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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Oakland Police Infiltrators Took Control Of Anti-War Group

05-08-2006 14:07

US: cops attack peace protestors with wooden bullets / concussion grenades / gas

People might remember the brutal used of non-lethal weapons against anti-war protestors in Oakland, USA, in 2003, it was posted to UK IMC at the time: Non-lethal rounds shot at protesters in Oakland California and US: cops attack peace protestors with wooden bullets / concussion grenades / gas. Well now it turns out that Oakland Police Infiltrators Took Control Of Anti-War Group in a COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) style operation, read on for a repost from Indybay.

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The Powell Family Speaks

05-08-2006 09:55

by Alison Leslie
3rd August 2006

Six police officers charged over the death of a father-of-three in their custody
have been cleared by a jury.

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Is America [& Australia] Watching a Different War? [Yep!]

05-08-2006 02:06

Deep Shit News
Is America Watching a Different War? American, Lebanese and Israeli Panel on How the US Media is Covering the Invasion of Lebanon

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Help Lebanon, write to your MP

05-08-2006 02:03

A sample letter to send to your local MP

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05-08-2006 01:10

In early March, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its forty-seventh annual conference in Washington.

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Iceland: The Battle for Karahnjukar

04-08-2006 19:24

Activists in Iceland being starved out by police and security as lock-on actions halt work on the Karahnjukar Dam construction.

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OutRage!: 10 Arabs face execution on Iran

04-08-2006 16:10

OutRage! issues statement in support of 10 Arabs who face execution in Iran. Urges immediate action to stop these happening....

ps:Twiglet..who says we dont support people other than gays in Iran etc facing similar fates ...)

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August 7, 2006 - Cover story - Blood on his hands

04-08-2006 12:44

''Blair knew the attack on Lebanon was coming but he didn't try to stop it, because he didn't want to. He has made this country an accomplice, destroying what remained of our influence abroad while putting us all at greater risk of attack.''

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04-08-2006 12:11

A film documenting how US freedoms are being destroyed.

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Government Criticised Over ID Card Secrecy

04-08-2006 10:56

Local politicians and security experts have joined an influential
parliamentary committee in criticising the government for keeping the
public in the dark over identity cards.

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report, published
today, says government ID card plans are "inconsistent" and "lack clarity",
and raps ministers' knuckles for attacking the credibility of academics
commenting on the scheme.

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Student loses bid for High Court hearing

04-08-2006 05:18

Izhar UlHaque Centre
Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.

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Where are Osama and Mustafa Muamar held prisoner?

04-08-2006 01:25

Osama and Mustafa Muamar were kidnapped by IOF on 24 June. Palestinians responded on 25 June by kidnapping Gilad Shalit. Where are Osama and Mustafa Muamar held prisoner now? Are they being given access to a lawyer? To a doctor? To their families?

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NSW academy abuse perpetrators still police

04-08-2006 00:40

Teachers Pets?
But he says commanders failed to take action despite serious misconduct, including threatening students with failure if sexual favours were not provided.

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V for Vendetta screening @ Everything 4 Everyone

04-08-2006 00:28

This weeks E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be V for Vendetta.

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Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes

03-08-2006 23:49

Democracy Now!
AMY GOODMAN: Peter Bouckaert, we want to thank you very much for being with us, Emergencies Director at Human Rights Watch. He's speaking to us from Beirut. The report that Human Rights Watch has just put out is called "Fatal Strikes: Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon."

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Solidarity with Prison Guards! Solidarity with Class War Prisoners!

03-08-2006 20:57

Walton Prison
Prison guards nationwide are preparing to go on strike over a below inflation pay 'rise' of just 1.6%, and in solidarity with the guards at Walton Prison, whose bosses are turning the screw with tougher working practices rules.

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Orwellian Eye-in-the-Sky Gets Orwellian Fanfare in Liverpool Echo

03-08-2006 20:35

Cops unveil their new cameras
In a breathtakingly cynical strategy, Merseyside Police have linked their purchase of eye-in-the-sky camera technology with this week's 'moral panic' - mini-motos. In a breathtakingly credulous piece of 'journalism', the Liverpool Echo's Luke Traynor has bought their story hook, line and sinker.

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Recruiting Spies at British Airports

03-08-2006 07:10

I arrived late at Coventry Airport yesterday after a short 'holiday' in Holland. I was hoping to catch the last bus to Covetry city centre, then the last No. 900 to Birmingham, so as to avoid paying a fortune for a cap or bothering a friend with a pick-up. I was, however, the last passenger to leave the airport, well after my bus had gone, having experienced one of the strangest encounters in my life with the British authorities.

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Philippines: AKBAYAN leads protests over SONA of lies, lies, lies

03-08-2006 06:38

Akbayan & Laban ng Masa (Fight of the Masses)
AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) today joined the various groups which trooped to the streets to express opposition to the State of the Nation Adress (SONA) of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), saying GMA's SONA promises will not make up for the fact that she is the center and crux of the country's crisis right now.

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The Decider and its Poodle

03-08-2006 04:57

"We've -- you know, we've made it clear that we care about wanton destruction." -George W. Bush Friday, July 29, 2006