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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Call for solidarity: Kulon Progo Self-organised Struggle

24-02-2011 07:30

We call for the strongest possible international solidarity with the fighting peasants of Kulon Progo, Indonesia. They are organising to defend their lives and the environment from the ruthless mining operations of the exploiting capitalists and their state backers, with an absolute rejection of leftism and political wrangling. Let’s internationalize the anti-capitalist resistance!

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List of people on Cameron's tour of middle east

23-02-2011 01:32

An interesting snapshot of the UK PMs friends... maybe this can be of use to someone...

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Thousands protest as Libya attacks Libyans

22-02-2011 20:17

Message to Gadaffi from Downing Street protest

Thousands joined the protest outside the Libyan Embassy this evening, before marching on Downing Street.. The Socialist Worker reports that 10 coaches travelled from Manchester alone, and that some protestors have declared that they will spend the night outside the Embassy. More joined protests outside Downing Street.

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Ban Police Kettling - Campaign

22-02-2011 18:49

Kettling is being used to suppress dissent rather than to prevent violence. In fact it is a cause of violence. You can join this campaign and vote to ban kettling.

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Ban Police Kettling Campaign

22-02-2011 14:07

Kettling is being used to suppress dissent rather than to prevent violence. In fact it is a cause of violence. You can join this campaign and vote to ban kettling.

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Libya, European Union and Europe’s left…

21-02-2011 20:01

When, faced with crimes against humanity, you don't pass beyond the level of declarations, you make yourself accomplice of the crime...

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Sheffield protest against repression in #Libya

21-02-2011 15:41

On 21st February there was a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall against the Libyans governments repression of demonstrators.

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CairoRising: report back from the Egyptian revolution 22 Feb, Brighton

21-02-2011 14:32

Report back meeting from CairoRising, February 22 at 7.30pm. The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

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Mark Kennedy, the Black Bloc & 5 German undercover cops at G8 in Scotland 2005

21-02-2011 13:23

According to German Newspaper Der Spiegel, head of Germany's federal police Jörg Ziercke admitted that German state authorities had specifically requested undercover Met Police officer Mark Kennedy's presence in Heiligendamm in 2006/7.
An acknowledgement in the public domain of what some of us long suspected, on quote from the Guardian today: "The Newspaper [Der Spiegel] said Kennedy's involvement in criminal activity raised concerns that he was working as an agent provocateur and not just an observer "

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Demo, revolt, fire and escape at Brussels detention centre today

20-02-2011 23:31

Activists held a solidarity action outside the Steenockerzeel 123bis detention centre in Brussels this afternoon. Inside, prisoners took matters into their own hands and started a revolt which led to one escape and a wing destroyed by fire. Currently the area is shut down by police.

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The Uninvited Visitors

20-02-2011 20:06

On Wednesday 26th January 2011 at approximately 6am in the morning, my son had just made the first adhan for Fajr and was waiting to make the second adhan. All of a sudden, there was a bang on the door.

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Breaking News: Bloody protests rock Iraqi Kurdistan

20-02-2011 13:01

Protest against the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sulaymaniyah,18 February 2011
Violence has again rocked the streets of the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah as Kurdish demonstrators continue to demand the ouster of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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Veolia lost contract in Richmond - West London

20-02-2011 09:53

A campaign was started in late 2009 by members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Richmond upon Thames, London, to have Veolia excluded from all contracts with Richmond Council when they came up for renewal.

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5 German Undercover agents sent to Scotland G8

19-02-2011 18:43

this now came out as a result of discussions of the Mark Kennedy case in the German Parliament

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Breaking News: Bahraini police surrenders to protesters

19-02-2011 16:15

Bahraini protesters celebrate as they reoccupy Pearl Square, 19 February 2011
Reports say thousands of pro-democracy protesters, chanting “victory, victory,” have forced out police and snipers from a central square in The Bahraini capital, Manama.

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Egyptian Revolution at a Turning Point

19-02-2011 15:23

sitting in front of tanks to stop the army advancing 08/02

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Massacre in Bahrain

19-02-2011 12:39

The GOvernment is massacring people in Bahrain. The mainstream coverage is shit.

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International Solidarity with political prisoners

19-02-2011 02:57