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No Borders public meeting

One of No Borders | 20.07.2009 14:02 | Migration | Repression

There will be a No Borders public meeting at the Square Centre, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6.30. An activist who was at the recent No Border camp in Calais will be speaking about the camp and relaying updates from Nottingham activists who are on the ground at the moment.

Officials in Calais say that they will close the migrant camps by the end of the year and a buildup of riot police (CRS) in the region has been noted in the last few days. Up to 2000 migrants live in the 'jungle' - several areas of makeshift dwellings - whilst trying to get to the UK. They face regular small scale harassment from the French police and authorities and live in unsanitary and unsafe conditions. The latest rhetoric from local authorities and agreements between the British and French governments look set to escalate the repression and may result in mass deportations to countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Please come to the meeting to find out more about what is happening and how you can show solidarity with the migrants and provide concrete support.

One of No Borders