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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Hundreds of school pupils stage walkout in Colchester

06-12-2003 18:22

Hundreds of School pupils stage walkout and protest in Colchester, Essex.

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Bridge Protest in Madrid calls for full freedom for Thess. 7

06-12-2003 14:36

3 acitivists have hung from the "Eduard Dato" bridge in Madrid for a period of 40 minutes to call for the release of the Thessalonika 7 without condition.
The acivists of the "platform to support the Greek prisoners"
Amongst those 7 still in Greece are the Briton Simon Chapman and two Spanish citizens: Carlos Martín and Fernando Pérez, all of whom went on hunger strike.

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Bridge Protester cleared of Criminal Damage

06-12-2003 10:57

I was due to take another trip to Parkside Police Station today to find out if they were going to charge me with criminal damage for the graffiti sprayed on the Cambridge war memorial on the same day as my adventure on the cycle bridge - see for details.

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Close surveillance of Campsfield protest

05-12-2003 19:08

On Saturday 29 November, over 200 people from all over the country gathered for a demonstration outside Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre, the scene of frequent protests, hunger strikes and a riot, to mark its 10th anniversary.

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Please Help!!! Free Mario Bango

05-12-2003 15:54

Free Mario

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negativity about deprived housing estates

05-12-2003 13:07

On the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's campaign to defend deprived housing estates in East central Scotland from estate agents being negative about people moving into them. On an experience of such negativity that I had with the police, as a result of which rent and mortgages no longer constitutionally exist.

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Kissinger to Military Dictators: "We want You to Suceed"

05-12-2003 10:21

Kissinger during the Dirty War in Argentina to the Military Junta:"We Want You To Succeed"

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A terrorist nation called the United States of America

04-12-2003 01:13

Dec 3, 2003: (Capitol Hill Blue) This is the story of a man who was taken into legal custody under false pretenses and thrown immediately into solitary confinement. He was held in a tiny cell, illuminated for 24 hours a day, which he never left except to be interrogated. Guards would hammer on the cell door every half hour around the clock, to keep him awake.

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The Ladies Of Dade

03-12-2003 23:48

The life of women prisoners in Miami-Dade County as seen through the eyes of an FTAA protester- includes the demands and statement of solidarity that the women prisoners gave to this FTAA protester.

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Saloniki 7: The Greek State won't give up that easily...

03-12-2003 02:07

The following article appeared on "Eleutherotipia", an Athens daily that could be described as a Guardian- equivalent. It brings bad (but also expected) news: The Greek State doesn't give up and with new, ridiculous claims tries to fit up Simon and the rest of the Saloniki 7. Will we let them do so?

PLEASE NOTE: What follows is a translation of the article, as genuine and precise as possible. No comments have been added and no info has been altered.

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Making A Case For 9/11 Skepticism

02-12-2003 21:54

While 9/11 Skeptics await the results of the 9/11 commission with an open mind, we are also firmly convinced that the U.S. government is incapable of conducting a truly independent and unhindered investigation into the Sept. 11 phenomena. We view our work as an international citizen’s or people’s investigation of the same, one in which many active minds have long since come together in a fruitful and increasingly international dialogue.

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Video: Bayer Noise Demo

02-12-2003 02:27

5 minute video about abuse of police powers at a demo in Newbury.

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President of the Apes videos

02-12-2003 01:00

Funny movie clips about George Bush's ape-like behaviour, and his Dad's Darth-Vader-like approach to life.

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USA social justice and Copwatch activist becomes target of government

01-12-2003 17:57

With no evidence and nothing more than the testimony of a paid government informant, agents of the USA BATF raided the home of a local activist. Laro Nicol had been employed by UK company SERCo Air Traffic Control Services US, as an air traffic control specialist. Now the future of this man and his family hangs in the balance as he heads to trial on bogus charges.

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01-12-2003 13:03

The Miami Model
Paramilitaries, Embedded Journalists and Illegal Protests. Think This is Iraq?
It's Your Country

By Jeremy Scahill

MIAMI--We were loading our video equipment into the trunk of our car when a
fleet of bicycle cops sped up and formed a semi-circle around us. The lead cop
was none other than Miami Police Chief John Timoney. The former Police
Commissioner of Philadelphia Timoney has a reputation for brutality and hatred
of protesters of any kind. He calls them "punks," "knuckleheads" and a whole
slew of expletives. He coordinated the brutal police response to the
mass-protests at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000.
After a brief stint in the private sector, Timoney took the post of Miami
police chief as part of Mayor Manny Diaz's efforts to "clean up the

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Letter of the FZLN to the Saloniki 7

01-12-2003 00:10

" order for you to get out of jail it was necessary to take the decision of being fed with nothing but dignity, starting a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days..."

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Evidence

30-11-2003 23:52

There is convincing evidence which clearly demonstrates police brutality and the planting of evidence on Simon Chapman. This includes photos and TV footage from the Greek national news channel ET3. On 25 Nov 03, a photo by Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis was publicised.