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Ian Tomlinson killed by police imposter?!

observer | 02.07.2009 16:22 | G20 London Summit | Repression

City of London Police suggest to his family that Ian Tomlinson may have been killed by an imposter!

sorry but have only just seen this.

Adding insult to injury, City of London Police (who were originally in charge of investigating his death until the video emerged) suggested to his family that Ian Tomlinson may been killed by an imposter!
(all the more reason for ALL police officers to have their numbers clearly displayed at all times or be sacked)

This follows the string of lies and disinformation by the police about the death of Jean Charles de Menezes (jumping the ticket barrier, carrying a rucksack etc.)
and shows that there is a culture of deliberate misinformation and cover-up endemic in the police, especially when they are implicated in the death of a member of the public.

As of now, how can anyone believe ANYTHING the police say about anything. If they can lie about such serious issues, they can lie about anything!
(except MPs who believed the crap the police told them about cop violence at the G20 was due to 'inexperienced' officers.! including the FIT and TSG)

RIP Ian and Jean Charles, and shame on the police for lying to the berieved families.



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