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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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International flaw: With new Iran sanctions, POTUS calls Tehran's kettle black

04-10-2010 15:52

On Wednesday afternoon, in a joint press conference, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner announced that the United States had imposed a new set of unilateral sanctions, including a travel ban and freezing of assets, against a number of top-ranking Iranian officials whom it accused of "serious and sustained human rights abuses" since the presidential election last year. The measure, which comes less than four months after the UN Security Council's latest illegal resolution and the Obama administration's last round of economic sanctions, was enacted via an Executive Order signed into effect last night by the President.

The double standards of the US government continue to betray its real intentions and motivations regarding the Middle East, namely the maintenance of military hegemony, allegiance to Zionist mythology, and the continued demonization and threatening of any country that dares question the moral superiority of the United States or opposes American and Israeli imperialism in the region.

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Direct action against Steria in Brussels

04-10-2010 13:17

In a direct action against the repressive border regime of "fortress Europe", a group of activists targeted the offices of Steria with grafitti and the property damage.

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Nepali Police disrupt election

04-10-2010 05:18

Yesterday Nepali police disrupted the first round of the exile Tibetan elections.

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Activists disrupt police recruitment event, Brussels

03-10-2010 15:22

On Saturday 2nd October three activists disrupted a police recruitment event in Commensurate Ixelles, Brussels, following a week of harassment at the Brussels No Border camp. The public event was well attended and the activist took this opportunity to ask some questions of their own.

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BRD-S21-Demo: Warum nicht gleich Al-Kaida?

03-10-2010 10:31

WIR STOPPEN Stuttgart21
“Linksradikale Gruppen” als Rechtfertigungsversuch für Staatsgewalt? ... Warum nicht gleich Al-Kaida? ... An der Organisation der Schülerdemonstration, nach der es am Donnerstag zu heftigen Zusammenstößen zwischen Polizei und Gegnern des Bahnhofprojekts kam, waren nach Informationen des baden-württembergischen Verfassungsschutzes linksradikale Gruppen beteiligt. Die Präsidentin des Landesamts für Verfassungsschutz, Beate Stube, erklärte im Nachrichtenmagazin "Focus", dass "linksextremistische Organisationen wie die Jugendorganisation der Partei Die Linke, die Linksjugend [`solid] und die trotzkistisch ausgerichtete Sozialistischen Alternative (SAV) an der Jugendoffensive gegen S21 beteiligt" seien.

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Behind the coup in Ecuador – The attack on ALBA

03-10-2010 07:53

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) members (2009)
The latest coup attempt against one of the countries in the Bolivarian Alliance For The People of Our America (ALBA) is attempt to impede Latin American integration and the advance of revolutionary democratic processes. The rightwing is on the attack in Latin America. Its success in 2009 in Honduras against the government of Manuel Zelaya energized it and gave it the strength and confidence to strike again against the people and revolutionary governments in Latin America.

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'Cops are workers like us, let them do their job'

02-10-2010 23:44

Trade Unionists help cops 'neutralise' anti-capitalist bloc.

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Challenging The Jurisdiction Of The Judiciary Within England & Wales

02-10-2010 16:40

At 10.30am on Monday 4th October 2010, Mr. Grant of Campaign For Truth & Justice will appear on invitation by the establishment to the Royal Court of Justice, where he aims to lawfully CHALLENGE THE JURISDICTION OF THE JUDICIARY WITHIN ENGLAND & WALES, with documented evidence of the same Judiciary’s violations of national and international laws.

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Riots in Amsterdam against the squatting ban

02-10-2010 12:43

Mass demo, a squatted house and street battles. Fuck the Krakverbod!

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Philippine Labor party, PAL ground crew to support flight attendants strike

02-10-2010 02:30

The labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (Worker's Party) and the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), the ground crew union at the national flag carrier, both expressed support for the planned strike of the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP).

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Oppose English Defence League in Blackburn Lancs Sat 2nd October 2010

02-10-2010 01:06

The English Defence League [EDL] are going to be protesting tomorrow Saturday 2nd October 2010 outside Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]. They are protesting because KFC serve Halal meat. THe protest will be at KFC Haslingden Road Blackburn Lancashire.!/event.php?eid=157451460934608

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Repression in Brussels

01-10-2010 21:45

All kicking off in Brussels, but a lack of reporting on the UK Indy site. Heavy repression, violence and mass arrests, there is a mass demonstration tomorrow...keep checking the BXL indy site for videos and regular updates.

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Right to Work invite their priveledged elite to enter the 'exclusion zone'

01-10-2010 19:44

While (albeit grudgingly) accepting the change of route for the main march, the Socialist elite get to go to a 'rally' at a pub just yards from the Tory Party Conference!

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CPC Direct Action Bloc Meeting Point for Sundays Protests.

01-10-2010 18:44

I suppose we should start with the shite news, the squatted convergence space is looking very unlikely as police arrested those involved with taking the space earlier this week and confiscated tools. We are trying to co-ordinate with the few Brummies that we know to try and open another convergence space before the weekend but at this moment no guarantees.

Anyone who can offer floors to activists on the day who stay around for the evening activities please let us know. I know this is quite annoying but we simply don’t have the numbers in Brum beforehand to secure the space, if anyone wants to get down to Brum before and open a space let us know and we will put it on the site.

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The Persecution of Hoder

01-10-2010 16:48

Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, has been sentenced in Iran to 19.5 years for being an 'anti-revolutionary blogger'.

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Siempre Antifascista 2010

30-09-2010 13:03

Use the logo - always antifascist!
Remembering means fighting!

Violence, murders and pogroms: These expressions of a right-wing attitude, which has long been officially believed defeated, are flourishing.
Violence against Sinti and Roma, anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia is accepted silently by major parts of our society and the state.

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The Netherlands: Squatting prohibition

29-09-2010 22:36

We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to join us in our struggle against the squatting prohibition. We will have two demonstrations this week, on 1st October in Amsterdam and 2nd October in Nijmegen. This week mayor of Amsterdam said that in coming months 200 squats will be evicted in the city!!! If you can not come to the Netherlands please organize a protests or action in your place against the squatting prohibition that starts on 1st October 2010.

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Mumbai-style terror plot’ against UK uncovered

29-09-2010 20:58

Speaking after recent reports that security services had foiled plans to launch “Mumbai-style” terror attacks in UK cities, Massoud Shadjareh, the Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), has called on the media to treat such claims with scepticism.

He called the claims “politically motivated” and warned that they served to “further demonise” a Muslim community that is already suffering hate crimes and feeling marginalised and under siege.

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NETCU to close !

29-09-2010 18:52

In news about cuts all activist can support – NETCU staff have all been laid off by Cambridge Police!

Police sources confirm that all NETCU staff have been served their notice and the unit will close completely in the new year.