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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Calais flyposting to make the invisible more visible

01-11-2009 12:16

In the last few days, activists in Calais have been busy sticking up pictures around town with paste

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(Basque Country) Brian Currin: Detention of basque politicians are horrific.

31-10-2009 13:40

Brian Currin, a South African attorney working as a mediator, said the left-wing nationalist movement should not stop putting forward new initiatives despite the arrest of its top members.

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Thicko Metropolitan Police can't distinguish real life from fiction!

31-10-2009 12:03

"Scotland Yard has apologised after actors from a film, The Firm, were mistakenly identified as football hooligans being sought after riots at a West Ham game."

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Horsham march in tussle over freedom to protest

31-10-2009 11:39

Yesterday in the Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Justice Sweeney ruled against an application which sought to ban all face masks, animal costumes, "blood" splattered coats, and any banners that used the words "murder", "torture", "kills" & "abuses" on an animal rights demonstration. The application was brought by the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in response to a demonstration being held today by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty in Horsham town centre. If the case had gone ahead it would have set a very significant precedent.

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Stop Deportation Day

31-10-2009 11:36

International blockade in Brugge and Vottem, Belgium. Translation from Dutch Indymedia.

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2 detention centres belgium blockaded

31-10-2009 10:56

This morning 120 people blockaded 2 detention centres in Belgium.

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Sussex Students' Union votes to Boycott Israel

30-10-2009 22:47

Sussex students of Palestine Society and Stop The War
Students at Sussex University voted this week to boycott Israeli produce in Union stores.

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Read and think

29-10-2009 21:35

This is made public at request of sender and with their consent

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New Comic Strip Series re Organized Stalking

29-10-2009 20:05

New comic strip to educate the public about the crime of organized stalking has been made available on the web. It is hoped this series will help educate the public about a crime for which action by the justice systems of the world is long overdue.

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Work stopped again briefly at Manshill yesterday

29-10-2009 16:41

Work was stopped for just over half an hour yesterday, as people tried to lock-on to the harvesting machine, but people were met with aggression and violence by the Scottish Woodland workers.

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4 arrests at Astrazeneca in Luton

29-10-2009 13:21

The arrests where made at 3:35 yesterday afternoon during protest against Astrazeneca use of animals. All who where arrest have know been released

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Iran Pro-Democracy Rally at the FCO, London - pictures.

28-10-2009 19:50

Group executions in Iran.
Iranian pro-democracy campaigners gather outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to protest the human rights abuses committed by the Mollah regime in Iran.

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Seeing the Wood for the Trees

28-10-2009 14:13

Less to fear
The olive harvest has become synonymous with settler violence. The 2008 harvest saw a record high for attacks on Palestinian farmers and their land, capping a succession of increases. Violence on that scale has not materialised this harvest, which has instead been defined by its use as a political football. Propaganda from parties on both sides of the wall has distorted the facts on the ground.

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Proceeds of Crime Act extended to fare dodgers

28-10-2009 11:47

POCA was designed to be used against crime barons, but like SOCPA and the Terrorist acts this is now going to be used against everyone and anyone. A whole array of minor jobsworths can now seize your all assets without court approval for offences as minor as faredodging or not paying your council tax, and this extension won't even be debated in parliament.

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Demonstrate against Britain's racist immigration laws! Tuesday 3 November 1-2pm

27-10-2009 20:26

Outside Communications House Immigration Reporting Centre, Old Street, London, EC1V 9BR

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UK Police Spying Began With Animal Rights Activists

27-10-2009 15:02

There has been a slew of incredible, and disturbing, reporting by the UK Guardian recently on how police have rebranded activism as “domestic extremism” and “domestic terrorism.” [1] Environmental activists, antiwar activists, animal rights activists and many more groups have been targeted. Specifically, police have gathered personal information on thousands of activists who simply attend protests or political meetings, and created massive national databases.

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Prison Officers, Police and the Oil Industry

27-10-2009 13:35

"I take it there is no love lost between Moira Harrington and the police?
"No, but in prison they are different. I think there is no love lost between the police on the oustide and the police on the inside."

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Unlock the Camps- demonstration for Sri Lanka

26-10-2009 19:14

Demonstration for Sri Lanka, Market Square, Cambridge
Cambridge calls for the release of a quarter of a million people from de facto detention camps in Sri Lanka.

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YouGov defrauded in BNP poll sting

26-10-2009 09:28

YouGov - being conned by the BNP