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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Urgent Action Request - prevent deportation tomorrow

06-05-2006 03:30

To prevent forced deportation of mother & son to Uganda at 6.35 am tomorrow

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Police Riot when confronted by Flowers

05-05-2006 18:16

Bilingual (World English/World Spanish) report of the state of affairs in Mexico City. Three Dead in clashes between Police, and Flower Growers and Sellers. Up to Eight Hundred Riot Police are involved in clashes with residents.

(Repost from Irene - Mexico City)

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Help - Developers on the rampage

05-05-2006 17:37

Not a article a ssuch, more a plea for help to support individual under the cosh from developers in the East End vis-a-vis "The Olympics".

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19 Year Old Boy Killed In Nablus by Israeli Army during Invasion

05-05-2006 16:34

Upon my arriavl in Nablus the Israeli army invaded the City seeking wanted persons at 15.30 hours during theis invasion one 19 year old boy was shot dead by soldiers at aprox 1700 hours.

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Arna's Children Film Showing about life in a Jenin Refugee Camp. Also Fundraiser

05-05-2006 13:02

On Monday Night at Manchester University we are showing the award-winning 'Arna's Children' - important first of all as a vivid and powerful portrayal of life under occupation for the Palestinians in the Middle East and the way bright, good natured kids can without hope turn to extremism. It's also the inspiring story of Jewish Israeli Arna Mer Khamis, and her endeavours to bring some light to those kids through a children's theatre. We’ll be raising money for the new childrens theatre and it's on at 7:30pm Monday night at the University of Manchester Student Union

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05-05-2006 12:55

Korean farmers and supporters defy brutal eviction for U.S. base expansion

May 4th, 2006 at 5:00am, the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) made its fourth attempt to occupy the villages of Daechuri and Doduri and crush the resistance to U.S. military base expansion. This time, they came with 12,000 riot police, 1,500 plain-clothes hired 'workers', who are notorious, right wing ex-military strike breakers, and 3,000 Korean soldiers and army engineers.

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Stop the War Against the Kurdish People

05-05-2006 12:21

There is a hidden war being waged against the Kurds of northern Iraq. This time the enemy isn't Saddam, it's the Turkish and Iranian Governments.

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The situation in Atenco, Mexico

05-05-2006 02:59

The situation in Atenco, Mexico, continues on red alert. Since last night, when we accompanied the people of Atenco in their just and dignified struggle for land and in solidarity with other struggles, there were riot police from the PFP (Mexican Federal Preventive Police) that were prepared to enter and repress the people.

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The Salvador Option In Iraq

04-05-2006 18:18

Leaked documents, such as "Iraq: Options Paper", written by the Bliar Government, prove that Bush and Blair's respective criminal Regimes were discussing the old Colonial Trick of "Divide & Rule" (fomenting Civil War) a full year before their illegal War of Aggression began.

Again, the media sleeps on the issue, even though Documentary Evidence proves this.

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High Court rules against ex-UK residents in Guantanamo

04-05-2006 17:30

High Court today ruled against the application for a judicial review of British government ministers’ responsibility to intervene in the cases of Jamil El-Banna, Bisher El-Rawi and Omar Deghayes.

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Bush Censors Internet

04-05-2006 17:10

The decision by Google to remove my top position was politically motivated by the Bush regime.

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Iraqi Police execute 'gay' child

04-05-2006 14:43

Ahmed, aged 14, shot dead on doorstep - Murdered to cleanse the community - Fundamentalist police blamed – Ahmed, gone but not forgotten

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Immigration Detainee Art Exerbition

04-05-2006 14:39

Very beutifull and intresting ehibition at Woodstock Museum.

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Manifesto of solidarity to Garotinho, in hunger strike, by mayors of Rio de Jane

04-05-2006 14:06

When deciding for the hunger strike, Garotinho sacrifices himself on behalf of the public morality, of the respect to the honor and the ethics, little remembered today in this country dominated for a perverse financial system that so much harms Brazilian people.

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final verdict on brian haw high court next monday

04-05-2006 10:27

the final hearing and verdict will be at 10am at the high court on the strand on monday 8th may, and friends and supporters are urged to be there from 9.30

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Another talking surveillance camera near Fenchurch St.

04-05-2006 08:36

New lamp post cameras that shout at you while they take your picture: I feel safer already.

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Australian police harass former Guantánamo prisoner

04-05-2006 07:55

Harrassment of Habib
He is planning legal action against the police over the detention. Whatever the outcome, the harrassment of Habib and his family are a particularly sharp expression of the ongoing assault on basic democratic rights being conducted by the Howard government and its state government allies against the working class as a whole.

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Temple Cowley Pool closure

04-05-2006 06:45

Council threat to close or substantially change local swimming pool in a way which pool users do NOT want - petition.

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Australian Surgeons Condemn "Horrific" Organ Trade

04-05-2006 06:20

Prison inmates are given instructions from a police officer. Leading Australian transplant surgeons have condemned the practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners.