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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Press Release for Dallas Court Demo

02-03-2005 19:35

Following the exposure of the abuse of asylum seekers in detention centres on BBC 1 at 9pm tonight, please network this press release come to the demo on 8th March. Make Tuesday a day when they cannot seize anyone for detention. Thanks.

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Stop the war, March 19th, Cambridge details

02-03-2005 19:18

Saturday, March 19th
National anti-war demonstration

Coaches leave cambridge 9.30 am Queens Road
Tickets £10 / £5

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Two opportunities to meet Guy Delva, Haitian journalist and media rights activis

02-03-2005 14:25

Last month, a car tailed Guy Delva as he drove home through the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. He turned left, the car turned left. He drove up a one-way street the 'wrong way' - the car followed. Panicking, he drove into a crowded gas station forecourt - the car drove away. Lucky this time!

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Who Were The Latest Tel Aviv Bombing Victims? -- Ha'aretz

02-03-2005 10:19

"Israel Orbach delivered a fiery eulogy, [*PROUDLY*] explaining that he had served in the same unit as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon[!] and Mossad chief Meir Dagan[!]."

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Five point plan to stop travellers

02-03-2005 10:03

I found this letter printed in the Nuneaton Tribune....

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Beware- New Labour employing proffessional Trolls to spread black propaganda

02-03-2005 09:31

Labour has hired an American spin doctor known as the "garbage man.He is notorious in Washington as an expert in the use of the internet to spread black propaganda

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The Prisoners March - Bethlehem

01-03-2005 23:41

Saturday 26th February 2005. Bethlehem.

Oxford student Bex Tyrer's latest report from Palestine.

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Death threats against occupying workers in Argentina

01-03-2005 21:32

Death threats have been received by workers at the occupied Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen, Argentina. Meanwhile, the Governer and Security Minister of the province claim that the Zanon workers, union lawyers and even opposition politicians are 'criminals'.

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Support Ex-Ambassador Murray as he takes on Jack Straw!

01-03-2005 20:42

Help Craig Murray do a Martin Bell in Blackburn.

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Sonho Real - Call to Global Action

27-02-2005 21:09

This is a call to action. There was a massacre here on february 16th at a squatters encampment eviction in Goiânia, Brazil. The squatters community is calling for a global day of action, this friday on march 4th.

Pt / En / Es / Se

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Protecting the Khmer Rouge genocidaires.

27-02-2005 16:27

The West is now backing a trial process to bring Khmer Rouge murderers to justice. But we shouldn't forget who backed the Khmer Rouge and who spent years blocking attempts to bring them to justice.

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German newspaper on imprisonment of Austrian activist in Turkey

27-02-2005 10:27

Sandra Bakutz
A commentary in the left-wing newspaper Junge Welt notes that the EU is reluctant to upset its relations with Turkey over the arrest of Sandra Bakutz. The left ought to support Sandra, however.
(Second attempt to download - first attempt failed)

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Day of Events in Edinburgh Saturday 26th February 2005.

27-02-2005 08:54

Women in Black, Edinburgh.
This is a 2,200 word report with 8 photos of the various activities and talks which took place in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th February 2005. These events are leading up to the Global day of action on Saturday March 19th when there will be demos Worldwide including London and Glasgow.

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West Essex Zapatista response to Larc InvisibleTheatre "Show Trial"

26-02-2005 20:50

Ten Key Values of
Proletarian Post-Modernism

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Fascism: Alive and Well in US

26-02-2005 19:13

The following articles are the attempt to speak of events and attitudes in the US, which also have global consequence due to the "spread of democracy" currently falsly under way by the Neo-Con cultists in the US....

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M&S Protestors Heard Above Zionist Threats and Sirens

26-02-2005 18:04

Thirty protesters from across Britain converged at Marks and Spencers in Manchester to promote the boycott of one of the UK's biggest corporate backers of Israel and in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians for their freedom and independence.

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Making Poverty History?

26-02-2005 15:49

Hi! Don’t you agree that just forgiving third world debt is not the solution to tackling the poverty suffered by the poor in the third world, which the rich and famous like Dawn French and Bono would have us believe?

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'Chasing the Dogs from the Tenth of Ramadan'

26-02-2005 13:31

Update on asbestos workers occupying the Spanish/Egyptian Asbestos factory outside the Tenth of Ramadan, an industrial settlement close to Cairo

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SOA protesters headed for prison

26-02-2005 06:45

Sister, students among 14 charged with trespass at Army school

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Anarchists and socialists unite against the repression & injustice in Manchester

26-02-2005 02:53

At least 25 Anarchists and Socialists travelled up today from London, Brighton and Birmingham to unite against police repression and loss of civil liberty's in Manchester.