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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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"Working Class Peoples Bloc WILL disrupt the Conservative Party Conference!"

24-09-2010 13:46

Unauthorised Working Class Bloc march in face of police repression and promises to disrupt the Conservative Party Conference.

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Simon Chapman and 3 defendents trial has been postponed

24-09-2010 10:54

This is a quick update, a fuller one will be posted later today.

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Six Tyneside men arrested after burning Korans on youtube

24-09-2010 10:04

Six men arrested for inciting racial hatred - despite Islam being a faith and not a race.

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How the police support unlawful hunting

24-09-2010 09:35

Sorry this is a bit long. To precis Operation Rumble, Thames Valley police arrested me for trying to film a hunt who were hunting a wild mammal. I was convicted and unable to appeal because it would appear that it is not a defence to say that the legal activity you are accused of interferring with is not in fact legal!

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Obama deplores World poverty: Welcome to the theatre of absurd

24-09-2010 08:00

US President Barack Obama is the latest voice from the “great and good” to bemoan the lack of achievement in the United Nation’s Millennium goals, first declared 10 years ago, to drastically reduce world poverty and generate sustainable development. Earlier in the week, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and ex-UN chief Kofi Annan espoused similar sentiments of disappointment with the fight against poverty and all its miseries. Welcome to the Theatre of Absurd.

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Exposing racism and intolerance online

24-09-2010 06:17

Exposing raciosm and intolerance online.

The BNP have been beaten but still racists are mobilising.

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Urgent call out! English Defence League heading to US Embassy for Muslims vigil

22-09-2010 16:55

The racists and Islamophobes of the English Defence League are heading to the US Embassy at 24 Grosvenor Square right now to disrupt a Muslim vigil for Dr Aafia Saddiqui who is due to be sentenced this week under terrorism laws. Starts at 7pm which is when the EDL are also due to appear.

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BNP members finding favour with sonic rock sympathisers

21-09-2010 17:21

Paul Eason with Nick Griffin
The sad story of those who turn a blind eye to BNP members in their midst

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English Defence League leaders accused of stealing money by EDL members

21-09-2010 11:36

The English Defence League leadership have been accused of stealing money by the rank and file members of the English Defence League [EDL]. At a meeting held by EDL members the leadership were accused of stealing money. The leadershipe are now saying that they will stop selling the EDL merchandise, clothing and so on following the accusations of theft and misusing EDL monies.

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High Level Nuke Dump Opposition

21-09-2010 10:04

A Pictorial View of the Lakes Nuclear Sacrifice Zone - from Coniston Old Man
Who in their right mind would oppose "Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely" ?

The cleverly (Orwellian) titled: Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely Partnership is designed to stifle any opposition to thegeological 'disposal' of high level nuclear waste.

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English Defence League pull EDL clothing following complaints over profits

21-09-2010 04:02

The English Defence League have stated that they they have pulled the merchandise ie clothing range following accusations from some EDL that Tommy Robinson and Kev Carrol were keeping the money. English Defence League insiders however know that the truth is rather different. The real reason for the clothing line being withdrawn by Tommy Robinson is as follows in the video.

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Leicester council email line against English Defence League October 9th march.

21-09-2010 00:42

The racists and Islamophobes of the English Defence League are planning to hold a rally in Leicester on October 9th 2010. Leicester council have set up an email so that local people in Leicester [and anti fascists] can send in their views against the EDL march. EDL marches have descended into violence and race riots. Stop the EDL!

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Simon Chapman and 3 other defendants to again face the Greek Courts

20-09-2010 22:07

Statement of the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group - September 19th, 2010 version

The solidarity group was formed in 2003 soon after the arrests at the EU summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki.

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Info evening on Afghanistan Sunday 26th Sept Brighton 18:00

20-09-2010 16:14

The Afghans’ voice must be heard.
Sunday 26th of September 2010, 18:00, South Wing Hall, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton

A unique Afghan – British conference on the invasion of Afghanistan. The opportunity to listen to what Afghan’s have to say on the invasion of their country, and to exchange views and knowledge.

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The Khimki Hostages Need Your Solidarity!

19-09-2010 16:50

Russian activists are calling on their international comrades to secure the release of Maxim Solopov and Alexei Gaskarov, two Moscow antifascists arrested on July 29 for their alleged involvement in a demonstration the previous day against the abuse behavior of the local administration against activists and residents trying to save the local forest from logging to make way for a toll road. If convicted, Gaskarov and Solopov could face seven years in prison. In addition to fabricating a case against them, the police have used it as an excuse to crack down on the Moscow antifascist movement.

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State Control over the Internet and Blogosphere in Belarus

18-09-2010 20:06

Following this inconceivable desire, on February the 1st in 2010 president Lukashenka has signed the notorious decree “On Measures for Revising Use of the National Segment of the World Wide Web”, which came in power on July 1st. According to the decree, the data of computers and mobile phones are subjected to control, and their exploitation has to be protocoled.

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Naming The Dead: End The War in Afghanistan

18-09-2010 09:55

Central London event to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan with Maya Evans (JNV) and Susan Clarkson - some risk of arrest.

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How would you Reclaim the Night?

17-09-2010 19:36

Oxford Reclaim The Night are seeking new ideas & people to get involved in making the streets safe for women.