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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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A G8 of Lies

05-07-2009 14:30

From July 6th L’aquila will host the most cynical G8 summit in the history.

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Spyes in photos

05-07-2009 12:58

Well, well, the wife of the upcoming MI6”boss” really respects the democratic ideas and open public admin! Its unusual to se the wife of such a “civil servant” reveals that kind of info. But, but, WHAT is her motive? Has Sir John Sawers been out with another woman and getting some thing” on the side”? And the Facebook uploading of the private photos of Lady Shelley Sawers of her family, her husband etc. is it a kind of revenge on her side?

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Egyptian Gaolers refuse to release British Activists from Prison Gaza

05-07-2009 09:25

Ehud Olmert with Senior Israeli Gaoler
Egyptian Authorities Punish Two Activists for their Pro-Palestinian
Solidarity Work

4th July, 2009 - Gaza City, Gaza Strip

Natalie Abou Shakra, UK, and Jenny Linnell, UK, two International Solidarity Movement activists who came to Gaza as part of the Free Gaza Movement voyages, both British nationals, were prevented from exiting the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Crossing on the 28th of June, 2009 by the Egyptian border authorities. In addition to having special coordination by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) based on the request of the British Embassy in Cairo, Natalie and Jenny were given approval to pass through the Crossing on the 9th of June, prior to an official opening, by a call from the office of Mr. Yasser Othman from the MFA. Nevertheless, on the 10th of June, they were returned back by the mukhabarat (intelligence services) at the Crossing demanding they both return back when the Crossing officially opens.

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New thought crime - "Dangerous Writing"

04-07-2009 23:35

Here's another threat to our Civil Liberties, Baroness O'Cathain (Tory) has proposed an amendment to the Coronors and Justice Bill to outlaw "Extreme Writings"!

It starts "(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of extreme pornographic writing."

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Governor of Queensland incommunicado on judicial corruption claims

04-07-2009 22:37

Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, is unresponsive to judicial abuse complaints against her brother, Robert Wensley QC, by an unrepresented 12 year old bullied schoolboy and his mother.

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Neda Agha Soltan (by Latuff)

04-07-2009 21:10

Neda Agha Soltan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Shut Down Guantánamo! Monthly demo: pictures & report

04-07-2009 07:27

Pictures and report from the LGC's monthly Shut Down Guantánamo! action outside the US Embassy in London for July

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Governor of Queensland in denial on judicial corruption claims

03-07-2009 16:52

Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, is unresponsive to judicial abuse complaints against her brother, Robert Wensley QC, by an unrepresented 12 year old bullied schoolboy and his mother.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight

03-07-2009 15:51

Iain McKay // Shell to Sea // Climate Camp Cymru // Dubstep from Deapoh

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Report of Protest + Arrests Outside Gordon Brown Q&A Newcastle, 2nd July

03-07-2009 13:43

Protestors assemble on the pavement
On Thursday 2nd July activists from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! gathered outside the Discovery Museum in Newcastle after receiving a VERY last minute tip-off that Gordon Brown was holding an 'invite only' question and answer session inside. Three of the protestors were later arrested and released without charge.

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Dangerous progressives

03-07-2009 08:33

Self-styled “progressives” tend to think of themselves as another tribe entirely, untainted by American chauvinism. This is especially evident in the Age of Obama, who “has continued some of the worst Bush administration policies, but still receives nearly universal support from progressives.”

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Solidarity with the Protest Movement in Iran

03-07-2009 04:52

TO: All progressive and pro-human rights individuals and organisations
The protest document that follows has been signed by a number of people. The names of a selection are appended. We invite all those who identify with this protest to add their names to the petition. You can do so on the following websites: , or,

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Action Required

02-07-2009 23:15

SWIPP (Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests) urges you to take the following actions.

Taken from:

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Victims of the Racist War on Terror: Free the NW10

02-07-2009 22:17


Audio from the meeting of the The London Campaign to support the North West 10, foreign students who were arrested under Terror Laws and most of whom are now in prison, despite there being no evidence against them, met at the Khalili Lecture theatre at SOAS on Thursday 2nd July.

Speakers included Tariq Mehmood, one of the 'Bradford 12', Gareth Peirce - Human Rights Solicitor, Dorothy Wright of UCU, Asim Qureshi of Cage Prisoners and Rizwan Sabir, arrested with Hicham Yezza at Nottingham University.

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Ian Tomlinson killed by police imposter?!

02-07-2009 16:22

City of London Police suggest to his family that Ian Tomlinson may have been killed by an imposter!

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NCC 'Proud of You' awards

02-07-2009 14:56

Let's nominate an activist for one of these awards

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Justice minister Jack Straw in Brighton

02-07-2009 12:54

Jack Straw, the justice minister (now) is doing some 'soap box' drama in Brighton in Windsor street next to the Earth and Stars pub.
Few unexpected hecklers down ther. Please go and support.

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Rossport solidarity demo + press release

02-07-2009 08:14

demo at Irish embassy in London

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Noise demo at the Irish embassy

02-07-2009 00:11

the oil drummer
15 to 20 people made a fairly cheerful racket for a couple of hours outside the Irish embassy in London today, in protest at the appauling brutality of the Gardie, who coninue to assault and imprison those fighting Shell in Rosport.

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Terrorism Act 2000 Urgent Please Read

01-07-2009 17:24

Stopped at Birmingham International airport