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Raids on activists prior to G8 ruled illegal by German Constitutional Court

Flash Radio | 04.01.2008 21:16 | G8 Germany 2007 | Repression

The highest court in Germany has ruled that the raids earlier this year just before the G8 on activists in Germany in several federal countries by different police forces were illegal.
The raids were conducted using anti-terrorist legislation initially introduced to fight terrorism (or armed struggle if you wish) from the left in the 70ies.

The highest court, the German Constitutional court in Karlsruhe has ruled that it was inappropriate to apply those laws, there are "serious doubts" that the structure organising protest, blockades and direct actions against the G8 carried the traits of a "terrorist organisation".
At the time several dozen social centres and activists flats were raided, notes and computers confiscated, people put on surveillance. Recently a lot of activists were made aware of them being bugged, since under German jurisdiction you have to be informed in writing after 6 months that you have been under surveillance, provided that the suspicion has proven insubstantial.
I'll report more later but got to read up myself first... It may be worth mentioning that around a 1000 of the 1500 cases against anti-G8 protesters have been dropped by the court already (since they were ruled insubstantial) and equally 68 out of 69 cases against the police for misconduct and over violence. They are only suing one guy from Bavaria by the looks of it.

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