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Justice minister Jack Straw in Brighton

relay station | 02.07.2009 12:54 | Smash EDO | Repression | South Coast

Jack Straw, the justice minister (now) is doing some 'soap box' drama in Brighton in Windsor street next to the Earth and Stars pub.
Few unexpected hecklers down ther. Please go and support.

On a cursory search ...
claims that while down in Brighton to open some new form of courts system ...

* At 1pm today, Mr Straw will invite the support - and risk the wrath - of Sussex voters by setting out the Government's plans for the country on a "soapbox" outside Brighthelm church and community centre in Brighton.

Mr Straw, who will take questions from the public, will explain how ministers hope to take the country out of recession and improve public services under the policy plan Building Britain's Future, launched by Prime Minister Gordon Brown earlier this week.

Let people in Brighton know.

All the best

relay station


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