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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Repression in Landquart, Switzerland, when travelling to WEF protests

25-01-2004 19:18

After the demonstration in Coire, the demonstrators have been blocked at Landquart. There is violent repression going on.

Today, Saturday, January 24th 2004, at 18.00h, demonstrators coming back from the Coire demo are being confronted with heavy repression.

The demonstration had gathered about 3000 people to protest against the WEF. On the way back form the demo, the train stopped in Landquart. The police attacked the demonstrators on the train, several witnesses said they shot teargas grenades into the carriages.

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Gideon Levy - Israeli Journalist

25-01-2004 18:10

From the mainstream Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz

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25-01-2004 17:09

Here is an account of the police repression that followed on from the anarchist demo in Chur on Saturday 24 January, plus a few reflections on organising future events of this nature.

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eyewitness account from Nablus

25-01-2004 10:52

I received this account from a friend of mine living in Nablus. She and I are both Jewish and are increasingly appalled at the way in which the Army perpetuates the cycle of violence. Out of these 100s of traumatised victims, I wonder how many got to the end of the day and thought 'We must have understanding for the Jewish people, and maybe not all Israelis are soldiers, maybe some are normal people'? If there were any, it would be a miracle. If none of these victims contemplate suicide bombing, it will also be a miracle and no thanks to the Israeli Army. But I hope ridiculously that these miracles somehow happen.

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Inspiration at Budrus

24-01-2004 22:13

"This is part of the campaign to isolate Palestinian activists from the outside world and crush their resistance. However, we maintain that Jews who stand against injustice must have equal rights with Jews who support it." IWPS

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Suicide and the aftermath of the New Year invasion of Nablus

24-01-2004 18:46

The aftermath of the Israeli military invasion of Nablus City and Balata Refugee Camp over the New Year.

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Double Standards

24-01-2004 01:04

Israel's terrorisation of the Palestinian people have obviously driven the Palestinian people to the edge of despair. The hatred thus engendered is multiplied by the record of Western politicians who so often display double standards by demanding a condemnation of Palestinian terrorism while turning a blind eye to Israel's terrible crimes.

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Agg. Trespass now chargeable in buildings

23-01-2004 21:13

As of Monday 20 Jan 2004, aggravated trespass, s68 CJA&PO Act 94, can now be charged in relation to trespass disruptive to lawful activity inside buildings, as well as in the open air.

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Four arms fair protestors jailed

23-01-2004 18:52

A group of 11 people were on trial for staging a peaceful blockade at DSEi arms fair on 9 September 2003. 4 were sent to prison for one day rather than go against their consciences and pay fines and court costs.

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Morning Star report on Seven Sisters hunger strike

23-01-2004 13:01

Article appearing in today's Morning Star describes reasons for Seven Sisters hunger strike protest and mentions tomorrow's rally.

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23-01-2004 12:24

One month after the incident Martin Shaw finally leaves the Swiss hospital.
Maintaining our right to protest - by Martin Shaw - Tuesday 3rd Feb

A talk and video by Martin Shaw who was almost killed when police cut his climbing ropes at the G8 summit last year.

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China Labour Action Express No. 40

23-01-2004 00:09

Desperate fears over loss of livelihood spur more protests by taxi-drivers in Dazhou, Sichuan Province: Update on detentions

Published by China Labour Bulletin P.O. Box 11362, General Post Office, Hong Kong Fax: (852) 2359 4324 Tel: (852) 2780 2187 Email: Website:

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Jenin: a town of wasted hopes

23-01-2004 00:04

Eyewitness report from Jenin in Palestine by two British observers.

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Tom Hurndall Vigil - Video Clip

22-01-2004 22:44

Broadband-encoded video clip of the vigil for Tom Hurndall outside manchester Town Hall on 14th January 2004.

Apologies for wrong date on Indybay site which has been corrected.

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State of the union speech (uncensored) ;-)

22-01-2004 14:26

Here's a much more truthful recording of Bush's speech

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Basque Country: Arrested before committing a crime

22-01-2004 10:54

Preventive arrests, arrests with no legal basis
To date, 69 people have been arrested under this new concept

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Sara Fernandez, killed by the policy of dispersal.

22-01-2004 10:51

Izaskun Urkijo was injured in the same crash; she is still in hospital.
Basque prisoners’ relatives and friends have suffered 23 car accidents on their way to visits since last January 12.
This was the third death so far this year. On February 28 Argi Iturralde and Iñaki Balerdi, prisoner Iñaki Balerdi’s mother and father died on the road.
Thousands of people travel long distances over every weekend to visit Basque prisoners

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Recent court decisions on torture in Basque Country

22-01-2004 10:47

The court decrees that blows and insults are not torture and confirmed an absolution of a crime of torture because the injuries were caused during the arrest.

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Hunger strike at Seven Sisters - 32nd day

22-01-2004 00:15

Press release on the 32nd day of the Seven Sisters hunger strike, opposing prison repression in Turkey. There will be a rally on Saturday the 24th at 2 pm, where a press statement will be read out.

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The End of Freedom

21-01-2004 20:04

Hannah Arendt's the Origin of Totalitarianism and The Human Condition provide insight into Bush and Bin Laden's War on Freedom