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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Housing Corporation savage Pavilion Housing Association

18-10-2004 15:15

Following hard on the heals of a damning report by the Audit Commission, Pavilion Housing Association has now been slammed by the industry regulator, the Housing Corporation.

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The rebirth of radical samba in Oxford!

18-10-2004 13:53

Love to dance in the streets?
Appreciate the energy and strength samba can give a crowd?
Want to reclaim public space, support worthy causes at legal
demos, or defy an authoritarian police ban on political samba?
Enjoy playing drums, or dressing in crazy beautiful costumes?

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Photos from the ESF march

18-10-2004 11:07

Backwards inteligence team back
Some photographs of the ESF march in London on the Sunday 17 Oct 2004.

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Translation of ESF report from Athens indy

18-10-2004 10:36

Translation of the athens.indymedia report about the events at the ESF demonstration.

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"APARTHEID ISRAEL" – A Dr. Uri Davis Interview!

18-10-2004 07:30

Uri Davis is a scholar and Jewish citizen of Israel, but prefers to describe himself as a Palestinian Jew. He was born in Jerusalem in 1943, when Palestine was still undivided. Dr. Davis’ research interests focus on questions of citizenship, democracy and human rights in Israel and Palestine.

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esf: arrestee in court at 10am today

18-10-2004 04:46

arrested activist in court at 10

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stage storming attemt at Trafalgar square

17-10-2004 21:56

how the organizers dealt with the storming attempt at Trafalgar.

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Anti- ESF process action at Trafalgar Square report, Sunday, 17th of October

17-10-2004 18:35

"If there would be only one truth, it would not be possible to paint so many pictures about the same topic". - Pablo Picasso

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Indymedia Reporter Violently Arrested

17-10-2004 15:57

One Indymedia volunteer was arrested from behind the stage at the rally in Trafalgar Square.

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Maelstrom: anti-repression squat - Events - Leeds

17-10-2004 15:55

Details of some of the events planned...

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The police are under resourced

17-10-2004 14:15

This many cops...
There are at this moment about 75 police at King's Cross surrounding about 15 peaceful protestors who got off the train and were trying to join the main demo today. Makes a bit of a mockery about their usual claim of always being under resourced.

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European Social Forum events

17-10-2004 10:15

Gabriel Carlyle of Voices UK speaks. Ewa Jasiewicz chairs.
This is a short report of some of the events at the ESF with a look at the lack of mainstream media coverage of the forum.

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Backwards Intelligence Team (FIT surveillance cop piss take)

17-10-2004 02:09

Funny piss take on the police FIT - The "Forward Intelligence Team" - the police unit who photograph, film and harass activists on a regular basis mostly in London.

This was part of one of the creative actions from the Autonomous Spaces around the European Social Forum in London 2004

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No Borders Action Statement

17-10-2004 01:59

For those who didn't see it, this is the leaflet given out at Waterloo last Thursday night when the Eurostar arrivals section was stormed by a couple of hundred protestors.

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Guardian / Observer: "Anarchists storm European Social Forum"

17-10-2004 01:28

The Guardian (official media partner of the European Social Forum...) reports on saturday evenings intervention at the ESF:

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ESF: "In the name of democracy..." ?

16-10-2004 19:54

yesterday's evening session on the occupation of Iraq couldn't go through - because of despite calls for democracy?

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police video teams at beyond esf

16-10-2004 13:18

police video surveillance team outside beyond esf in tottenham.

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Police at Ramparts

16-10-2004 11:28

About a dozen police have been reported outside Ramparts, Rampart St, E1.

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Police Presence At ESF Accommodation

16-10-2004 10:24

Between 9am and 10am there has been a build up of police presence outside a building being used to accomodate people who are attending the ESF and Autonomous Spaces.

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Haiti slum repels police amid angry protests

16-10-2004 05:43

The morgue at the [Port au Prince] General Hospital issued an emergency call this afternoon stating that there was no longer space for new corpses and it had reached full