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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Work stopped by local people at Linslade Bypass, Buckinghamshire

20-01-2005 07:40

Direct action stops destruction for Linslade bypass for a third day.

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MASSACRE in the Kenyan gulag: The True Horror of BRITISH COLONIAL Rule

20-01-2005 00:29


Hundreds of thousands of civilians put in camps. Torture, starvation, rape, mutilation, and mass executions. Nazi Germany? No, Kenya under British rule.

Caroline Elkins exposes a shameful tale of colonial abuse.

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Palestinian Film Series

19-01-2005 19:17

St Antony's College are holding a series of Palestinian films this term. Members of the public welcome.

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Liverpool social workers punished by council for striking

19-01-2005 19:15

Liverpool social workers report the awful problems they've faced since returning to work from strike action. Social workers took strike action last year to protest at their pay and conditions, and have been singled out by management since they returned to work last week.

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Battle of Beanfield 20th Anniversary

19-01-2005 17:25

Dont forget!

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Maelstrom needs more help

19-01-2005 15:02

Call out for involvement in squatted infospace

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Identity Cards - Who Profits? (Greasy Palms List)

18-01-2005 18:04

Find out which companies are set to make millions from the introduction of Identity Cards and the creation of a National Identity Register.

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Waverley to privatise housing stock

18-01-2005 16:01

Waverley, in complete disregard of the wishes of its council tenants, has voted to sell off its council housing stock.

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Northern Irish Law Society accused of political bias in move to strike Padragin

18-01-2005 15:29

The Law Society of Northern Ireland are in the process of closing down the law practice of Padragin Drinan. She can no longer represent her clients and they are asking the High Court in Belfast to freeze her assets immediately. Many in the human rights community beleive this to be a politically motivated move.

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Brighton ISM talk

18-01-2005 15:24

Monday 24th January, Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton 6-8
ISMers recently in Palestine will be talking about their experiences and showing video footage.

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Is Syria Next?

18-01-2005 15:12

Once again the disinformation is being spread, that Syria is where the terrorists are coming from, that Syria is harbouring terrorist training camps, that Syria is supporting insurgents in Iraq.

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Caterkiller cause the real criminal damage

18-01-2005 13:30

An activist was given a 12 month conditional discharge for criminal damage and ordered to pay £364 costs at Solihull magistrates yesterday for 'scuffing' a Caterkiller boss' comapny car. The activist was involved in a protest in June last year against Caterkiller's sale of D9, D10 and D11 armoured bulldozers to the Israeli military.

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The Walks: Open Letter to Project Manager

18-01-2005 12:31

One week after the treetop protest, I've sent an open letter to Richard Hales, the Walks project manager heading up the plan to fell over 200 trees, most of them healthy.

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Let's Move! An Appeal to the Global Conscience

17-01-2005 12:22

To those who consider the war in Iraq a mistake but still fear the consequences of military withdrawal, we ask these questions: when will enough be enough? If not now, when?

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This chip makes sure you always buy your round

16-01-2005 21:33

The old excuse 'I've left my wallet at home' will soon no longer hold when it's your round. A nightclub is about to offer its regulars the option of having a microchip implanted in their arm that will obviate the need to carry cash or plastic.
Queuing for entry or a drink at the bar would also become a thing of the past when the 'digital wallet' is introduced by Bar Soba in Glasgow. The chip is already proving popular with VIP members at two nightclubs in Barcelona and Rotterdam.

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Maelstrom raided again

16-01-2005 13:04

police raid of maelstrom social centre

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Justice for Palestine Vigil

16-01-2005 12:48

Justice for Palestine
Yesterday there was a vigil outside of Sheffield Town Hall to draw attention to the fact that Palestine is still illegally occupied, and that 1.2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip remain imprisoned.

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Visiting Palestine III

16-01-2005 00:54

mercenaries defending the machinery
Third post from one of the ISM activists gone to Palestine from London.

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Thessaloniki - January 13th: The trial of 6 demonstrators was adjourned

15-01-2005 04:27

The trial of 6 people that took part in the 21/6/2003 demonstration against the EU Summit, was adjourned for October 2005