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Ban Police Kettling - Campaign

Petra Brady | 22.02.2011 18:49 | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Repression

Kettling is being used to suppress dissent rather than to prevent violence. In fact it is a cause of violence. You can join this campaign and vote to ban kettling.

Policing of demonstrations is increasingly becoming political policing. Although the police claim that kettling is designed to prevent violence and disorder, it is more accurate to say that it is being used to protect an illegitimate government (with no mandate for some of its major policies) from the legitimate anger of democratic dissent.

There is ample evidence that kettling provokes violence rather than prevents it. It is designed to intimidate individuals and to discourage democratic protest. More often than not,protests where kettling has not been used, did not result in violence. However, when kettling and other vicious tactics have been used, almost inevitably violence occurs.

A clear message needs to go out prior to March 26th that protestors will resist and will refuse to be kettled by police. This gives the police time to consider other strategies which facilitate peaceful protest (as they are legally obliged to do.) If, after this clear advance message, the police still resport to the use of kettling, it will be abundantly clear exactly who is provoking the ensuing violence.

In the meantime, it's useful to draw attention to two campaigns which are keeping kettling in the news. Firstly, there is an Early Day Motion condemning kettling being presented to the House of Commons by Katy Clark, MP. Has your MP signed yet?

Secondly, there is a campaign building up on the 38 Degrees website on the subject of kettling. Individuals comment and VOTE for a proposal that kettling should be banned. There is also some useful info on how to avoid being kettled. The campaign needs more votes. Please encourage people to give 3 votes to "Ban kettling". Just go to the 38 Degrees website, sign in with an email address (not published) and a username and click on Vote (1, 2 0r 3 Votes). #kettling.

Petra Brady