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Translation of ESF report from Athens indy

translation manos | 18.10.2004 10:36 | European Social Forum | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Translation of the athens.indymedia report about the events at the ESF demonstration.

12:19am Monday 18 Oct 2004 from London

I just spoke with london and I have the following news. A Lawyer member of the forum and the network visited the police station where the guy thwy caught is being held (I belive he is from AK and the arrest was "premtive"). There has been a consulation with the Greek ambassy and the we expect positive results (although we should not have too hight hopes until he is out). Outside the police station there is a presence of comrades from the forum and other spaces.

Now about the incredible and miserable things that happened at the march. The platform was absolutely controled by the SWP with livingston's people and muslim associations. At some point a comrade got on stage so that a different voice is heard. When he came back down livingston's security grabed him and give him to the cops. This is a huge scandal and already some parts of the forum are preparing public condamnations, for this unprecedented miserable situation. Unfortunately the SWP's stalinism has met with the bourgeous-liberalism of livingston and has created a monster.

The european social forum does not belong to them and we will not let them destroy it!

translation manos
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