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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Counter-terrorism/liberty propaganda measures 'need strengthening'?

15-08-2006 00:42

Anyways, just by coincidence?
It makes you wonder whether they just have a list of propaganda material lined up that they don't tell the community about until the 'right time'. I mean don't tell me they couldn't have said it last week?

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Why Democracies evolve into Dictatorships

15-08-2006 00:22

It took only six years with Bush Jr. as President to give birth to a new generation of radical political activists, journalists, and commentators, whose main concerns are subjecting the insane policies of the President to exposure and condemnation; this, it seems, constitutes the foundation for nearly the entire realm of real political opposition in the U.S. The strategy here is limited to educating people about the destructive policies of the Republicans and hoping that in response, a protest or political movement will evolve powerful enough to either reform or displace those in power. Education of course, is absolutely crucial in transforming any dissident organization into an entity capable of action and results. However, by focusing only on the policies of the Republicans, without explaining the larger framework from whence they came, political education is greatly hindered, limiting the potential for effective action.

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UK/ Victims want more community & restorative sentencing

14-08-2006 23:01

Focus on crime prevention
It found overwhelming support for schemes that focus on crime prevention with more than half (54%) saying they were in favour of making offenders work in the community on projects in schools, old people's homes or parks to stop them re-offending.

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What the Hell Has Happened To The Israeli Army?

14-08-2006 16:15

What happened is that a relatively small group of Extremists used the military for its own nefarious purposes, the Ethnic Cleansing of S. Lebanon, planned at least a year in advance, but told the poor saps doing the fighting that this was designed to "destroy Hezbollah".

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14-08-2006 14:48


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G8 Summit, St Petersburg, Russia - On the ground 5

14-08-2006 13:44

I woke on 17 July to endless text messages and phone calls about Lebanon. I found a television and watched bombs falling on so-called Hizbullah strongholds that looked like poverty-stricken Lebanese housing estates.

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Islamophobia and censorship in Britain

14-08-2006 10:29

The Sun calls him the suicide bomb rapper, MPs want him arrested and his record company refuses to support his latest album. But would his treatment be the same if he were white?

Aki Nawaz says Exposing the inherent colonial mentality of the British
State is an honour and worth any consequence in any shape or form.

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Tracing a Trail of Destruction: Report from Lebanon, August 13, 2006

14-08-2006 03:28

BEIRUT, Lebanon - The wounds of war were evident shortly after we crossed the Syria-Lebanon border at 1130 in the morning on August 12. At Haissa, about three kilometers from the Dabboussiyeh border crossing, we come across the ruins of a bridge hit by Israeli war planes just the day before. Villagers tell us 12 people were killed and 10 wounded, all civilians.

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Book/prisons Western Hemisphere

14-08-2006 03:09

Dear Friends, This is a special effort by CURE in the US. We have pasted the first part and the section about the US on the bottom for those who can't download the 1.8mb book. It gives a sense of what we could do.

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Peace Demo in Edinburgh, Saturday, 12th of August

13-08-2006 22:12

The demonstration to support a ceasefire in the current Lebanon/Israeli conflict, gathered at around 1.30pm at the Meadows path. Lots of flags there, but the spectre of the demonstrators was varied.

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The Don't Support Israel Shopping Guide

13-08-2006 06:54

A useful list of products to avoid if you want to take part in the Israeli Goods Boycott.
More information at the War on Want and at the Boycott Israeli Goods web sites.

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Paying attention yet?

13-08-2006 04:51

Prepare yourselves
Or still wasting your precious time on backstory issues? Well, for those who are interested in attacking the beast at its most vulnerable point, read on.The Anglo-American empire’s “next 9-11” will set up final war; “foiled” UK terror plot a propaganda dry run

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hackney critical mass against the occupation

12-08-2006 23:07

the mass set off
this afternoon hackney corporations were targeted in a small critical mass of a dozen cyclists with a sound system. the local population were very receptive and loads of leaflets were handed out.

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Ceasefire graffiti

12-08-2006 22:21

Heres a photo of a new mural on the cowley road in east oxford.

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Against Israel's war on Lebanon & Palestine: AUSTRALIA

12-08-2006 21:29

Sydney rally against Israel's war
The crowd at today's rally was smaller than at the major demonstration on July 22 but just as determined. We were protesting against Israel's ongoing war against the people of Lebanon and Palestine.

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Israeli activist shot in bil'in

12-08-2006 16:45

israeli activist hit by rubber bullet during demonstration in bil'in (west bank)
Today an Israeli activist got shot in the head by a rubber bullet during a non-violent protest against the Palestinian Occupation. He will suffer serious lasting brain injury from his wounds. At this moment he's in an hospital in Tel Aviv for brainsurgery. Here follows a report on the demonstration.

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G8 Germany: Activists Take Beach Outside Summit Venue

12-08-2006 16:05

swimming against the G8
“Camp Inski”, the preparation and information camp for the forthcoming G8 summit in Germany drew to a close on 11 August with a direct action “bathing day” on the beach outside the Hotel Kempinski where the summit will be help. Approximately 400 people followed the call and arrived at the beach from various directions. There were various actions to Samba sounds - apart from the communal swim, a building was briefly occupied, highlighting the expropriation of the Kempinski family by the Nazis. Police used heavy handed tactics, pepperspray and batons when a train was occupied.

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Choosing Sides

12-08-2006 15:11

Examining the present situation in the Middle East - is the West really fighting Islamic extremists or are they actually doing their utmost to promote them? This article offers evidence in support of the latter

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Glasgow woman brutally injured in Palestine

12-08-2006 13:17

Peace activists from UK brutally attacked in Palestine.

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12-08-2006 12:49