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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Demo for freedom of movement, Calais, 27th June

24-05-2009 12:42

March from the centre of Calais to Coquelles, the immigration detention centre west of the town. March is part of the NoBorder camp which is taking place in Calais 23rd-29th June.

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British doctors hunger strike over Gaza access

24-05-2009 10:24

Two British surgeons on a humanitarian mission to Gaza are undertaking hunger strikes until permitted access to the city from Egypt’s Rafah crossing, according to Islington Friends of Yibna.

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Does Cheney Make Obama Look Good Enough?

24-05-2009 07:06

Dick Cheney could make anyone look decent, honorable, and law-abiding by comparison. But is the existence of someone worse, no matter how many hours our media monopoly gives him, enough to make Obama's decisions acceptable? Let's look at their pair of speeches given on Thursday in Washington, D.C., and depicted as a debate by the media.

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How the Federal Court of Australia selectively denies The Rights Of The Child

24-05-2009 06:38

A comparison how the Federal Court of Australia in Victoria and the Federal Court of Australia in Queensland have handled human rights issues in the cases of two young Australian boys living in separate states.

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against police violence - kettling new scotland yard - pics and report

24-05-2009 00:47

on saturday afternoon several hundred protestors joined the protest against police violence and marched from trafalgar square to new scotland yard

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Tim Martin Interview and the Tamils, London - pictures.

23-05-2009 15:38

The civilians of Vanni.
Mr Time Martin is a former aid worker who has lived and worked in rebel-held Northern Sri Lanka. He is currently on hunger strike in Parliament Square while at the same time trying to appeal to the Americans at the US Embassy in London.

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CCTV (ANPR) systems used to track anti-war protesters

23-05-2009 10:00

Link to short video report on BBC - features EDO/ITT protesters.

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Anonymous joins Scientology in press release recycling campaign

23-05-2009 03:42

Scientology's Brian Fesler with Anonymous. Photo by ManifoldRamification.
A news update about recent Scientology court cases and incidents, as well as a press release campaign.

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parliament square - battle of the tamil flags

22-05-2009 23:21

legal tamil eelam flag
police, rather than test the truth in court, have taken to their usual method of unlawful seizure and intimidation in the battle against tamil flag waving in parliament square

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Dissident Island Radio - latest show ready for download!

22-05-2009 16:28

Download the latest show which aired live on 15th May 2009

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Sri Lanka conflict: And Then They Came For Me

22-05-2009 11:00

by Editor, 'The Sunday Leader'
Published: 11 January 2009

This was Mr Wikramatunga's last editorial, who was brutally assassinated on 8 January. The opinions expressed are the author's own. Extract was also published in the May/June 2009 edition of Amnesty Magazine.

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Tamil Hunger Strike Tim Martin, London - pictures

21-05-2009 22:30

A wounded nation.
On the day US President Barack Obama signals for the enlisting of the power of fundamental values, Tamils continue to demand the British Government take action to help the Tamil people of Sri Lanka as they fall into unsupported statelessness.

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South Africa calls for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions

21-05-2009 19:36

It has been left to South Africa to call for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions in the recent conflict, as the western world appears, atleast, to procrastinate.

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Appeal for release of Doctors arrested by Sri Lankan Gov't

21-05-2009 19:27

The whereabouts of Medical Superintendent Dr. Shanmugarajah who was attending the wounded at the makeshift hospital at Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal junior school, Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) doctors, Dr. Varatharajah and Dr Sathiyamoorthy, arrested by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) after fleeing the Safety Zone Saturday, are still unknown, and several Rights groups feared for doctors' lives, sources in Colombo said. The same applies to 12 ICRC workers who tirelessly served the wounded civilians including hundreds of children with the very minimal medical help and medicines and under continuous bombardment.

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'Court curtails Met surveillance' of protesters

21-05-2009 11:56

Judges have ruled that the Met. must destroy photos of arms trade campaigner Andrew Wood, according to the BBC.

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Radio 4 Show on Policing Protest

21-05-2009 11:18

Radio 4 Legal Discussion Show on Policing Protest. Mentions the 2009 G20, 2001 Mayday protests, the introduction of kettling as a process for oppressing groups, and the current fashion in policing, preemptively arresting people before protest happens ( eg Fairford, Radcliffe )

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Pix-&-Vidz of UCaPV Vigil, NSY - Wed 20 May 09

21-05-2009 07:30

A. Vigil Veracity–Ideal Issue, Crucial Content, Perfect Place, Optimum Occasion
Three days before their national STOP POLICE VIOLENCE! demonstration is due to kettle New Scotland Yard, folks from the United Campaign against Police Violence mount a vigil for the deceased victims of police homicide right outside the HQ building of the Metropolitan Police.

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Tesco Boycott Israeli Settlement Produce Action - Video

20-05-2009 10:29

Short film about the Boycott Israeli Settlement Produce Action which took place at the Tesco Kensington store on Sunday 17th May 2009..