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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Memory Against Forgetting– An Open Letter on the "Green Scare"

28-02-2006 02:24

In the wake of the FBI "Operation Backfire" crackdown on Earth Liberation activists, how can the radical environmental movement resist infiltration and division and best defend to those already indicted, subpoenaed or harassed, as well as those indictments to come.

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REGIONAL and BRISTOL Stop-The-War NEWS : March 2006

27-02-2006 23:58


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Protest the shooting of Matan Cohen

27-02-2006 10:33

Matan Cohen was shot by border police on a west bank demo last friday and may now lose his sight in one eye. On Wednesday March 1, friends and supporters of Matan will be demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy on Kensington High St between 5-7pm to register disgust at the actions of the IDF.

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Urgent update about the backpackers tortured and held in the Philippines

27-02-2006 07:14

Subject: Urgent Appeal from Autonomous Groups in Phils.

Dear Friends, Comrades, Affinity Groups, Autonomists, Kolektivs,
Scenesters, etc...

This is an info dissemination campaign regarding the 11 arrested
friends of collectives in the Philippines.

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Google Bans Video

26-02-2006 21:10

These pictures were banned from Google video because they were unsuitable. They show what is not appealing and I guess they're right? What do you think? See transcript and video below.

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A state of panic?

26-02-2006 18:42

THE tidal wave of draconian suppressive legislation being rushed in by the Government is a sign that they are losing control.

That was the positive message to emerge from a meeting on civil rights held in Brighton on the evening of Thursday February 23.

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Bliar says 'I protect civil liberties'.....

26-02-2006 13:54

In a column in The Observer Feb 26th Bliar reckons he's protecting Civil Liberties in the UK.

Methinks we ALL beg to differ..........

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FBI and special branch take Morrissey in for questioning

26-02-2006 13:42

Hot on the heels of news about actors being questioned for potential thought crime after playing terrorists in a film, now we have the Smiths front man being quizzed by thought police after comments denouncing the war in Iraq.

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Scottish judicial coverups : from Al Megrahi to McKie

26-02-2006 10:07

I happened to spend a couple of months in the Holiday Inn in Utrecht when the Lockerbie trial happened in Den Haag. Lots of lawyers and witnesses stayed there too and would talk about the case amongst themselves at the bar at night. I have good ears and good kidneys so I followed the trial from the bar. Noone seemed to either believe the Libyan accused were guilty or even that the trial would be allowed to run its course without being abandoned. However, a conviction was secured and Abdel Baset Al Megrahi still rots in Barlinnie prison. A unrelated case involving a coverup at the Scottish Criminal Records Office framing a cop was probably condoned from on high to help preserve the shakey conviction of Al Megrahi. Any conviction involving fingerprint evidence in Scotland should be appealled and ministers must be held accountable for this ongoing coverup.

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26-02-2006 02:16

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26-02-2006 01:44

11 young anarcho-punks were imprisoned in the Philippines, mistakenly identified as members of the leftist New People's Army because of their appearance. They were forcefully detained and subjected to torture in Sagada, Northern Philippines

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25-02-2006 19:45

We have just heard that Ms Mbalu Sesay, a victim of rape and other torture in Sierra Leone, and her two young children born in Britain are threatened with deportation tomorrow Sunday 26 February.

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Love Ulster

25-02-2006 19:29

report on demo in dublin

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Call to action: West Papuans blockade Freeport mine

25-02-2006 16:08

This is a call out we received, to act in solidarity with West Papuan tribal peoples and the defense of the Earth.

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No Tears for Injured Oppressors! Or – What does “No Justice, No Peace” really mean

25-02-2006 08:14

(a reflection on the mass emotional reaction to the shooting of a police officer in Nottingham, and how this kind of reaction, far from being humanistic, reinforces the psychological underpinnings of the status quo, suspends the performative effectiveness of opposition, and thus generates impunity for statist abuses)

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2nd Renaissance -10

24-02-2006 23:56

Weapon of mass destruction
In the Afghanistan turkey shoot the CoW forces used vast numbers of hard target weapons and other munitions containing depleted uranium (DU). This substance is almost twice as dense as lead. When it punches through concrete bunkers, armour, or mud huts, DU disintegrates into a chemically toxic and radioactive dust. In contrast to the earlier DU weapons used in Gulf War I, the newer ordinance produced deaths and deformities within weeks of the start of military action by the CoW. Between 1990-91 and 2001 the US arms manufacturers are thought to have "improved" the DU technology by introducing milled uranium ore to their warheads. This non-depleted uranium (NDU) is - wait for it - cheaper to produce and far more potent than DU. It poses massive health risks to civilian populations exposed to it, and constitutes, in every sense of the word, a weapon of mass destruction, or WMD. "Hey they're hunting them in Iraq, aren't they?"

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'FAIRFORD 5' and 'MARCHWOOD 14' in the High Courts. Updates From Law Lords.

24-02-2006 19:40

The Law Lords are now debating if there is a defence open to individuals who break the law in order to prevent a greater 'crime of aggression, and if UK courts have the authority to consider foreign affairs and defence issues. This landmark hearing is borne out of the appeals of 19 people, who took direct action to try and prevent the Iraq war.

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Protest at banning of Moscow Gay Pride

24-02-2006 13:27

A demonstration in solidarity with Russian LGBT groups will be held outside the Russian Embassy on Thursday 2 March 2006, from 12 noon, to protest the banning of Moscow Pride by the Mayor of Moscow and threats of violence by Russian religious leaders.