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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Assyrian in North Iraq Murdered By Kurdish Militia

28-08-2005 13:01

Bartilla, North Iraq (AINA) -- Witnesses in Bartilla reported yesterday that a group of Peshmarga fighters (Kurdish fighters under the name of Iraqi National Guards) killed 37 year old Nabil Akram Amona by shooting him in the head execution style.

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Anarchist Pogo Party's election TV spot censored

28-08-2005 10:14

In the run up to the German elections for parliament and governemnt, several satirical and fun parties promise to make elections interesting entertainment again.
The Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany has now their TV spot censored, because of too much "sex, drugs, alcohol and violence".
But the founder of the Anarchist Pogo Party claims, that this scene would just mirror the catastrophical conditions in our society leading to an apocalyptic vision of the future".

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More MI6 Officers Named

28-08-2005 01:02

A third list of MI6 officers has been posted on a US web site.

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Dirty acussation of Paramilitarism in Caraca against young Intelectual

28-08-2005 00:29

After being robbed in Caracas at the world youth festival for the youth and students, a Colombian journalist and well known activist is falsely accussed of being paramilitar when he controverted the authorities at the festival.

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Colombian Journalist member of the British delegation WYSF in Venezuela accussed

28-08-2005 00:01

A colombian journalist, and political activist based in London is accussed of paramilitarism when he controverted the CNP (Comite Nacional Preparatorio) Organisers of the 16º World Festival of youth and students in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Iraq: people falling ill from contaminated water.

27-08-2005 14:38

As politicians inside the fantasy world of the Green Zone haggle over a piece of paper the people in the real world do not have electricity or even clean water – more than two years after the `liberation`.

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Anti-Capitalism Protest, Oxford - Bank Holiday Monday

27-08-2005 11:48

A protest against at Oxford University's Said Business School, where profit comes before people via unethical means, exploitation and repression.

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Noborder Action Bulgaria - Greece

27-08-2005 10:31

Yesterday the three day noborder camp in Klutsch, Bulgaria, finished with a collective border crossing to Greece.
Thereby long delays happened because of the Bulgarian border police, who searched 2 cars for hours.
Today the greek part of the “Noborder Action Days” started with an antirascist demonstration in Xanthi.

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photographers rights

27-08-2005 09:39


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Were you treated by street medics at the Carnival for Full Enjoment?

26-08-2005 13:51

We are two medics seeking the people we treated in Edinburgh on the 4th July, to help with our forthcoming court case.

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Nottingham Police Station :: Forced Deportations Continue

26-08-2005 10:39

Whilst at the police station on Wednesday, a young vietnamese male Tuananh Nguyen was led away by police in handcuffs he is 25 years old and has a wife and baby.
He was taken to Nottingham magistrates court and is being held in their cells awaiting deportation. It is believed that this young man has been given no legal advice nor has his family been informed of what is happening to him.

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Stop people being forced back to Iraq - your help neeeded!

25-08-2005 16:11

Stop people being forced back to Iraq - your help neeeded!
Forced returns to Iraq.

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About Custody in Belgrade

25-08-2005 14:15

as title says...

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Thought Police ban AR activist from the UK

25-08-2005 12:54

Dead Guinea pigs piled up in a Vivisection lab
Dr. Steve Best, determined American activist and liberationist, has been banned from entering the United Kingdom by the British Home Office for the purpose of speaking at the Newchurch Victory Gathering on Saturday September the 3rd in Burton. This of course makes a mockery of the Human Rights Act and trivialises any concept of 'free speech' that may be left. Dr. Best has always argued his comments have been sensationalised and taken completely out of context but now stands aside Dr. Jerry Vlasak as another animal advocate who cannot enter the UK and join us to celebrate this extraordinary victory for animal rights.

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Operation 'Clean Up The Filth': Gay Zimbabweans testify

25-08-2005 11:51

Report by Keith Goddard on members of GALZ affected by Mugabe's Murambatsvina (Clean up the filth) campaign. The Murambatsvina campaign, which has displaced thousands of Zimbabweans, also affected a number of GALZ members...

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24-08-2005 17:28


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Repeatitive Beat(ing)s: This wouldn't happen to the Osmonds!

24-08-2005 07:52

Utah sherrifs accused of violently busting a rave; promoters say the event was 100% legal.

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The ABC for good or evil?

24-08-2005 01:58

Seemingly great attainment?
The real scenario is likely to be someone like Dr Milne takes the stand and swears that microscopic traces of pollen on the suspect's shirt matches that produced by one or two flowers near the murder scene - the judge and jury nod their head and the defence lawyer, who failed high school science, looks worried and mounts an ineffective cross examination.

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Vigil and Demo for Jean Charles. Pics and report.

23-08-2005 17:20

Whats the point of being at Downing st. when Tony is on holiday?
Yesterday (22nd Aug) hundreds of people gathered at Downing Street to remember Jean Charles de Menezes and demand Justice for him. Members of his family initially showed up but left quickly after being mobbed by the press. The vigil became a spontaneous march which went to Scotland yard for more speeches condemning the murder.

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Seriously Organised Crime

23-08-2005 16:10

Parliament passed a law stating that we can't protest in central London without first asking for permission from a certain Commissioner Ian Blair. Should you ever wish to ask for permission, you'll have to fill in the application form and submit it by hand six days before you want to protest. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE this application form to those who would like to protest.