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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Two Human Rights Defenders From Everyone Group Receive A Penal Order

18-02-2010 18:45

From left: Roberto Malini, Viktoria Mohacsi, Dario Picciau

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Support The Gaza Protestors Currently Facing Heavy Sentences

17-02-2010 23:24

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza of 27th December to 18th January, provoked passionate protests across the UK. The familiar mass demos of the anti-war movement were supplemented by large spontaneous break-away demos and a wave of university occupations. The police used indiscriminate baton charges, kettles and heavy surveillance, in an effort to impose their control on the movement.

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Belgrade 6 Acquitted

17-02-2010 17:59

The six Serbian anarcho-syndicalists who were charged with 'International Terrorism' have been acquitted today.

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Migrant Hangar reopens despite police repression

17-02-2010 11:32

After last weeks violent raid, the Kronstadt Hangar is back in business!!

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Big Pharma security thug threats to kill gay AR activist with crack cocaine.

15-02-2010 19:54

A thug working for a private security firm on behalf of a pharmaceutical company have threatened to kill animal rights activists with crack cocaine & make it "look like suicide". The homophobic thugs have said they will rape & kill the man his family members with crack & a noose. The thugs burgled his house and stole family photos & told the AR activist " we will rape your gran, your mum & aunt".

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Anti-Olympic protests.

15-02-2010 08:09

"The Olympics have a history of leaving host cities in debt, and relocating the poor and homeless away from the sanitized corridors of host cities."

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State of Emergency Declared in Italian Prison System

14-02-2010 11:44

2009 was a particularly bad year for the Italian prison system, especially if you happened to be one of its ‘guests’ having to suffer the severe overcrowding that was exacerbated by an overall lack of funding in the system. As a result, the summer saw a series of prison protests, including mass hunger strikes and riots, as well an explosion in a historically already high rate of suicide, self-harm and other ‘suspicious’ deaths.

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Jenny Tonge Sacked Again

14-02-2010 11:20

Jenny Tonge and commented: "Actually I said that if Israel was worried about the allegations they should investigate. The Jewish Chronicle got it wrong as usual."

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EU - Internal Security Strategy & Commitee On Internal Security

14-02-2010 02:58

The EU has been waiting for years to launch its Internal Security Strategy (ISS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) which will be responsible for developing it. Back in 2003 It was thought that the Lisbon Treaty would be well in place by now, instead the Lisbon Treaty and the Stockholm Programme have come into effect at the same time. What the ISS and COSI have in common is that they both form part of the matrix of the next stage of the growing European state.

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UKCMRI ignore letters from residents & councillors about Camden germ lab

14-02-2010 00:21

Residents from Camden and Kings Cross have had letters & emails utterly ignored by the UKCMRI. Worryingly they have said that "those who signed up" at last weeks poorly advertised meeing would get the chance to oppose planning permision on reciept of a letter from UKCMRI. The UKCMRI have so far ignored all communication from residents. None of our questions have been answered.

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Why the media silence on the Flight 253 bombing hearings?

13-02-2010 14:06

Hearing before the US House Committee on Homeland Security, 27 January 2010
The media’s failure to report the January 27 Congressional hearings on last Christmas’s Flight 253 bomb plot is both extraordinary and ominous.

The blackout is a devastating exposure of the state of US politics. If events do not fit the concocted “connect-the-dots” script, the political establishment treats them, in Orwellian style, as if they had never happened. This, in turn, further strengthens the power of the national-security apparatus inside the state, as it learns that it can plan operations risking mass deaths with impunity.

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Binyam Mohamed: Evidence of Torture by US Agents Revealed in UK

13-02-2010 00:15

Binyam Mohamed in July 2009, after his release from Guantanamo

Three senior UK judges on Wednesday ordered the British government to publicly disclose previously classified information that reveals how Binyam Mohamed, a British resident, was tortured by the CIA while in Pakistani custody in April and May 2002.

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Europe's five "undeclared nuclear weapons states"

12-02-2010 18:20

US nuclear weapons in Europe 2008
There has been much hype, supported by scanty evidence, that Iran might at some future date become a nuclear weapons state. And, therefore, a pre-emptive defensive nuclear attack on Iran to annihilate its non-existent nuclear weapons program should be seriously contemplated "to make the World a safer place". The mainstream media abounds with makeshift opinion on the Iran nuclear threat.

But what about the five European "undeclared nuclear states" including Belgium, Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands and Italy.

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One cannot rule the World without keeping one's own nation under control

12-02-2010 17:40

One can't rule the world without keeping one's own nation under control, and this is an essential prerequisite for empire maintenance abroad.

Obama and Sarah Palin BOTH exalt the same military leadership that gives them both the OKay. They are two loyal representatives of wealthy and influential investors in war industry and the industry's laterally connected high military officials. Yet media conglomerates intend for the public to see them as two political stars in confrontation. They both go along with and play out this hoax, which cleaves the national constituency conveniently in two making it easier to manage.

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The §278a Case Against Austrian Animal Rights Activists Enters the Next Round

12-02-2010 16:50

February 1, 2010: barely four weeks before the opening trial date in the §278a case, three more activists were charged with the same paragraph (278a) and are expected to stand with the rest of the defendants. The 13 defendants are accused of having formed a Criminal Organisation trying to force companies to get out of the fur trade. Ten of the defendants were previously held in pre-trial detention after a country-wide raid in Austria on May 21, 2008. The legal defence costs could reach over €500,000.

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South Africans rise up against ANC

12-02-2010 16:22

ANGRY South Africans rioted this week in protest at the conditions in which they are forced to live.

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Women In Yarl’s Wood Vow To Stay On Hunger Strike

12-02-2010 10:25

We have spoken to over 50 women in the last few days and they all have a compelling case to be released: their continued detention is either inhumane or contravenes Home Office rules. Some have been referred to lawyers because their detention is illegal. [1]

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US/Canadian homeland security suppression of Indymedia journalists @ Olympics

12-02-2010 06:28

While Canadian authorities want to encourage people to attend the Olympics, Canadian border and customs officials (Canadian Border Services Agencies) have teamed up to suppress the movement of Indymedia and other independent media reporters into Canada.

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UKCMRI lie to Camden residents over letters at public forum Peter Pan debacle

11-02-2010 23:54

The UKCMRI have been dubbed by the mainstream media as building a "28 Days Later Lab" after amjor safety alert was issued from Camden. Photos from the film appeared on the front page to warn residents of the danger posed by the level 3+ Bio Chemical Laboratory. At a public formal meeting to "consult us" we were lied to by the UKCMRI who claimed to send letters they did not sent out.