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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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solidarityto the greek revolt

23-12-2008 03:57

against state and police terror actions was done

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Dutch animalrights activists closely watched by police and Justice Department

22-12-2008 18:03

Burned down car of NYSE Euronext official in Wassenaar, the Netherlands
The attack on cars of a senior Dutch official of the NYSE Euronext stock exchange in the city of Wassenaar led to a specialist team of police, intelligence and the Justice Department who intent to hunt down animalrights activists in the Netherlands

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Police crush Greece solidarity protest in Germany

22-12-2008 14:12

20/12 Greece European day of action in Hamburg: Police force march of 1300 to stop. But many small protests all over the country

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'East London Advertiser' aiding ‘Big Brother CCTV Councillor’

22-12-2008 12:15

The East London Advertiser has run an online piece which is reproduced below.

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Sunday (12/21): Reports from Greece

22-12-2008 02:17

Things are usually slow on Sundays and that was the case today. However, many local assemblies took place to decide further actions.

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Athens Polytechnic occupation under imminent threat

21-12-2008 14:58

A few moments ago one of the pro-vice-chancellors of the Athens Polytechnic announced to the people inside the occupied building that the control of the building is no longer with the university senate and that it has been passed on to an attorney general instead. Anarchist radio 98 FM reports that the senate has ordered the university guards to leave their positions.

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Malmo riots, Sweden: Some context and pics

21-12-2008 14:10

Here are some (badly translated) statements from Malmo AFA and others regarding the recent riots in the city. Following that is some background to the events.

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SOCPA 2005 - Bollocks As Usual...

21-12-2008 10:25

I have been refused authorisation of my "Family 4 Life" SOCPA 2005 Notification (September 11, 2008) of my human rights regarding HRA 1998 and have lodged (Dec.16/2008) N244 - an urgent appeal for an immediate oral hearing application to the Royal High Courts of Justice as a judicial review CO-12068/2008 to order the Commissioner to authorise... what an absolute crock of shit!

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Saturday (12/20): Reports from Greece

21-12-2008 04:36

Today it's two weeks since the murder of Alexis and the beginning of the revolt. It is also day of international solidarity and global day against the police and state terrorism. Here are the major protests and events of the day in Greece.

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Global day of action against state terrorism, London 20 Dec

20-12-2008 20:10

Long Live 19 December Resistance
Around eighty people attended a peaceful demonstration against 'Police Brutality and State Terrorism' outside Wood Green Library on Saturday, called by Greek, Turkish, Kurdish and British activists in solidarity with the continuing popular youth revolt in Greece. Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Baluchistan De Jure Ruler Email Hacked

20-12-2008 08:54

The Khan of Kalat (left) with Dr. Jumma Marri.
Hotmail account of a state leader of southwest Asia has been hacked. The leader Suleman Daud Ahmedzai is seeking U.K. asylum, though his petition was shot down twice as London seemed to have succumbed to Islamabad's pressure, according to human rights activist Peter Tachell.

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Protest against Edinburgh City Council's funding cuts

20-12-2008 08:54

full public gallery
About seventy people attended the Edinburgh City Council meeting on Thursday 18th Dec 2008 in protest of the unfair distribution of the ”Fairer Scotland Fund", which would hit Edinburgh's most deprived area hardest, relative to previous regeneration funding. A banner was dropped and calls were made for Elaine Morris, the incompetent representative for the Forth area and chair of the finance meeting, to resign.
Amongst the groups and initiatives threatened with closure are new buildings costing millions - which are now left with no funding to staff and open the resources to the public.
However, 1.8m of the money allocated to Edinburgh under the grant scheme is still unaccounted for. Yet seventeen projects in the North Edinburgh area from Youth Groups to Elderly Project to Anti-racist initiatives and support networks for abused women are now threatened with closure.

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Friday (12/19): reports from Greece

20-12-2008 04:42

Another day in the streets. Big solidarity concert in Athens and more protests, most of the peaceful.

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Cardiff Greece Solidarity- 12noon, 20/12

19-12-2008 22:30

South Wales Anarchists will meet tomorrow in Cardiff to demonstrate their solidarity with protesters in Greece

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greece call for solidarity

19-12-2008 20:39

solidarity day

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Steve Gough sentenced to a year in jail for breach of the peace, not dressed.

19-12-2008 13:54

Clothes+Brands=Good Capitalism
Black Clothes+Black Face Mask+Body=Black Block

If no (Clothes)+Body=Naked
Naked+Private=In The Bathroom
and Naked+Public=Offensive

where does (dead animal skin)+Body fit in?

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Mahmood Mamdani - Alibi for Extreme Oppression

19-12-2008 07:09

The once progressive scholar, Mahmmod Mamdani at Columbia in NYC, has now become an apologists for the one of the most oprpessive regimes on the planet. Horace Campbell hits back.

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Thursday (12/18): reports from Greece

19-12-2008 04:44

Nothing is over, thousands took the streets again!

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A letter from Sean Kirtley to Gagged!

18-12-2008 18:09

Below is a letter received from Sean Kirtley to be used as an article for Gagged! More info about Sean's case can be found here and you can write to him at this address: Sean Kirtley WC 6977, HMP Stafford, 54 GAOL RD, Stafford, ST16 3AW (remember to send a SAE with your letter)

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Call for a day of actions and mobilizations coordinated in Europe and the world

18-12-2008 15:44

Friday 12/12, the assembly of the occupied Athens Polytechnic decided to make a callout for European and global-wide actions of resistance in the memory of all assassinated youth,