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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Electronic Sit-in in support of Maori march

27-04-2004 19:50

The TAKUTAI UNITED HACKTIVISTS ASSOCIATION (TUHA) have called for a cyber sit-in on the New Zealand Government Foreshore and Seabed website

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Situation Escalating in West Bank and Gaza

26-04-2004 18:44

This is an alert to give you all a heads up about the developing situation in Palestine. Activists throughout the West Bank and Gaza have reported an increase in Israeli military activity since the Bush-Sharon summit in Washington and the situation seems ready to escalate even further.

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South Korea, Migrant Workers Struggle is Continuing and Increasing

26-04-2004 13:08

Migrant workers in the South Korean capital Seoul, threaten by the government's policy of forced mass deportation, are fighting back.

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Nonviolent women's march in Biddu brutally dispersed

26-04-2004 11:11

Sent to me from Gush Shalom.

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China Labour Bulletin No. 3

26-04-2004 10:11

Issue No. 3 (24 April 2004)


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Worldwide Activities Mark April 25th, Call for End to Half-decade of Persecution

25-04-2004 23:39

Over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners staged a peaceful appeal in Beijing
Practitioners of Falun Gong will mark April 25 this Sunday with activities around the world, renewing the call for Beijing to end a five-year campaign of suppression that legal experts have come to term genocide.

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Occupation of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse on saturday morning

24-04-2004 19:04

The Hafenstrasse in Hamburg this morning
The history of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse in the north of Germany is closely connected to the german Squatting scene and the 80's.
The conflict has not only been a conflict between real estate brokers, Hamburg state government and local squatters. The Hafenstrasse became an example of symbolic policy and the conflict between society and state.

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15 year old killed in Group4 prison in the UK

23-04-2004 19:21

Group4 is a private security firm which is operating in 108 countries, they are involved in all kind of shit, prison, supporting israeli settlers with armed guards, protecting the rich all over the world...

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Your Tax Dollars At Work

22-04-2004 16:16

'Your Tax Dollars At Work'

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21-04-2004 11:16

The Israeli military have been attacking this area, uprooting its agricultural economic mainstays, rendering thousands of people homeless, leaving the once-fertile and lush area looking like a desert, for more than two years.

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Swiss Authorities Try to Jail the Activists they Nearly Killed

20-04-2004 17:41

Update on the cases of Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel who came to Sheffield in February to talk about what happened to them at last years anti G8 protests.

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Menwith Hill getting a make-over?

20-04-2004 12:11

After years of near denial of the existence of Menwith Hill by the Government and the majority of the press, it is starting to leak into the mainstream news. Only now it is being deliberately leaked by the authorities as part of their propaganda war to reclaim the hearts and minds of the UK public.

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Statement - Torun alterglobalists + UA

19-04-2004 23:52

statement by Torun alterglobalists regarding systematic
police scare tactics; urgent support action requested from

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Bush Radio's Zane Ibrahim detained and interogated for 12 hours at US airport

19-04-2004 20:23

Cape Town's Bush Radio Co-Founder and Managing Director Zane Ibrahim was taken off an international flight minutes after it landed at Baltimore airport, just outside Washington, DC, by United States Homeland Security personnel and interrogated for almost 12 hours.

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Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo

19-04-2004 11:10

Originally published in Spanish by the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities
Translated by irlandesa

Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo Good Government Junta

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Aubonne: Speakers Tour of victims of Police Brutality

18-04-2004 22:47

The two activists who were blocking the traffic of the Aubonne- motorway bridge during the protests against the G8 summit in Evian last year are on Tour in Switzerland. The are facing a trial at the 28th of June, whereas the responsible policemen are still covered in impunity. Check Tourdates at the end of the article.

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The Palestinian Refugees Right Of Return Abolished

17-04-2004 17:02

US hegemonic double standards for all to see.

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Israel bans Palestinians aged over 35 from leaving Gaza Strip

17-04-2004 10:00

Israel bans Palestinians aged over 35 from leaving Gaza

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US drop 1000kg bomb on Falludja

17-04-2004 07:56

according to dpa/ap the US dropped a 1000 kilo bomb on Falludja, claiming it would destroy the main building of the resistance.
The US is also accused of dropping cluster bombs, and snipers killing civilians and shooting ambulances.

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16-04-2004 23:34

Police line waiting for the queen.
The other day, the Queen of England visited Toulouse, in south western France. First she went to church, then she had lunch with the mayor, then she christened an airliner for Virgin Atlantic Airways at the Airbus Works, and then she went home. A great big crowd of people turned out to see her. The fascination that people have for Her Royal Highness is a source of much perplexity. After all, royalty is an aberration that has survived in modern times, like the appendix at the bottom end of the human intestine. So while we wait for it to explode, here is a photographic account of her visit...