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Big Pharma security thug threats to kill gay AR activist with crack cocaine.

anonymous gay ARA | 15.02.2010 19:54 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Gender | Repression | South Coast | World

A thug working for a private security firm on behalf of a pharmaceutical company have threatened to kill animal rights activists with crack cocaine & make it "look like suicide". The homophobic thugs have said they will rape & kill the man his family members with crack & a noose. The thugs burgled his house and stole family photos & told the AR activist " we will rape your gran, your mum & aunt".

Two years ago a gay animal rights activist was sent threats to his home by someone who was [at the time] unknown to him. The threats included phrases such as "I am going to rape you, kill you, come to your home and take what I want. I will be there at 2am". Someone, a large male did in fact attempt to break into the [slightly built] activists home.
There were more incidents including criminal damage at the man's home.

A few days after the first incident he recieved more threats from the "security" [blackmailing thugs] firm working on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. The men said that they would attack family members of the man including his 12 year old niece and sent photocopies pictures of the man's family members. [The frightened and angry family have reported this to the police].

Then things became even worse when the man working for a "security" firm [criminals] working on behalf of the pharmaceutical company asked a friend of his, a convicted drug dealer, to get the activist "really really drunk" and film him having sex with an 84 year old man. The dealer agreed to do it and took money from the security firm's man but did not carry out the act for the security firm. In fact he tipped off the activist about the "security" guard and what he was planning. The dealer has refused to make a statement to police and has said that because of his criminal and drugs background he makes an unreliable witness and wouldn't do so anyway. The security guard has other criminal [drug dealing] contacts and the attacks have continued against the activist by criminals who have told the activist "you need to stop this animal stuff for your own safety" and "you need to slow this thiong down for your own safety". The thug taunted the activist saying "They think they're so hard these AR people but you go round their house and they're just a pansy". He told him too that "You need to open your eyes about your friends, they're not your friends. You need to open your eyes about animal testing. Open your fucking eyes". Strangely he even told the activist that "mice have no cellular memory so it's OK to be cruel to them or test on them and that they're vermin anyway".

The activist continued to be active despite the threats but this has not deterred the thug who paid another friend of his to attack the man at a party and attempt to film him in a sexual encounter with other gay men.
This has been done in an attempt to smear the activist and the thug sent him threats saying "Now the whole world knows you're a rent boy, we've made everything about you into a DVD and we're going to put you on TV".

Recently the "security" firm thugs have told the activist "A crack cocaine overdose is a really horrible way to die. You're going to have sudden heart attack, and that's what your GP will record it down as" and "You lot are all the same, give you enough rope and you all hang yourselves in the end." He has also told the man "You're going to be found in an alleyway with broken legs. We are going to fuck you up".

When people read in the press about "animal rights extremists" they don't think about the criminals that work for the other side that are rarely heard about. It seems that there are those who are out to stop us "by any means necessary" even if that means hiring security companies run by gangsters.

Homophobic abuse is not going to be tolerated. Death threats, gay rape threats, threats against children, victimisation and blackmail by criminals working on behalf of animal testing companies is not going to be tolerated. If anything more happens to this man or to other activists at the hands of these criminals [it's possible he isn't the only victim] we will know who was behind it.

anonymous gay ARA