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Monday 12/15: reports from Greece

dim | 16.12.2008 05:17 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Monday 12/15: reports from Greece

In the small hours of Monday morning, the occupied ex-town hall in Halandri was visited by a small number of para-state thugs. There was a fight with the people there and one occupant got lightly injured. One of the intruders was caring a gun and made the protesters leave the building. After the thugs left, the building was re-occupied. As an answer to this attack, two more public building were occupied later: one in Nea Philadelphia (Athens) and the town hall Sikeon (Thessaloniki).

During the day, 3 radio stations in Mitilini and 1 in Ioannina were occupied by students and protesters who transmitted their messages and read communiques. A new radio station from inside the occupied University of Law started transmitting, it's the third in Athens and there is one in Thessaloniki too.

The highschool students continued their protests. In Koridallos (Athens) the students demonstrated heading to the prison and clashed with the police. The police station of Pagrati (Athens) was besieged by students of nearby schools. In Kalithea (Athens) during a student demonstration, some students threw some oranges to the cops and they answered by flash-bang grenades. Students demonstrated also in Chania and in Iraklio along with students
Photos from Iraklio: ).

A sit-in outside the central police department of Athens was taking place in the early afternoon. The presence of police forces was higher than needed as always. 12 police vans and many riot squads had developed in front of the building. After a couple of hours the riot squads circled the protesters and after a while, totally uncalled, they brutally attacked the students and run them away for hundreds meters. During the attack two highschool students were detained. Afterwards a group of the students answered with rock throwing to the cops.

A couple hours later, a gathering called by musicians was happening which unfolded completely different than anything else we've seen in these protests. The musicians started playing traditional songs and people were dancing around them. Again it was one of the most peaceful protests of the past days but the cops couldn't allow that either! For no apparent reason they the musicians, the dancers and the rest of the attendants with tear gas, shoved them with their shields and didn't hesitate on using their batons against them!
Video of the “dangerous” musician/protesters before the police attack:

The afternoon demonstration in Athens was peaceful.
In Larissa there was an afternoon demonstration of 250 people. The city was full of cops and when a few rocks were thrown to the riot squads they fired tear gas and flash bang grenades and tried to break up the demonstration. Late at night, many hours after the demonstration, 10 people which attended a film screening in the university were detained by the cops while leaving. They were beaten up, abused and were drown to the police station. There they were terrorized and mocked. When one of the detained asked for the cops names to press charges against them, he was held in custody an hour more than the rest and when another said that he's going to the hospital to open a medical file on his beating he was threaten too.

A practical and symbolic act of resistance took place on two metro (underground) stations, where protesters sabotaged the ticket canceling machines and thousands of passengers used the underground for free. Slogans were shouted and were written on the walls, while the passengers showed their sympathy to the protesters. 20 minutes later a riot squad arrived and based itself in the station.

Five of the arrestees of the previous days were appearing before a judge today and outside the courtroom there was a solidarity gathering. The judge decided that 4 of them should be held in custody until trial, showing again it's cruel face upon struggling people. Hundreds of people have been unfortunately arrested and tenths are put in pre-trial custody so far. The charges are heavy and unjustified.
See the numbers:

While people are thrown to jail with no evidence against them (only cops' testifies that do not stand at all), the cops advocate continues to be provocative by calling the judges to release the two murderers.
Huge banner against the scambag lawyer:

In London, solidarity protesters were attacked and arrested by the cops:
more photos:

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