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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?

16-05-2005 01:09

An Address by David Ray Griffin
"I suggested earlier that seeing the true connections between 9/11 and the global domination project helps us understand how fully this project reflects “fanaticism based on a deeply perverted value system.” This is a value system that is diametrically opposed to the value systems on which all the great religious and moral traditions of the world have been based."

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15-05-2005 21:10

If your against the Invasion of Iraq, If your against the Occupation of Iraq, If your against the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by U$ and British forces, If your against attacks of Civil Liberties, then come down to Brighton, Defend the Right to Protest and support the Smash Edo Campaign!

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EDO injunction still not in place

15-05-2005 14:41

The lawyers are still arguing about the interpretation of the judge's ruling on the interim injunction. This means that protest can continue as before so let's make protest whilst the sun shines.

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Demonstrate against murder of anarchist in Columbia - 18th May 2005

14-05-2005 19:26

London Anarchist Federation are calling for a demonstration at the Columbian Consulate in London in response to the brutal slaying of 15 year old Anarchist, Nicolás David Neira Alvares, during Mayday Demonstrations in Bogotá. Columbia.

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International Conscientious Objectors' Day in Greece

14-05-2005 18:25

Flyer as jgp
Join the international demonstration from the Labrakis monument.
There will be street theatre, carnival, fun & games.
Enjoy FREE food and drink from the FOOD NOT BOMBS collective.

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Free Palestine Demo in London on Saturday 21st May

14-05-2005 16:34

The Nakba Day Demonstration in support of a free Palestine, and an end to Israeli occupation is being held in London on 21st May, starting at 1pm at Embankment. A coach will be going from Oxford leaving the Taylor Institute St Giles at 10.30am

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US troops kill Iraqi civilians

14-05-2005 11:58

US troops have shot and killed eight Iraqis, including five civilians, during an attack on a patrol.US troops killed three fighters who fired on their convoy after trying to ram it on Friday in Mosul, 390km north of Baghdad, the American military said.

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5 anarchist arrested in italy

13-05-2005 23:19

scum police in italy attack people fighting against detention center in the city of lecce, solidarity action will be great if anyone has got time to do stuff,and we should find this time.

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This is an account of my five days in the West Bank/Israel earlier this month.

13-05-2005 15:28

Apartheid wall - oops sorry security fence.
This is a 2,200 word article with 10 attached photos of my time in the West Bank and Israel in May 2005.

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Protest against Saudi torture and executions

13-05-2005 11:15

Join our protest on the International Day Against Homophobia.

Tuesday 17 May 2005
12 noon to 2pm
Saudi Arabian Embassy
30 Charles Street, London W1J 5DZ (nearest tube Green Park)

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"'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" — on Holocaust Remembrance Day

13-05-2005 10:01

I thought that “Never again!” meant never again for all humanity — not just never again for European Jews.

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Ban Yobs From Our Streets!

13-05-2005 09:44

The latest government initiative to make the world a safer place

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Propaganda Remix Project

13-05-2005 09:21

This is a plug for a book I haven't read; but it's also a link to some cool subverted WW2 propaganda posters.

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kick off time in uzbekistan

13-05-2005 00:38

it seems to be kick off time in uzbekistan, at least according to these two reports. the second of which is very interesting....
months of peaceful protest followed by an armed uprising???

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University Clampdown on Campus Protest

12-05-2005 12:48

Lancaster University has brought charges against 6 students and graduates after a peaceful protest against Arms Dealers and GM Companies on campus.

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Fashion outlawed by shopping centres.

12-05-2005 11:55

Yobs skulking in baseball caps and hooded tops deliberately terrorize shopping centres, by shopping for caps and hooded tops.

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Paul Blackburn - Another Childhood Stolen by the State

12-05-2005 10:20

Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn was convicted at the age of 15 and an appeal date (24-25th May 2005) is finally set after 25 years of delay.

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iraq quagmire or Genocide

11-05-2005 22:07

The so-called progressive Neo-liberal media in the US are more closed minded in support of invasion than the the rightwingers who occupied Iraq. That is why not only we don't have anti-war movements but actually there is no credible voice if dissents.Here is one example of a neo-liberal hypocricy. They are using the argument about the Quagmire in Iraq as a sokescreen to cover the genocide in iraq.

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Will Galloway go the same way as David Kelly?

11-05-2005 10:58

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, an embittered Oona King said that her former constituents would live to regret voting her out of office, and hinted that there might soon be a by-election in Bethnal Green and Bow for "one reason or another".

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11-05-2005 10:21

Darfur genocide survivors have protested the lack of protection in Darfur. Lets show them they're not alone - and tell the Government that aid is not enough. A UN mandate for protection is vital to save hundreds of thousands of lives, but Britain is doing nothing to achieve it.