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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Write up of conversations with migrants in Calais last week

24-07-2009 12:18

This last week in Calais, with some migrants who spoke good English, we were able to have some decent conversations about the No Borders camp, and in particular why people want to come to England.

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Mother Palestine: Pieta (by Latuff)

24-07-2009 09:23

The Palestinian Pieta
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Bush and Obama: Different Styles of Coup-Making

24-07-2009 07:39

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
Although nobody but Americans believes Washington was not behind the late June coup in Honduras, Barack Obama brings his own touch to subverting one's hemispheric neighbors.

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Hitler on tiptoes: The subtle rise of fascism in Greece

23-07-2009 15:14

from the "After the Greek Riots" blog

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Radio Revolt announcement regarding the 21 July attack

23-07-2009 14:25

Translator’s intro: Radio Revolt is an unlicensed radio station in Greece which is devoted to counterinformation. It transmits from an occupied retired railway carriage in a university campus in Salonica. The station is well-known amongst the Greek radical youth, as Athens Indymedia has a permanent link to the station’s website:

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The Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza Strip

22-07-2009 18:43

A comparison between the fascist policies of Israel at the present time to Nazi atrocities in the past

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This Might Be A New Revolution!

22-07-2009 17:39

Protests continues in Tehran and major cities for more than 5 weeks
The reality is that after 20th of June massacre 2009 the time of hope in reform has come to an end.the only hope the fearful heads of the regime have now is the lack of revolutionary forces on the ground and the low level of public awareness which has been caused by years of repression and censorship.

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Demo at St Pancras station for Migrants in Calais

22-07-2009 17:38

Demonstration held to highlight migrant situation in Calais.

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“I want to have control of my person and my life.”--letter from Strasbourg jail

21-07-2009 11:53

We are documenting a personal report from a prison inmate in France [relating to the events against the Nato Summit in Strasbourg/ Baden-Baden]. He reports—without any claims to exhaustive analysis—on how he is dealing with it, the nature of the surveillance, from particular experiences, and to the power of both help and solidarity.

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Climate Camp - Will Your MP, Cops, MI5, & Special Branch Be There?.

21-07-2009 10:50

Many MPs claim they use the summer break to spend time in their constituencies; Coppers, FIT Surveilance Teams, MI5 and Special Branches go to Climate camps in the summer and claim double time, huge amounts in expences and have second homes, Just like MP´s they are accountable to nobody. An inquiry is needed to determine whether they turning up for work or bunking off? We also need a revolution of sorts next year, after the General Election..

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US State Department: No coup d'etat has taken place in Honduras

21-07-2009 07:30

Despite the United Nations, European Union, Organization of American States and every Latin American nation clearly condemning the events as a coup d'etat, the United States government has today stated it doesn't consider a coup has taken place in Honduras.

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The Height of Judicial Corruption in the UK's High Court

20-07-2009 21:15

LORD JUSTICE THOMAS instructed the prison authorities holding Mr. Grant not to produce him for his Habeas Corpus application hearing before him tomorrow morning.

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London Protest Against Calais Clearances

20-07-2009 19:08

No Bombs, No Borders
London and Brighton NoBorders demonstrated outside the French Embassy in London this lunchtime, Monday July 20. 2009. Photographs copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Protest Against Destruction of Calais 'Jungles' 20th June, pics and report

20-07-2009 18:45

Banner outside tthe Embassy's main entrance.

Following a call from No Borders groups in London and Brighton a group of people have demonstrated this morning outside London's French Embassy to protest the repression and planned mass deportations of migrants living around Calais, France.

See full article in IMC-London for pics and background information.

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No Borders public meeting

20-07-2009 14:02

There will be a No Borders public meeting at the Square Centre, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6.30. An activist who was at the recent No Border camp in Calais will be speaking about the camp and relaying updates from Nottingham activists who are on the ground at the moment.

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Update from Calais

20-07-2009 08:31

via Calais Migrant Solidarity

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Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN

20-07-2009 01:08

The family of Honduran public prosecutor Jari Dixon Herrera were attacked by police on Tuesday shortly after he made statements to CNN en Español and other international media in Washington denouncing the recent military coup in Honduras.

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Testimonies from refugees raided in Patras

19-07-2009 22:16

State repression in Greece

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Police Shenanigans on Recent Sequani Demonstration

19-07-2009 17:19

A report about the repression from police onto activists demonstrating against Sequani at the recent No Holiday For The Animals Inside Sequani demo, as well as police repression onto supportive members of the public as well!