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stage storming attemt at Trafalgar square

la_elaha | 17.10.2004 21:56 | European Social Forum | Repression | London

how the organizers dealt with the storming attempt at Trafalgar.

As we know now that the people who tried to storm the stage at Trafalgar square and get on the stage were doing this because many of them were arrested and they wanted to get there and tell the entire gathering of people what was going on, so i will present a detailed description of how things happened and specificly how the organizers reacted.
The first thing i saw was a group of people pushing the metal barriers that seperated the stage from the rest of the square to the ground and trying to force their way towards the stage. The reaction from the stewards on the ground was quick, they imediatly formed a human block to prevent them from acctually getting to the stage now that way was open. Some pushing took place, a lot of arguing, screaming and shouting, but it did not get violent. Both sides were acctually trying to argue about it; protestors wanting to get on the stage to talk about the arrests, organizers not letting them in.
The intresting part started when the police arrived. The stewards were apparently upset by this fact, but were not able to leave their spot because of the "raiders". It was clear that they were not going to let it happen, letting whom they reffer to as anarchist storm what they reffer to as their stage, their event. But they were in fact sort of disscusing with the stormers. One of them told an "anarchist" ;"did i storm your event? if you don't like it, organize your own event!"
Back to the police, when they arrived, several people who were not wearing the florecent custom the stewards were wearing, suddenly appeared and started negotiating with the police asking the to leave. Sentances like, "this is provocative, this is not acceptable, you have to leave, this is not agreed on, you are not allowed to be here" were heard being told to the police by those "sivilians".
Two police men took position on a higher platue facing the entrance of the stage, one of them had a camera, i have to sat that it was better than the indymedia cameras i saw, was taking a photos of a vidoe of people, and i'm sure many of us saw him at several spots today. Wich eventualy lead one of the stormers to through awooden stick at him. But they seemed content with just the pictures so ther was no reaction from the police.
Looking at what was happening from outside, i could not tell weather the police left on their own or because the people i saw talking on the phone manage to get them out. But it deffinitly not over when they left.
wittinsing what happened, i can say that the organizers were as firm with the police as they were with the stormers, that is a fact, but is that enough? or is it the way it should be?
It is expected to be firm with the police and refuse their presence at such an even, specially withing the stage, but the question remains, why did they not allow those who had something to say a chance to say it? and we know now that they had something important to tell us. The police ws arresting demonstrators in Trafalgar square and on their way to it.
I believe this was worth telling, and worth reacting against.

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