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Liverpool Asylum 'Victims' Start Campaign

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | 16.08.2006 13:15 | Migration | Repression | Liverpool

Formation of a campaign against the New Asylum Model which has already claimed one life

Organising meeting to start the campaign
6.30pm Thursday 17th August
Asylum Link, 7 Overbury Street, Liverpool, L7 3HJ

Last month the New Asylum Model (NAM) claimed it's first victim - Abiy Fessfha Abebe was found hanged in Liverpool after his asylum claim being determined through the New Asylum Model was refused.

Apart from the usual complaints like the “culture of disbelief” at the Home Office, claims that the Home Office country reports used to determine claims are inaccurate, and inadequacy of legal advice, critics of the NAM say it pre-judges cases and it's too fast; some claims are refused in 11 working days which many feel does not give time for asylum seekers to gather their evidence.

The Home Office says NAM has been "built on the success" of the Fast-Track process at Immigration Removal Centres. Information released under the Freedom of Information Act show that in October last year 99.6% of Fast-Track claims at Harmondsworth were refused, including cases from Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran and Myanmar (Burma). At Yarl's Wood, which holds women and children, 93 out of 94 Fast-Track cases were refused.

Many believe Abiy will not be that last person subjected to NAM that will kill him/herself.

NAM is part of the Government's five year strategy for asylum and immigration. The Home Office says "the Government intends that by December 2006 all new cases will be dealt with under the new model."

'Please listen to our concerns as we all suffer Abiy's pain. The tragic death of Abiy from Ethiopia has caused extreme distress and concern to all of us who are residents of the accommodation centre. We are all seeking asylum in this country and were close friends and "family" with Abiy... We desperately need answers to our questions and we desperately need your support.... We are victims of a trial system called NAM (the New Asylum Model).' Abiy's friends, currently subjected to NAM in Liverpool.

Asylum claimants whose claims are labeled "late and opportunistic" will have to sign everyday.

A number of NAM "victims" in Liverpool have taken the bold decision to set up a campaign to raise awareness about the lethal effects of NAM, to campaign against it's expansion across the UK, and potentiality of claiming more lives.

You are invited to join the Liverpool NAM "victims" and local campaigners at this organising meeting to start the campaign. We need help, so please do come. Everyone is welcomed.

The agenda may include;
* Scope of the campaign (does it include other regions and the detained
fast-track process?)
* Inclusion (ensure all NAM "victims" have a voice & what about non-NAM asylum
* Legal avenues
* Campaigning activities
* Co-ordination with national organisations with NAM & fast-track knowledge
* Who the campaign can mobilise and how
* Who the campaign can join forces with
* Organisation / who is taking ownership for what

Contact : Emma on

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns


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