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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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What the World Bank and IDB Owe Haiti

07-09-2006 03:59

Notice that Charles Arthur and the Haiti Support Group (UK) have been spreading some major disinformation in regards to the IDB/IMF and the former Aristide government in Haiti. Please read this article to find how the IDB and others destabilized the Aristide govt. Aristide refused to privatize. The FTZ in 2003 became the only way for the Aristide government to reengage foreign financers. Read Paul Farmer's chapter in LET HAITI LIVE also. Charles Arthur is now taking an extremely deceitful campaign against the government elected by Haiti's poor majority.

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Home Secretary resumes forced removals to Iraq

06-09-2006 08:56

John Reid's vow to get tough on unwanted asylum seekers become a reality for 32 Iraqi/Kurds, who were forcibly removed from the UK yesterday. Amidst what one national paper reported as "carnage with blood on the walls" as 15 of those to be removed self-harmed in a desperate attempt to remain in the UK.

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Palestinian schools suffer heaviest days of strike

06-09-2006 08:19

Palestine faced the fourth day of the strike today. Teachers and many other government employees are striking since Saturday 2nd September. They haven't received salaries in six months.

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Haiti: Declaration by the Commission of Women Victims for Victims

05-09-2006 07:42

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, September 1, 2006: Despite the threat of violence amidst continuing arson attacks and gun battles in Port-au-Prince’s poorest neighborhoods, hundreds of women victims of rape will march through the capital today with faces veiled to raise their voices against ongoing violence and discrimination against women. On the occasion of this historic march, the Commission of Women Victims for Victims (KOFAVIV) has released the following declaration:

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Australia: Thousands hear US military lawyer for David Hicks

05-09-2006 07:35

A definite shift has taken place
No doubt the Howard government will respond to the growing demands for Hicks’s immediate release in the only way it knows—with more slander and innuendo. But as the popular response to Mori’s public meetings and lectures makes clear, a definite shift has taken place in public sentiment that will only deepen in the coming period.

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Australian government insists on independent military presence in East Timor

05-09-2006 07:11

Pressuring East Timor’s parliament
In the midst of this growing instability, Australian Foreign Minister Downer’s visit is aimed at safeguarding Canberra’s interests and pressuring East Timor’s parliament into giving an immediate go-ahead for the exploitation of Timor Sea oil and gas.

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SOCPA - support brian haw tomorrow (short version)

04-09-2006 18:57

five years of parliament square anti-war vigil and still there. brian haw is in court at marylebone court tomorrow afternoon. supporters are welcome outside the court and in the public gallery.

(short version of previous post)

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SOCPA - recent news and analysis - support brian haw tomorrow

04-09-2006 17:00

if you ever had doubts that the socpa law restricting protest round parliament was political, then read on. faced with legal challenges, police are showing their true colours by trying all other means of deterring peaceful protest against the genocidal and illegal policies of this government.

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OutRage!: The Talibanisation of Iraq...

04-09-2006 14:10

OutRage! highlights the greatly increasing threat to lgbt people in Iraq from extremist muslim group(s).

(Cue..rant from 'Twiglet'..?)

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Haiti: Lavalas Family propaganda and The Lancet

04-09-2006 14:01

Results of a new survey have just been published in the prestigous magazine, The Lancet. The 'survey' claims that huge numbers of people were killed and sexually assaulted in Port-au-Prince in the 20 months following the collapse of the Aristide/Lavalas Family (FL) government. It further contends that the perpetrators of the abuses were the criminals, police, former soldiers and anti-FL gangsters, and that hardly any abuses were committed by pro-FL gangsters. Has pro-Lavalas Family propaganda struck again?

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... more frogs boiled in the occupied territories ...

04-09-2006 13:11

Tell it how it is ...
... on the premis that, in slowly heating the water in which you have your frog imprisoned, you can achieve the ultimate demise of said frog without fuss or resistance ...

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Lebanon: Critics Decry 'Destroy and Lend' Policy

04-09-2006 12:57

Lebanon is firmly en route to becoming the third nation in the Middle East after Iraq and the Palestinian territories to experience a devastating Washington-backed war and a massive influx of new illegitimate debt to cover reconstruction expenses, anti-debt activists say.

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Dispatch From Anarchist Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

04-09-2006 09:34

From Oregon State Prison:

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Operation Apocalypse End-Timers & End-Game Strategy

03-09-2006 16:53

The idea of Armageddon is gaining traction in every part of our global war media, which now treats World War Three as a foregone conclusion. The nation prepares for the genocide and suicide of world war, and the media cheer-leads to doom like a Jonestown Cult. Operation Apocalypse has begun all right — and there’s no doubt in my military mind about it.

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Using Tax Payers Money To Subsidise Business - Reality Of Prison Work Camps

03-09-2006 10:38

Having plundered the third world with impunity for so long, first-world capitalism has now turned its attention to the incarcerated working class in its own prisons, potentially a rich source of exploitable labour. Prisoners are paid around 30 pence per hour, but even these pitifully small wages are seen as fair game by capitalism.

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It’s the American Way or the Highway:

02-09-2006 21:11

Moral and Intellectual Confusion
"Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion"

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Faux "terror" latest -Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq

02-09-2006 20:33

it Just a Dream? Sunday, September 3, 2006

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Liberty City Terror Scare that Came on Eve of Historical Senate Debate on Withdrawing Troops from Iraq Was a Bush Administration Entrapment Set Up to be Used When a Media Diversion Was Needed. It was a Stalin Style "Show Arrest," Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq.

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BNP embroiled in Bank Holiday weekend from Hell

02-09-2006 17:35

* Moderators resign from BNP forum after free speech clampdown
* BNP performs perfect U-turn over Ebanks' court fund
* Accusations of theft and fraud pop up like mushrooms

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Mikey Powell 3rd Anniversary event

02-09-2006 11:27

3rd Anniversary event in memory of Mikey Powell, who died in police custody September 7th 2003.

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Police Obstruction of Media around Climate Camp and Drax - call out for reports

01-09-2006 13:50

Throughout the week there have been reports of police harassment of journalists, videographers and photographers. Some have been obstructed while filming or taking pictures, others have been prevented from passing along public highways or footpaths. Some have been repeatedly subjected to searches while trying to cover events taking place around Drax...