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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Court hears fishing expedition letter 'referred to sacrifices to a cause'

17-08-2006 22:26

[kiss, kiss, kiss, hug]
The letter reads: "My love, How I miss you already? What would I ever do if we were separated for more than a day? Inshallah I will never find out. May the only cause for our separation be the cause of Allah. And may he grant me paradise alongside you as queen of your Hoor." [kiss, kiss, kiss, hug]

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What we know and don’t know about 9/11

17-08-2006 20:23

Despite the dark days in which we live, some readers find optimism in recent polls that show more than one-third of the US public now disbelieve the official account of 9/11 despite the Bush regime’s propaganda faithfully trumpeted by the US media.

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Bradford IWWs Defend Fired Starbucks Union Organizer

17-08-2006 19:35

IWW Bradford in northern England leafletted two Starbucks stores on 12 August in support of union organizer Daniel Gross, who was the latest IWW fired in New York the Saturday before. The Starbucks Union has called for a boycott of Starbucks until all four organizers fired are re-hired.

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Contradictions, anomalies, questions mount in UK terror scare

17-08-2006 08:58

A British court on Wednesday extended the warrants for 23 people held since August 10 in connection with the alleged plot to blow up commercial airliners flying from Britain to the US. An additional person was arrested Tuesday. The judge issued his ruling late in the evening following a closed-door hearing that lasted most of the day.

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Australian government to deploy 150 extra troops to Afghanistan

17-08-2006 03:45

Long term vision for Australia?
In a TV interview on the Nine Network, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson recently revealed: “The prime minister, in his long term vision for Australia and the Australian Defence Force, has indicated to me that he thinks it important that we consider the possibility and the options for increasing the size of our defence force, and in particularly the army. Over the next few months I’ll be working through those ideas.”

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Heilingendamm demo, Germany

16-08-2006 23:54

On Friday August 11 2006, several hundred demonstrators visited the Kempinski Hotel complex in Heilingendamm, North-Eastern Germany, where the G8 Summit will be meeting in June 2007.

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They're Lying.

16-08-2006 18:52


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Urgent Appeal on Behalf of the Doldur Family

16-08-2006 17:09

Please help ensure that this family don't get removed before their Judicial Review is heard.

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Liverpool Asylum 'Victims' Start Campaign

16-08-2006 13:15

Formation of a campaign against the New Asylum Model which has already claimed one life

Organising meeting to start the campaign
6.30pm Thursday 17th August
Asylum Link, 7 Overbury Street, Liverpool, L7 3HJ

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The US media and the London terror scare

16-08-2006 09:11

Since August 10, when British authorities arrested two dozen individuals in connection with an alleged plot to blow up a number of airplanes over the Atlantic Ocean, the American mass media has worked ceaselessly to create a climate of fear.
For the first several days after the news of the alleged plot broke, American news programs were virtually unwatchable. The lurid logos and wild, unsubstantiated allegations made a mockery of claims that the networks and cable channels are in the business of “news-gathering.”

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Tragedy for Aboriginal Land Rights - Senate approves paternal bill

16-08-2006 06:46

Tragedy for Aboriginal Land Rights
August 16, 2006: "This will be marked as a tragic day for land rights in Australia," said Senator Rachel Siewert today. Despite strong criticism the laws are "paternalistic and strip Aboriginal Australians of their property rights." Amendments to Northern Territory Land Rights Act passed through the Senate today. The changes scrap the NT's 30-year-old scheme of communal land ownership under land council administration...

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61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in airstrike

16-08-2006 02:07

“a horrible act of terror.”
They condemned the “deliberate, cold-blooded and inhumane” targeting of the schoolgirls compound by the daylight air raid.

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Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC

15-08-2006 21:56

Christian Zionism Lobby
We take a look at a new recently established group called Christians United for Israel - an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is: "a biblical imperative." We speak with investigative journalist Max Blumenthal who reports they lobbied the Bush administration to adopt a confrontational posture toward Iran, refuse aid to the Palestinians and give Israel a free hand in its attack on Lebanon.

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Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror

15-08-2006 16:37

The Plant will, of course, insult the source of this article, but he won't be able to address the ultimate source of the claims, nor argue the validity of his observations.

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Depression, Deprivation and Death in Asylum Prisons

15-08-2006 14:34

A few months ago I was taking the bus into town. An old man in front of me nudged his bored wife and pointed to some workmen building some new flats. “The government are giving them to those bloody asylum seekers” he told her. A rumour or even lie had been passed on as truth, presumably because the man himself felt hard done by. I cringed, but it seemed easiest to keep silent, even though a sign clearly said the flats were for students. Today, I present the truth as told by some asylum seekers in Liverpool, to the one decent Daily Post/Liverpool Echo reporter. It is far, far worse than that old man could probably imagine. No-one should be illegal, and good housing should be available for everyone, wherever they come from.

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G-Had In the UK

15-08-2006 13:38

I’m strapped up ’cross my chest, bomb belt attached
Deeply satisfied with the plan I hatched
Electrodes connected to a gas cooker lighter

Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental talks Angela Saini about the All is War (The Benefits of G-Had) album....

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Hicks, Guantanamo and the Howard Government

15-08-2006 12:19

David Hicks, good, bad or just plain stupid remains an Australian son. Democratic nations have a responsibility to protect their citizens in times of need; a number of democratic nations have already successfully repatriated their citizens from the illegal torture centre of Guantanamo Bay; however, after a period of four years the Howard government has been unable or unwilling to effect the repatriation of David Hicks. If a truly strong case against Hicks existed it surely would have been prosecuted to the full advantage of the terrorist scare campaign that Bush constantly wages on the American people. The fact that the USA is loath to give Hicks a fair and open trial, and in view of the obvious manipulative tactics utilised by corrupt U.S. ‘legal’ officers to delay proceedings, it would appear that the grounds upon which the U.S. military have based their ‘case’ are extremely flimsy and/or could attract litigation for illegal detention, torture and human rights abuses!

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Perth IndyMedia Bows To Centrelink Pressure

15-08-2006 07:53

Perth IndyMedia Bows To Centrelink Legal Threat - Perth Indy have removed article that can still be found throughout

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The politics of the latest terror scare

15-08-2006 04:58

There undeniably is a conspiracy
There undeniably is a conspiracy. It is a plot to use terrorist threats, real or imagined, to terrorize the American people, intimidate them, disorient them, and accustom them to accept the militarization of every aspect of their lives and the destruction of their democratic rights. The center of this conspiracy is the American government itself.