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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Human rights meeting;

28-03-2006 11:18

please see the pdf file

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The chosen and the chased (by Latuff)

28-03-2006 05:10

The chosen and the chased
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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28-03-2006 00:04

On the 2nd anniversary of the April 2004 siege of Fallujah, join this unauthorised demonstration in Parliament Square to remember the Iraqi dead and resist the occupation of Iraq.

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Nottingham photographer arrested by armed officers

27-03-2006 21:34

pic: Pete Jenkins
On saturday 18th March, on the way to do some shopping and visiting in town, I diverted to follow some police activity, that turned out to be an armed turnout. Helicopter overhead and the heavy mob tearing about near Huntingdon Street and the Mansfield Road, with many guns, here in Nottingham.

Pictures [outside court] thanks to Pete Jenkins

Left: Kevin Stanley, Nottingham Branch secretary NUJ

Middle: Me, with my posh togs on.

Right: Diana Peasey, Nottingham Branch Chair NUJ

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Help stop this eviction of Glasgow asylum seeker family

27-03-2006 17:08

Glasgow the Caring City tries for the third time to evict elderly disabled refugee.

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Ivorian Women Call for UK Support

27-03-2006 14:17

Women from the Ivory Coast living in London marched on Saturday 25 March, 2006, calling on the UK to support the president, Laurent Gbagbo and protest against the French manipulation of the international community and support of the armed rebels.

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Queer love and the commonwealth

27-03-2006 04:03

In at least 32 commonwealth nations, being gay can still get you a hefty prison sentence.

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Brutality in imperialist gaols - from Belmarsh to Guantanamo

26-03-2006 18:10

Wednesday 29 March 7pm in Room S50, St Clement’s Building,London School of Economics
Houghton Street WC2 (nearest tube Holborn)
Speakers include Eric Allison - Prisons correspondent for The Guardian

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Letter from Ignasi, detained anarchist in Barcelona

26-03-2006 12:35

Letter recieved from Ignasi, arrested anarchist of 9th February, Barcelona. Ignasi was arrested in an anti-terror operation by the Catalan State investigating a number of direct actions against banks and prison institutions in the city.

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Byelorussians Appeal for Indymedia & commercial media support

26-03-2006 01:01

Things are happening in Byelorussia. The anarchist camp got brutally evicted on friday. Their crime wasn't so special, the pitched tents on a square which is usually used to sell children to whomever wants to buy them at $50. Maybe they put off the punters. But thats politics. Translators and Horizontal solidarity and support is being asked for by our peers in Minsk. Give it to them.

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Australian Web Site Forced To Shut Down

25-03-2006 10:07

Challenged British censorship laws
Flying home from India, I started to ask myself what a leader like Mahatma Gandhi would do, but I feared I would not be able to live up to the answer, unless I have some wise advice form my longtime friends. Please look into your hearts and let me know what you find.

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An Anarchist Commentary About Cuba

24-03-2006 23:51

James Petras’ Photographs of Cuba Before and After Developing: An anarchist commentary on his declarations about Cuba

* The Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC – Movimiento Libertario Cubano) makes some pertinent observations about certain declarations by somebody who was until recently an unconditional defender of the Cuban revolution.

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NUJ drops support for Indymedia?

24-03-2006 17:22

Which hat do you have on?

The National Union Of Journalist held the first part of its Annual Delegate Meeting today. Within the 175 motions to be officially decided during the two-day conference was one of particular relevance to Indymedia...

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30 years since the Argentine Junta took power.

24-03-2006 16:04

The members of the association of mothers of the disappeared "plaza Mayo" of Argentina held their last march of resistance Friday 26th of January 2006.
But today they wish you all to remember the coup d'etat which brought the military junta to Argentina, and caused the disapperance of their loved ones which occured 30 years ago today.

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Gypsies Regroup as Caravans Burn

24-03-2006 12:32

Burned out caravans alongside
the London M25 motorway bear witness
to the ever worsening plight of Britain's
350,000 Gypsies.

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Belarussian anarchists call for solidarity!

24-03-2006 09:25

In Minsk, Belarus, a tent camp has been set up in the central October Square, to protest against election fraud. Last night, this camp was brutally evicted with about 500 arrests. One of the evicted tents was the indymedia tent. Belarussian Anarchists are asking for solidarity.

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Call to the (American) Continent- Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador Demand Democracy

24-03-2006 00:46

This is a letter to the Government and Peoples of the USA from NAHUACALLI, Embassy of Indigenous Peoples.

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23-03-2006 22:43

On Thursday 23rd March 2006 a High Court Judge handed
down a damning judgement against an arms company. He
struck out an interim injunction against remaining
defendants in the controversial harassment injunction
case brought against anti-war protesters in Brighton
by arms manufacturers EDO MBM Technology Ltd.

The case has been continuing in the High Court for
nearly a year without reaching a full trial despite an
court order that a speedy trial should be prepared
for because of ‘human rights implications’.
‘The blame for loss of the trial date in my view
undoubtedly lies with the claimants’ says Judge

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Bristol: Bass not Bombs - political PARTY mashup!

23-03-2006 20:53

Take a flyer - come early, stay late
Sat 25 March sees the finale of a month of funds/awareness raising benefit nights across Bristol, as Bass not Bombs returns for its third epic mashup benefit nite. Let the tribes gather, party, and go forth to resist.

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Update from Ecuador.

23-03-2006 20:23

Repression and violation of human rights is escalating in Ecuador, a country in state of emergency for the better part of the last three weeks.