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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Attack on police stations in Kaisariani---Athens today 12:00

16-12-2008 13:40

Attack on Kaisariani police stations in Athens

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Student with banners in Greek state TV studio

16-12-2008 13:35


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Greek solidarity protest during German soccer match

16-12-2008 12:29

Greek banner
German soccer fans show Greek protest banner in Magdeburg football stadium.

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Prison Officers’ Association – in its own words

16-12-2008 11:09

The ‘left’ is divided on its view of the Prison Officers’ Association (POA). On the one side are George Galloway, Workers Power, other Trotskyists and the leaders of most unions, including the PCS and RMT who hail the POA as the vanguard of class struggle ; on the other are a mixture of groups: RCG/FRFI, the Sparticist League, IBT, Class War, most anarchists, who think the POA are class traitors.

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Free Bush shoe thrower Muntather Al Zaidi

16-12-2008 06:54

The man who threw the shoes at Bush has reportedly been badly beaten and tortured. Please mobilize to help him. From now on we know how to protest bad leaders!

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Monday 12/15: reports from Greece

16-12-2008 05:17

Monday 12/15: reports from Greece

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Solidarity with Whitechapel Anarchists! Brick Lane, London, Sun 14 Dec

15-12-2008 20:22

Handing out the Newsletter at Brick Lane
Last week, police harassed anarchists giving out their free newsletter in Brick Lane, London. This week, things were quieter as others turned up to give support. Pictures (C) Peter Marshall, 2008, all rights reserved.

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Solidarity with the Greek revolt in Asturias - Spain

15-12-2008 20:13

Demo in solidarity with the Greek anarchist "companeros".

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Solidarity with Revolt in Greece, Dalston, London, Sun 14 Dec

15-12-2008 19:29

Police try to persuade man to remove mask
Several hundred supporters of Greek students and workers demonstrating against the Greek police came to Dalston in north London, where their attempt to hold a protest march was stopped by police.

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Film Showing in Bradford Monday 22nd December - Rubber Jungle

15-12-2008 18:33

Rubber Jungle (70 mins 8.00 start) - the story of Chico Mendes and the rubber tappers of Brazil - When a big budget Warner Brother's movie project about slain Brazilian activist Chico Mendes goes bust, Bill Day, Terry Schwartz and Caito Martins head deep into the Amazon to find out who Chico Mendes really was and why Hollywood couldn't make a big budget film about him.

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Support site for French Tarnac 9 arrestees. Solidarity welcome!

15-12-2008 16:04

On November 11th 2008, French Anti-Terrorism Police arrested around twenty people, mostly in Tarnac, a small village in the Corrèze region of central France. Nine were subsequently accused of “criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity” in connection with the sabotage of train lines which had caused delays on the French railways, five of them were released on bail and two remain in custody.

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Greek Solidarity demo DEC 20th? Will there be one?

15-12-2008 15:32

Time for some ideas back and forth for this international call-out?

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Greek activists occupy TV station

15-12-2008 13:04

When the news doesn't show your views..occupy the station. Thats what Greeks did. The video of the broadcast from the occupied station SuperB Patra, a major TV station of Western Greece from the Patra area.
View You Tube video here:

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He has been found. He serves in Akropolis Police station

15-12-2008 11:53

One of the Policeman under cover working side by side with neo-Fascists provocating some days ago as refered >> here , was found ... . He belongs to the Special guards force of Akropolis Police station ....

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A collage on Greek riots

15-12-2008 03:27

Greek Uprising - A Collage
just did it... thought someone might like it, or even use it for somethin'...

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Solidarity action near the Greek consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia

14-12-2008 22:19

small gesture of solidarity from St.Petersburg

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Solidarity with Revolt in Greece Demo - Photos

14-12-2008 20:25

At 2.30 about 80 odd people had assembled outside Dalston overground station but the police quickly tried to kettle the crowd out of the way of the public insisting we hadn't the right to assemble within given consent. I counted 5/6 full vans within sight of where we were and the police lines managed to pen in about 60 odd people curtailing any possibilities for further action, this included most of the Greeks who'd come out for the action.

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New Tactics in Greece: Rioters Use Lasers to Blind Police

14-12-2008 19:52

if the cops are cyborgs, we are aliens
Greek rioters blind police succesfully with lasers. watch the first parts of this vid: