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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Squatting banned in NL

15-10-2009 22:47

A blend of right wingers and christian democrats have managed to push through a ban on squatting, instead of a ban on emptiness. How fuckt up is that?

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A note from Sean Kirtley

15-10-2009 22:24

Well thanks to Lord Justice Hooper on September 17th at the court of appeal I made it out of the prison system, not without time.

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Massive expansions of US-NATO “counterinsurgency” in Afghanistan

15-10-2009 22:13

US and NATO commander Stanley A. McChrystal is demanding a massive expansion of “counterinsurgency” operations in Afghanistan that, according to classified documents, would require 500 thousand troops over the next five years.

While bellicose new calls for the Obama administration and NATO to exponentially deepen the “war on terrorism” are being repeated endlessly, McChrystal and his own horrific crimes have received scant notice in the corporate propaganda media.

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Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization and death for indigenous st

15-10-2009 20:43

* The editorial collective of El Libertario denounces the criminal attack that took place on October 13, 2009 against the Yukpa people in the Sierra of Perija in Western Venezuela, resulting in two indigenous persons dead and several wounded. The following article –about the tactic and strategy of “Revolutionary Venezuelan” Ethnocide- describes the events.

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STREET FESTIVAL Against Police attack

15-10-2009 19:57

On Saturday 17th October 2009, we organise a protest festival about the attack of the police

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Notts police probe for information about the swoop

15-10-2009 17:44

This afternoon notts police contacted an individual asking for a meeting to "have a chat".

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More destructions in Calais

15-10-2009 16:29

it is beautiful and sunny but bitterly cold in calais;
the CRS continue to escalate their campaign against the sans papiers...

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Police warned not to fire Tasers at suspects' chests in case of heart attacks

15-10-2009 16:23

Police officers have been warned not to fire their Taser guns at suspects' chests - in case it gives them a heart attack.

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£22,000 for man arrested after watching stop-and-search

15-10-2009 16:18

50-year old Black youth worker set to receive apology and compensation from the British Tansport Police after going to High Court, following IPCC rejection

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climate activists prevented from travelling under terrorists legislation

15-10-2009 14:22

Too tired to write seperate article but one additional quote from the coppers who interviewed us: "95% of people we stop under this legislation aren't terrorists".

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rampART evicted this morning after over 5 years

15-10-2009 10:21

rampART Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

After over 5 years and many eviction scares it has finally happened... 3 people and a dog were inside when police attempted to chanisaw the door. They also had climbers going up to the roof conjuring up memories of the raid during the G20 in April. Police are blocking the entrance to all three roads leading to the social centre with vans and their bodies. They are handing out a piece of paper with a telephone number to call to get belongings out of the building. A meeting will happen at Non Commercial House freeshop at 165 Commercial Street this evening, details to follow soon.

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Calais mon amour

15-10-2009 03:23

After the destruction of Pashto jungle the 22nd September, all other camps and squats are being dismantled,
old camps and squats as well as the new camps people set up after they are first evicted.
The tactic is always the same, massive police operations involving up to hundreds of riot police, who surround the camps from every side and arrest everybody.
After that, the diggers move in and destroy everything, the shelters with the people's few possessions.

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Once again the Police show its true colors (cyprus-nicosia)

14-10-2009 16:46

Once again the Police show its true colors (cyprus-nicosia)

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Tamil Mass Protest Rally, London - Sat 17th October 2009

14-10-2009 15:49

Mass Rally in London from Embankment to Hyde Park, this Saturday 17th October 2009 calling to end 150 days arbitrary detention in camps and for an international independent probe into war crimes.
- Starts: 12 Noon from Embankment
(Nearest Tube: Temple / Embankment, Charing cross)
- Ends: Hyde Park

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Two demonstrations in Tegucigalpa

14-10-2009 13:08

An eye-witness account of the strengths and weaknesses of the resistance movement in Honduras

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Northumberland Road Social Centre Evicted ?

14-10-2009 12:36

reports are coming that the Northumberland Road Social Centre has been evicted today.

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Palestine Today 131009

13-10-2009 16:09

Munitions store blows up at Hizballah's South Lebanon command center while high-ranking Hamas officials in Gaza keep their sons, brothers, wives, cousins living in comfort in Cairo.

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British PR Company willing to help destroy Uncontacted Tribe (covert recording)

13-10-2009 12:34

Attached is a recording of a covert recording made with the PR company (Finsbury PR) that have successfully ensured the British company, Vedanta Resources, can go ahead and mine bauxite in the lands of the Dongria Kondh tribe.

Please pass this recording on, and ensure that the activities of PR companies are exposed.

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The Luca Bianchini Case. Hidden powers and a sick justice to hit innocents

13-10-2009 12:26

"We will continue to work to ensure that real justice is done and the arrest of innocent people ceases – something which throws us back to the Medieval use of arresting scapegoats when a real culprit is unavailable. We are talking about human beings often unable to defend themselves properly due to their social vulnerability. People paying with their freedom and damaged honour for a crime they did not commit”. EveryOne Group