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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The 'new constitution' in Iraq is illegal.

23-08-2005 15:27

The Geneva Conventions (IV) of 1949 - also signed by the United States - prohibit the modification of the domestic laws or legal institutions of the occupied power.

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Caterkiller demolish 300,000 homes in Zimbabwe

23-08-2005 13:21

Destroying homes

Many people are familiar with Israel’s use of Caterpillar armoured bulldozers in Palestine and the US military’s use of militarised bulldozers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. Now news has emerged that Caterpillar machines are responsible for the destruction of over 300,000 indigenous homes in Zimbabwe, during Operation Murambatsvina, (literally “clean out the trash” in Shona), in which impoverished supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change were driven out of urban settlements into strenuously guarded rural camps.

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Neo Constitution

23-08-2005 07:36

Iraqi women are in a near panic as the threat of a Sharia law based legal system hovers ominously over the constitutional protection once promised along with the pelting of U.S servicemembers with flowers upon the liberation of Baghdad.

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Kids Take the Power Back With Mobiles

22-08-2005 08:13

As the school year starts, school admins and scotland yard find out that the kids have decided to use their devices for things other than those intended.

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Teachers accused of anti-US bias

22-08-2005 00:39

But who owns the problem?
The NSW Teachers Federation condemned costello's comments as "absolute nonsense". Its senior vice-president, Angelo Gavrielatos, said: "The constant denegration of teachers isn't good for the country."

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Pope & Catholic Clowns in Cologne

21-08-2005 17:48

"The Catholic Church", the Pope said on World Youth Day in Germany on Sunday: "is like a net full of fish: you got the good ones and the baddies." But fish still starts rotting at the head.

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Gate Gourmet use EDO tactics against strikers

21-08-2005 12:08

Gate Gourmet sought an interim injunction today against trade union members

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Assaulted protesters file charges in Tennessee

21-08-2005 00:03


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IAN BLAIR (hopefully soon to be ex Police Commissioner), COVERUP COP

20-08-2005 15:34

Jean Charles de Menezes and Jean's heartbroken family deserve justice and the truth. We all deserve a police force that protect us. Jean's cousin Alessandro Pereira is right, he wants those who break the law including the 'police' murderers who illegally killed Jean to be prosecuted.

"Shoot to kill", no questions asked, only happens police states, and is dangerous to the rule of law and puts the lives of other innocents like Jean Charles de Menezes at risk.
The police are supposed to uphold the law and tell the truth
Instead Blair, you allowed the murder of innocent Jean Charles de Menezes. Then you told lies about what happened, but worse you lied about Jean and smeared his good reputation.

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20-08-2005 13:32

Family in danger
Akram fled to Britain from Afghanistan in 2000 after his family was killed during the rule of the Taliban, despite the tragedy he had suffered he found happiness when he met Natalia and began to rebuild his life. However this is soon set to change as the Home Office are ready to send a loving family into mortal danger.

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UK police want to database people who are suspicious but not convicted

20-08-2005 08:53

Offenders database 'to cut crime'

A computer system allowing police to share details of dangerous offenders has been unveiled by the Home Office.

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Next Phase of Ugandan Hunger Striker deportations

19-08-2005 23:40

Two more Ugandan Hunger Strikers are to be deported this weekend, despite concerns for health and human rights issues.

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G8 Policing "blueprint" for national service

19-08-2005 22:02

G8 SUMMIT - G8 is a 'blueprint' for national service.

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Cindy Sheehan: YES - 63 percent - MSNBC poll: Bush NO - 94 percent

19-08-2005 13:32

'Convenient' heart attack of mother gets Sheehan off Bush's back: there's certainly no conspiracy - it's only facts we don't have yet. Facts like this MSNBC poll showing 94% of the people thinking that Bush with his cabal's pack of lies steered the United States into the Iraq war disaster. A tsunami of dissent rolls...

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190 to destroy and 200 to re-build Afghanistan?

18-08-2005 22:24

Disagreement with candidates
So he calls remarkable progress sending 190 militants off to wage war against all the free and democratic people in Afghanistan? I think that is a remarkable statement. I mean what would he have said if there weren't any problems and he had to send troops just to rebuild after the Taliban regime was overthrown in 2002. Fantastic?

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Deportations in Iceland!

18-08-2005 18:29

Icelandic government attempt to deport 21 anti-dam protestors.

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Defend Civil Liberties - No Racist Scapegoating

18-08-2005 13:50

Public Meeting
Thursday 25 August 2005, 7.30pm
Oxford Town Hall

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Urgent: Help Needed to Stop Dangerous Oil Pipeline in Co. Mayo, Ireland

18-08-2005 11:17

Boycott Shell - Free the Rossport 5
Have you got free time over the summer? Please consider going to over to Ireland to join the Rossport Solidarity Camp in County Mayo. The local community needs as much help as it can get to fight the construction of a dangerous oil
pipeline. Five local farmers are currently in prison for blocking access to their land. This fight is winnable - but it needs support.

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Iceland is fascist!

18-08-2005 01:51

police and special forces, called Vicking Squat are following protesters 24h a daz , undercover and not undercover. The state and the immegration office has issued deportation orders for 21 protesters......