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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Action Alert: Help Cancel Showcase of Chinese Army

03-08-2004 15:55

Every year, Scotland hosts an event called the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, that showcases military bands from around the world. The prestigious event is attended by 217,000 people and broadcast around the world to a television audience of millions. This year, the Tattoo organizers have invited the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

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URGENT - support eco-prisoner Tre Arrow

03-08-2004 14:18

Please email, phone, write to attorny general of BC, Canada in solidarity with eco-activist Tre Arrow

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End the Cycle of Violence, Support the Cycle of Peace

03-08-2004 13:48

Rebecca Tyrer from Jesus College, Oxford is undertaking the peace cycle from the UK to Palestine in August.

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Resisting Identity Cards Gathering, 11/9/04

03-08-2004 12:35

A gathering to organise resistance to the Government's plans to introduce identity cards and a national population database is taking place in Manchester in September. With ID cards firmly on the cards, and iris scans and a national population database just around the corner, it’s time to get moving for those of us who believe we need to resist these scary and dangerous developments.

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Animal Liberation and British Atrocities; Home Office or a Hoax Office?

03-08-2004 01:16

Here He is the Half-faced Home Sec.
US wins David Blunkett Lifetime Menace Award and he said this too: "gets ridicule for not
always being here at this one moment when in fact he is making a difference, not
only to the standing of our country but to the ability of Britain to contribute and to
punch its weight... [and this: "I will end the] "animal extremists' reign of terror." For a different view - a few examples of UK atrocities:

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Drawing A Line In The Sand: Bush & The Election

02-08-2004 19:31

Shortly after Bush stole the 2000 election, I wrote an article in which I suggested that it might be wise to consider the purchase of an AK47 as an investment. Today those words sound strangely prophetic, yet eerie alien.

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Report of Dungavel protest Sunday 1st August 2004.

02-08-2004 06:33

Protestors entering Dungavel.
This is a 1,130 word report of the demonstration at the Dungavel detention centre on Sunday 1st August with 10 photos.

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Death of a Civilization, Welcome 21st Century American Slave

31-07-2004 02:54

The death of civility and decency in the U.S. and the reconditioning of the minds of the American people.

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30-07-2004 17:19

Hunger Strike of the discoverer & whistle-blower of seized drugs distribution by high-ranking police generals & drug lords in the Philippines. The country is ranked by the latest United Nations report to be the 3rd biggest producer & exporter of the methampetamine hydrochloride, called “shabu”, but commonly called “meth”, “ice”, “crack” in the United States where the instantly addictive illegal substance is becoming extremely popular in the West Coast & Southern States. The Philippines is also an acknowledged major transshipment of the said drugs to other countries. Assasination attempts and persecution on him.

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Mad Pride birthday bash

30-07-2004 17:06

Mad Simon Barnet, Mr. Mad Pride, was 44 recently...

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LET US DECIDE - the case for council housing (Liverpool has 21,000 remaining)

30-07-2004 17:00

LET US DECIDE (from Guardian 29th June 2004)

Tenants have the right to affordable, secure housing that is provided by the council - not private companies

Tenants all round Britain are intent on defending council housing against a government dogmatically committed to privatisation. Decent, affordable, secure and accountable housing provided by the local council has served generations well. And contrary to myth, it pays for itself - if all the money it brings in is reinvested. In Camden, my rent for a three bedroom flat is £85 per week. In the wake of the right to buy policy, the same flats go for over £250,000. Many are now owned by private management companies who rent them out for £300 a week. Housing Association rents in Camden are much higher than the council; and they have an appalling record on repairs and how they treat tenants.

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Camden forced to back down

30-07-2004 13:42

Camden were to have prosecuted an anti-privatisation campaigner for daring to stick up a poster opposing their sell off of council housing. Public outcry has forced Camden to drop the case.

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Vanunu: Israel Killed John F. Kennedy

29-07-2004 18:45

In a startling accusation, nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Jerusalem was behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, who was exerting pressure on the then Israeli head of state to shed light on the Dimona nuclear plant.

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Locked up in the land of the free

29-07-2004 08:40

Crime and punishment in the US - a warning to British activists

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Kerry: We'll Make War, Just Not Alone

28-07-2004 20:37

He touts a cooperative approach with other nations, but some see holes in the plan.

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Indymedia - Legal team Support - screening 30 july

28-07-2004 15:51

Lots of words, nice words.
Now we want to see the facts again.
May be few but good

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Athens Indymedia and Greek Anarchists on the foresight of USA Secret Agencies!

27-07-2004 17:38

OSAC admits of surveillance of Athens IMC

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27-07-2004 17:23

Millions of victims of the slave trade are to be commemorated at a special public event being held in Plymouth this Sunday, to mark the 10th annual African Remembrance Day.

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Audit Commission savage Pavilion Housing Association

27-07-2004 15:21

In what has to be seen as a vindication of community activists who have for some time been highlighting how bad is Pavilion, the Audit Commission has recently published a damning indictment of Pavilion. It is also another nail in the coffin of privatisation of council housing, as no matter how badly run council housing may be, it is nowhere as bad as the private sector.

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Camden lashes out at opponents of council house sell off

27-07-2004 15:20

At the end of last year Camden tenants said no to a sell off of their council houses. This was in spite of the council spending £500,000 of taxpayers money to get a yes vote. The council are now lashing out at their opponents.