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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Disciplining Palestinians: arbitrary arrests, military incursions, and the ...

08-08-2003 00:14

Disciplining Palestinians: arbitrary arrests, military incursions, and the shooting of water tanks.

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wot no boring student graffiti ?

07-08-2003 23:13

new graffiti

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Coulport-News, 06.08.2003 (with pictures)

07-08-2003 20:49

Fsalane Peace Camp
Trident Ploughshares International Disarment Camp 02.08.-15.08.2003

Today is the anniversary of the first nuclear bomb being dropped on the Japanese city Hiroshima, and in the Trident Ploughshares International Disarment Camp two actions took place in this context.

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Defend California docker Jack Heyman!

07-08-2003 20:43

1) Open Letter from ILWU Local 10 President Henry Graham Urging Support for the Committee to Defend ILWU Local 10 Business Agent Jack Heyman
2) Port Antiwar Protest: Police Might vs. Civil Rights -- by Jack Heyman, Business Agent, ILWU Local 10
3) Charges, Lawsuits and Investigations: April 7 Reverberates Through Oakland -- by Steve Stallone (reprinted from July 2003 issue of the ILWU Dispatcher, the official monthly newspaper of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union)

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'free simon chapman & the saloniki 8' night

07-08-2003 17:19

back by popular demand! Hackney Wick! This friday night! the 8th!

-open mic
-open stage
-open creation

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Report on latest hearing in "terrorism" case

07-08-2003 08:11

Brief report on latest hearing (July 28) in case of people arrested in December and charged with belonging to proscribed organisation from Turkey the DHKP-C.

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Photos of the Oxford Street Intifada event

06-08-2003 14:42

Oxford Street Intifada 1
These are four photos of the Oxford Street Intifada event that took place on 2 August

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Palestine: major public meeting

06-08-2003 12:59

Major public meeting on Palestine coming up!

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Is Local Government Oppressive?

06-08-2003 08:35

Council officers, housing assosiation officers, consultants, regeneration administrators, senior Government Office for Merseyside civil servants, regeneration agencies, property developers and private-public sector agencies are the “dominant culture” at local and central government level.

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Man jailed for linking to bomb sites

05-08-2003 22:39

A US federal judge sentenced a man to a year in prison on Monday for creating an anarchist Web site with links to sites on how to build bombs.

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05-08-2003 21:16

do you remember the policeman Placanica?

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Turkish Kurd family loses UK asylum battle

05-08-2003 14:06


A family of Turkish Kurd asylum seekers was today deported to Germany after losing a long-running battle to stay in the UK.

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Human rights abuses on Sikhs in Punjab, India - report out

05-08-2003 12:32

Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab
New report documents disappearances, extrajudicial executions and massive illegal cremations by police in Punjab, India

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Pictures of the "security fence/wall"

04-08-2003 21:26

the wall
Here are some pictures of the wall build in the West Bank
and originally published on Germany Indymedia by Imc Munich with a German audio interview.

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No Sweat (Anti-Sweatshop) Meeting

04-08-2003 14:30

There is a Sheffield No Sweat meeting for people who are interested in anti-sweatshop campaigning, on Thursday August 14th, at 7:30pm, at St Matthews Hall on Carver Street (just off Division St).

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Key Protections Removed by New US-UK Extradition Treaty

04-08-2003 13:01

NEW UK-US EXTRADITION TREATY removes or restricts key protections for defendants - signed and adopted without any parliamentary scrutiny.

Today Statewatch is publishing a 6,000 word analysis of the new UK-US
Treaty (which will replace the 1972 UK-US Treaty), together with a number of relevant cases and issues that raise serious concern about the new agreement (and those agreed on 25 June between the EU and US).

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Vancouver man killed by police

04-08-2003 03:54

VANCOUVER - A 36 year-old man is dead after being shot by Vancouver Police inside a home on the city's West Side on Saturday night.

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Human Experimentation, State Sponsored Torture, and The US Government

04-08-2003 01:35

It is about the life that I have personally received from the United States government and its agencies for last many years. It is about Systematic and Deliberate Human Destruction. It is about US agencies engaging in denial of Universally Acceptable Human Rights. It is about the HUMAN RIGHTS of one COMMON MAN and his family. NOTHING MORE and NOTHING LESS.

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report on palestinian prisoners

03-08-2003 23:35

This is a short list of highlights of Michael Tarazi's excellent report on Palestinian Prisoners, which might be useful to those who, like most of us, were too inundated to read the full text!

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U.N. Peacekeeping Troops in DRC to Stay Until July 2004

03-08-2003 05:30

Even as the newly formed transitional government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced that ethnic troubles in Ituri province were its first priority, more people were dying.