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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Protest at Communications House - Tuesday 2 September

28-08-2008 13:57


Show solidarity with asylum seekers and immigrants

Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR
(nearest tube – Old Street )

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Solidarity Demonstration with Italian Roma

28-08-2008 05:49

End Attacks on Roma People in Italy

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Stop Police Harrassment! Defend Democratic Rights! - Public meeting 23rd Sept

28-08-2008 03:07

Leaflet/poster - feel free to circulate!
Stop Police Harassment!
Defend Democratic Rights!

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Cuba arrests Punk band singer as "danger" to regime.

28-08-2008 01:03

he doesn't even have proper punk hairstyle.
The band is called "Porno para Ricardo" which I suppose would translate as "pornography for Richard". Whatever, the Cuban authorities don't like the name, and it seems they don't like the lyrics either. Honestly not surprising when you consider they are a bunch of very old men.

But now they've decided to do something about it by arresting the writer of those lyrics and front man of the four piece band and they want to sending him to jail for four years because he is a "danger" to Cuban society.

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Fitwatch at Carnival Against Vivisection

27-08-2008 18:21

Solidarity for Sean Kirtley -
Saturday 6th September, 12 Noon, Grass verge opposite Ledbury Train Station

The animal rights movement has suffered vast amounts of repression over the years - repression which only seems to be getting worse.

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Fitwatch at Carnival Against Vivisection

27-08-2008 18:06

Come and join Fitwatch on 6th September, and get cameras off our protests.

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Suffer the little children, to come unto a UK removal centre

27-08-2008 15:08

Report on a full announced inspection of Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre 10-14 March 2008 by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. Report compiled June 2008, published Wednesday 27th August 2008.

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Inspection of Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre

27-08-2008 15:07

"an immigration removal centre can never be a suitable place for children" Anne Owers

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Police permission granted for the Carnival Against Vivisection!

27-08-2008 14:44

Version 1
"Police say demonstrators will be allowed to march from The Homend and back, providing there are “no significant issues” beforehand." - although nobody asked for permission from any authorities!

Promoters: 1 Police: 0

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The Gazan Siege breakers sail home

27-08-2008 11:10

The Free Gaza and the Liberty, the two peace boats that have just broken the siege of the Gaza strip by sea, are due to return to Cyprus this Thursday at 9.00am.

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Brum demo in support of Austrian prisoners

27-08-2008 00:02

Demonstration in support of the Austrian prisoners, Friday 5 September, outside the Austrian Consulate in Birmingham, from 11.00am. This is part of a Global Day of Solidarity.

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SHAC Horsham Demos Continue, Despite Novartis Best Efforts

26-08-2008 18:32

Another lively afternoon was spent demonstrating at Novartis, Horsham today the 22 August.

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AstraZeneca & Barclays Demos in London

26-08-2008 18:29

Despite SOCPA 'laws'

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Carnival Against Vivisection, peoples reactions, a very personal perspective.

26-08-2008 16:32

Some thoughts on the Carnival, Peoples reactions and some things worth bearing in mind.

Plus a copy of a flyer I was given.

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FIT Team Photographers Earn More Than Coppers!

26-08-2008 15:24

Well, it was like getting blood out of a stone but we finally got some answers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) about the FIT team photographers who’ve been following activists and footie fans round for the last few years.

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"Pride is a Protest" - Bradford MSGI marches at Manchester Pride

26-08-2008 09:54

UMSU and MSGI protesters
Several representatives of University of Bradford's MSGI society marched at Manchester Pride 2008 to proclaim "Pride is a Protest", along with several other groups.

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Carnival Against Vivisection - Creative ideas - Crimthinc Anarchist Cookbook!

25-08-2008 23:10

We have been leafleting and fly posting in our area recently using the English and Polish flyers downloaded from what more can we be doing to let the world know about the Carnival, the plight of animals in labs worldwide and our fellow activists stuck in jails around the world.

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The Arab League criticism on the Darfur ICC charges against Bashir is rejectable

25-08-2008 21:38

Regarding her criticism on the possible ICC charges against the Sudanese president Mr Bashir,in respect with Darfurian war crimes, the Arab League is showing a morally rejectable point of view and is measuring the double standard

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Read This B4 Planning Any Future Actions

25-08-2008 15:24

Devilvision: The World's New Wireless Grid.


The last 90 minutes of this show is an interview by Gina Romano ( with author of Devilvision Bill Gallagher ( of Hachita NM on ENMOD and chemtrails.

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Leaked US State Department Presentation: AR Activists

25-08-2008 13:43

State Department PowerPoint on Animal Rights Activism
A PowerPoint presentation, leaked from a division of the State Department, reveals that the government is briefing corporations about animal rights activists and offering “countermeasures” to protect corporate profits.