Meanwhile, Lancaster University is still ignoring its own Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech which was devised to avoid situations like this one.

The case is also having a huge impact on the right to protest. If six people can potentially be sent to jail for demonstrating for a couple of minutes against corporations involved in torture, murder, GM and more then we do not have any practical right to protest any more.

It is time to show our support for the right to protest and for free speech.

Please come and show your support - either on Monday morning, or throughout the trial (plenty of spaces in the beautiful Shire Hall in the Castle).

The George Fox 6 Supporters Group

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