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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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EDL Terrorists Prepare For Bradford's Armageddon

19-07-2010 23:19

As the countdown to the EDL's violent invasion of Bradford approaches, the EDL's hardcore nutzi and racist football hooligan activists preparing to "hit Bradford" for "The Big One", their chance to inflict permanent hatred, fear and terror into the heart of multicultural Britain, the EDL are testing the patience of the police in preparation for "the mother of all race riots", as the Facebook EDL supporters like to call it.

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English Defence League links to UK Independence Party [UKIP].

19-07-2010 19:55

The English Defence League are a violent, Islamophobic organisation with links to the BNP, National Front, Combat 18, Blood and Honour and...the UK Independence Party [UKIP]. Alan Lake a UKIP candidate is said to "fund" the English Defence League. He speaks at EDL rallies. Leading members of the EDL ie Trevor Kelway, Joel Titus [EDY English Defence League Youth], Guramit Singh and Darren Marsh/Lee all vote UKIP.

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Omar Deghayes Complains About "Highly Selective" Disclosure of Documents

19-07-2010 18:56

Last week, when the High Court ordered the release of documents relating to alleged British complicity in the torture and ill-treatment of British nationals in US custody, as part of a civil claim for damages filed by six former Guantánamo prisoners, 16 pages of those documents related to interrogations by British agents of one of the six, Omar Deghayes, who was released from Guantánamo in December 2007.

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Greece, left-wing journalist murdered on his doorstep!

19-07-2010 06:31

A left wing journalist and blogger was shot at 7am today (2.5 hours ago) on his doorstep in Athens.
Socrates Golias was the blogger behind the well known Greek site troktiko (
News sites report 3 people came from a car, and fired two shots, on his doorstep.

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Trolls and the Government

18-07-2010 20:50

A racist troll who lives in London has been stalking and libeling 23 various people on the Internet. Some lost their jobs because of his lies. One he could frame for murder threats and this with the help of the London police department,the Finnish police and the Greek police. Sounds like a conspiracy and most likely it is.

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Democracy Village after the verdict.

18-07-2010 11:44

Drumming and dancing
This text is to accompany the video. The village called a people's assembly/peace rally following the loss of its appeal.

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Demonstrate at Communications House IRC Tue 27 July 5-6pm

18-07-2010 10:28

No to deportations! Defend asylum seekers and migrant workers!

Join the protest at Communications House on Tuesday 27 July 5-6pm

Outside the UK Immigration Service, Communications House
210 Old Street, London EC1V 9BR (nearest tube: Old Street)


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Human Rights

17-07-2010 08:41

The author with the Covaciu's Roma Family
The author will read “Human Rights” and other poems, accompanied by gypsy guitar, during the 2010 Rototom Sunsplash festival ( ), an evening dedicated to the antiracist event “Vivere nella diversità” (Living Diversity).

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World outrage as Turkey and Syrians massacre Kurds

17-07-2010 07:55

Syrian troops and Kurdish tribesman are locked in fierce battle since the Syrian army blasted four northeastern Kurdish towns and neighborhoods at the end of June. Hundreds of Kurds are reported dead.

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UK Sought Rendition of British Nationals to Guantánamo; Tony Blair Directly Involved

16-07-2010 14:17

With what the Guardian described yesterday as the "almost unprecedented" release of "security service reports of interviews with detainees in Guantánamo Bay and other overseas detention centres," the coalition government failed in its attempt to persuade the High Court to bring a temporary halt to a civil claim for damages filed by six former Guantánamo prisoners, unleashing, instead, a torrent of previously classified and deeply disturbing documents.

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British Betrayal

16-07-2010 14:11

One of the hallmarks of the Labour government’s counter-terrorism policies in the last decade was the promotion of the concept of Britishness and British values. For almost ten years, the British public was subjected to endless speeches and lectures by government ministers propagating the importance of British values, responsible citizenship and the pressing need for integration. The target audience was of course, the Muslim community, whose loyalties to the UK were perceived as being susceptible to manipulation at best, and completely absent, at worst. Muslim community leaders were influenced with generous amounts of funding to promote the ideology of supporting and celebrating “our boys” fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslim youth were tarnished with the discussion-stifling label of “extremism” if they dared to believe in the supremacy of Shariah law over British law. No stone was left unturned in the Labour government’s efforts to consummate this forced marriage of Britain’s Muslims with the concept of Britishness. The message was clear: You were British first; your Muslim identity had to be suppressed.

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Support needed: Ivorian arrested for investigating Cocoa & Coffee industry

14-07-2010 23:39

Théophile Kouamouo
Please sign petition, offer support for journalist

Côte d'Ivoire: 3 Journalists Including Théophile Kouamouo Arrested for Posting Classified Government Documents on Corruption Coffee and Cocoa Industries

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G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

14-07-2010 18:28

targeted freedom of speech and assembly, putting the world’s poor and working people on notice.

The Toronto G-20 summit sent a message to poor and working people in Europe and North America. “You will pay for the global financial crisis through cuts to your social safety nets. There will be no taxing of those who actually caused the crisis and made fortunes in the various bubbles over the last decades.”

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Army patrols and paramilitaries in the Lacandon Jungle

14-07-2010 17:39

"Hiding behind environmental pretexts, they clear the way for the entry into the jungle of the big investors, the exploitation of the area for luxury tourism, and the appropriation of biological resources for patenting".

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EDL Gas themselves

14-07-2010 15:13

The EDL are a racist, Islamophobic organisation linked to the BNP, NF, Combat 18, Blood and Honour etc. At one of their protests they gassed themselves when they were going to throw agas canister at the UAF...pulled out the pin and then ...well...looked at it for awhile and then it went off. C**ts!

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14-07-2010 10:07

Norwin is a boy. He has been locked up in a solitary cell for years. He has never even been convicted of any crime.

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Salinder Bhatoa of the English Defence League

13-07-2010 21:29

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with links to hardline racists including Combat 18, Blood and Honour, BNP and National Front. They also have links to Islamophobes from Stop Islamification of Europe [Zionists] and the Hindu Defence League [Islamophobes] and Sikhs Against Sharia.

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Video about police repression at 2009 Gaza protests in London

13-07-2010 17:36

Short film about police brutality during and after the 2009 protests in London against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

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English Defence League London Division organiser Sam Harman exposed.

13-07-2010 16:58

The English Defence League [EDL] are racist, Islamophobic football hooligans. Sam Harman has organised demonstrations and coaches for the London Division of EDL. He has been an admin on the London EDL facebook. Sam writes regularly on the EDL London facebook page, on the EDL troll page Cheerleadered and has accused the Muslim Defence Force of being violent while he himself is associated with hooligans such as Joel Titus.