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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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West Papuans terrorised by Indonesian Special Forces

10-11-2003 18:05

Grinning TNI showing off Yustinus like trophy hunters
News is emerging of the TNI/Kopassus murdering 10 Papuans on Nov 5 including independence leader Yustinus Murib.

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Hunger Strike of the Salonika 7: News about the Prisoners of the Greek Presidenc

10-11-2003 17:45

Seven of the demonstrators arrested last June during the mobilisations against the EU Summit in Thessaloniki, Greece, are still in Diavata prison awaiting trial.
Five of the prisoners are currently on hunger strike protesting against the circumstances of their arrest and imprisonment. Solidarity Actions are Urgently Needed!

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Bloody Friday In Jenin & Across Palestine

10-11-2003 11:04

Defense Forces

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Bemused Oxford shoppers meet with walls and checkpoints

09-11-2003 20:17

This afternoon, as part of the international day of protest and action against Israel's 'security wall', protesters in Oxford (wearing huge white cardboard boxes on their heads :) attempted to give the local weekend shoppers a glimpse of life in occupied Palestine.

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Knesset speaker on Palestine

09-11-2003 19:11

"Israel must choose between right and wrong"

This article is by Avraham Burg, speaker to Israel's parliament from 1999 to 2002 and an Israeli Labour Party member. This article, which first appeared in English in The Forward, was adapted by Burg from an article that appeared in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot and was translated by J. J. Goldberg.

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Vigil against the Wall

09-11-2003 18:08

End the land grab!
At least sixty protesters in Cambridge urged Israel to tear down the Wall that is being built and to stop the escalation of hatred and violence.

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"Saloniki 7" Support Demonstration in Thessaloniki, Friday 7th Nov

08-11-2003 19:44

W.O.M.B.L.E.S Presence in Thessaloniki's Demonstration
On Friday 7th November, around 2000 people demonstrated in downtown Thessaloniki insupport of the 7 anti-capilatist protesters that have been in jail since the Thessaloniki EU Summit of June 2003. Here there are some photos of the demonstration.

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The Ambassadors Reception - SalonikiSolidarity Report

08-11-2003 19:39

the ambassadors reception
Picket of Greek Ambassador in Support of Saloniki hunger strikers after week of action.
Interim report:)

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Thessaloniki Solidarity Protest London

08-11-2003 19:35

Action in support of the Hunger Strikers.

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Blasting suspect houses

08-11-2003 18:23

Anyone noticed the latest tactic of our illegal occupation of Iraq?

In Tikrit houses _suspected_ of harbouring terrorists are being blasted by our masters.
Atleast the Israeli occupation has some capability to spy around and and gather some flimsy evidence.
Also three massive bombs (atleast 500 lb each) have been dropped on a heavily populated town. WTF is happenning. No news on this! There are children and humans in towns!!

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GAP labour practices challenged by anti-capitalists

08-11-2003 17:41

Sweaty GAP
Shoppers passing by the GAP store on the Cambridge market square this Saturday were the audience of a street theatre piece demonstrating unjust labour practices by GAP clothing line contractors.

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photos from solidarity for 7 prisoners in athens

08-11-2003 17:27

massive anarchist demonstration in athens. The demonstration demanded the direct release of the 7 prisoners of thessaloniki.

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The Chomskybot Code: Conduct In the Time of Terror

08-11-2003 16:25

In spite of constant reassurances about the term "democracy" one is rarely allowed to criticize the country of Israel without suffering some punishing consequence for it. If you are a Jew you may survive the accusations of anti-Semitism but if you consistently express yourself online in any dissidence about Israel's current politick, you will probably not be immune to cyber attack.

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Urgent update from Thessaloniki prisoners

08-11-2003 13:37

All 5 hunger strikers are in hospital

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photos from solidarity demo in Thessaloniki, free thessaloniki 7

07-11-2003 21:09

photos from today's demo in thessaloniki.

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'Saloniki 7' Legal Team Press Release.

07-11-2003 21:05

"Saloniki 7" Legal Team update from Friday 7th November.

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They Put a Bag Over My Head & Flew Me To Syria for Torture and Interrogation

07-11-2003 15:55

This is What They Did to Me

I am here today to tell the people of Canada what has happened to me.

There have been many allegations made about me in the media, all of them by people who refuse to be named or come forward. So before I tell you who I am and what happened to me, I will tell you who I am not.

I am not a terrorist. I am not a member of al-Qaida and I do not know any one who belongs to this group. All I know about al-Qaida is what I have seen in the media.

I have never been to Afghanistan. I have never been anywhere near Afghanistan and I do not have any desire to ever go to Afghanistan. Now, let me tell you who I am.

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Saloniki 7 - Solidarity Action Saturday 8th November

06-11-2003 22:39

Picket in solidarity with the Saloniki 7 hunger strikers this Saturday.

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Help needed for Stop The Wall Day, November 9th

06-11-2003 20:10

November 9th is International "Stop The Wall" Day, with protests and actions to raise awareness of the apartheid "security" wall being built in the West Bank.
We need people to come to Bonn Square, 1-3pm, to form Oxford's own "Wall", by wearing large cardboard sections, linking arms to form an inpenetrable security shield!
It should be lively!