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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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TOTAL petrol station demo in Chester

06-01-2008 21:59

On Saturday 5 January, in solidarity with the National League for Democracy (NLD), the Burmese monks and the oppressed people of Burma, members and supporters of Wrexham Women for Peace held a demonstration at the TOTAL petrol station on Hoole Road, Chester, calling for a general boycott of TOTAL until it severs its links with the Burmese military junta.

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NETCU Watch is Back online!

06-01-2008 21:36

NETCU Watch after a few hosting problems in now back and running again!

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The phantom terrorists of the War on Terror [Part 1: The Liquid Bombers]

05-01-2008 08:44

"The stories we know about the most famous terrorists and the best known terrorist plots do not match up with the facts. DeepJournal created a seven part series detailing this issue, starting off with the case of the Liquid Bombers. The limitations for liquids on airports are the result of the near attack by these so-called Liquid Bombers. Their plot was foiled just in time in August of 2006. Or was it?

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On the Right to Demonstrate.

05-01-2008 01:40

A look at our right to demonstrate, the importance of dissenting voices and the cornered animal of the government attacks.

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The western world's war of terror against its own citizens

05-01-2008 00:10

Reposted from Open Democracy (with the original title).

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The War of Terror's False Flag

04-01-2008 23:03

The Western World's War of Terror Against Its Own Citizens

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Raids on activists prior to G8 ruled illegal by German Constitutional Court

04-01-2008 21:16

The highest court in Germany has ruled that the raids earlier this year just before the G8 on activists in Germany in several federal countries by different police forces were illegal.
The raids were conducted using anti-terrorist legislation initially introduced to fight terrorism (or armed struggle if you wish) from the left in the 70ies.

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AR activists set to challenge SOCPA in the courts next week

04-01-2008 16:06

In the first trial of its kind in the UK 7 animal rights activists are set to challenge section 145 of the serious organised crime and police act 2005 which made it an "offence" to "interfere with an animal research organisation".

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Liberty City 7 Trial: A Foretaste of Things to Come

04-01-2008 09:54

The U.S. government reached deep into an impoverished neighborhood of Miami to find seven Black faces to attach to the bogus "war on terror." The Liberty City 7 - unemployed, semi-employed and sometimes homeless - were the most unlikely subjects imaginable to entrap as terrorists "prepared to wage a full ground war against the US."

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"How non-violence protects the state" UK tour with author Peter Gelderoos

03-01-2008 20:43

Jan 23rd - Feb 2nd 2008

*Gandhi said it's better to resist violently than to use nonviolence to
hide your passivity. Meanwhile, Bono, the Burmese military, and 9 out of
10 humanitarian NGOs agree, peaceful resistance is the best!*

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CIA Drug Plane Scandal Heating Up

03-01-2008 14:24

The scandal surrounding two CIA-connected drug planes which flew from St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport to South America before being busted in Mexico on the way back with multi-ton loads of cocaine grew more serious last week..

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Freedom to Protest - National Day of Action - Sat 12 Jan

03-01-2008 12:57

National day of action defending right to protest in response to government consultation on SOCPA, plus links.

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Defend asylum seekers - demonstrate next Tuesday 8 January 1-2pm

03-01-2008 10:36

No detentions, no deportations, for the right to work.
Fight back against the racist Labour government's immigration and asylum laws.

Solidarity with the Harmondsworth 4!

Called by London FRFI. All individuals and organisations invited to participate.

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Saint Bhutto, Devilish Musharraf and American Gangster Politics

03-01-2008 09:57

U.S. gangster policies in the developing world have come home to roost, yet again.

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France: Revolt in foreigners camps

03-01-2008 08:58

In France, in 2 "centres de rétention" (one of the types of detention centers for migrants, where they are held before deportation) in Paris region, a strong protest movement has been going since Dec 20, 2007. Migrants went on hunger strike to try to alert public opinion on detention, which they characterize as "shameful and arbitrary".

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"This how the law looks like, the law created by the immaculate dictators"

02-01-2008 18:16

This letter was sent to ABC Poznan address, we have no idea how this prisoner got our address. But three months before sending this letter, he sent the first letter asking us to send him some press, zines etc. We did so, but apparently, he didn't get the package we sent to him. This letter was sent without any censorship. We don't know the case of this prisoner, but the letter describes Polish prison reality perfectly. Artur asks for publishing it all over and he also wrote that press is very welcome. We don't think he speaks any other language that Polish but you're all welcome to send him signs of solidarity and publishing this letter everywhere you can.

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Anarchist Guilty of Extortion in Green Scare/SHAC Case - Support Dylan!

02-01-2008 15:36

On October 29, 2007, Dylan Barr entered a guilty plea to one felony count of Second Degree Extortion in Seattle, WA for disrupting the operations of Washington Mutual Bank with a Denial of Service attack because of its investment in Huntington Life Sciences. After a two-year period of legal limbo and non-snitching plea deal negotiations, he was sentenced to 232 hours –29 days— of community service and ordered to pay Washington Mutual Bank $25,000 in restitution.

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Israel’s Lobby debunked in a new book by two American professor

02-01-2008 11:30

Bungled wars, like the current debacle in Iraq, leave disastrous fallouts and kindle soul-searching for causes and culprits. Suddenly alliances are challenged, accepted truisms disputed and victims metamorphose into villains, villains into victims.
In this atmosphere of escalating introspection in the U.S. two American professors have managed to publish a meticulous investigation into the negative effects of the Israeli lobby over the last 45 years on the foreign policy of the United States.
In the process they exposed the intimidating power ‘The Lobby’ wields in suppressing academic and media criticism of the Jewish state.

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11 January - 6 years of Guantánamo day of action

02-01-2008 09:41

Six years of arbitrary detention, detention without charge or trial, without access to full legal representation, adequate medical care or their families, at the whim of the US military, for almost six years. Enough is enough. Will 2008 be the year to see Guantánamo close?

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Japanese Government to Keep ‘Hooligans’ Away from Summit

02-01-2008 08:28

An article reposted from the mainstream media about immigration regulation for G8 in Japan 2008