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Proceeds of Crime Act extended to fare dodgers

Danny | 28.10.2009 11:47 | Repression

POCA was designed to be used against crime barons, but like SOCPA and the Terrorist acts this is now going to be used against everyone and anyone. A whole array of minor jobsworths can now seize your all assets without court approval for offences as minor as faredodging or not paying your council tax, and this extension won't even be debated in parliament.

Sorry for just linking to a mainstream article without any original reporting, but this seems to be a massive new extension of state oppression that could affect us all. Even the cops are complaining about it. It's as if the government are deliberately trying to make the state as oppressive as possible simply for their own amusement. It is high time Übercunts like Alan Johnston were given brain transplants with bricks.

Councils get ‘Al Capone’ power to seize assets over minor offences

Assets of the State
Powers of confiscation and seizure should not be extended with so little thought

Councils to use 'Al Capone' powers on small-time offenders



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