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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Asylum Seeker documentary - Ahlam's Story

30-09-2006 00:37

Ahlam Souidi speaks frankly about her time as an asylum seeker in Maryhill, Glasgow. Her family are at the moment threatened with deportation back to a country, Algeria, where they face grave danger.

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PHILIPPINES: The worst regime post-Marcos

29-09-2006 23:09

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) commemorates Martial Law with condemnation of worst regime post-Marcos.

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London - Jack Boot City - Demo report, Weds 27th September

29-09-2006 20:41

An insight into the extreme behaviour of the police in their attempts to break the animal rights movement

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Senate gives green light to torture and military tribunals

29-09-2006 15:56

The sadists in power can now endulge their sickest fantasies on "enemy combatants" a tern which covers every crime, from smoking spliffs to opposing this legisation. And you thought it was a conspiracy theory! Pah! Eat your heart out, before they do....

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During a public protest, politicians closed Coca Cola’s offices in Mexico

28-09-2006 21:45

Coca Cola FEMSA is accused of discriminating a manager for being homosexual
• Openly Gay Federal Congressman supports the plaintiff in symbolic act.
• ALTERNATIVA liberal political party, Mexico City’s Leader, was there as well.
• The Gay Pride Organization Committee backs Roberto Mendoza.

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The Yorkshire Ripper revisited

28-09-2006 21:27

The Peter Sutcliffe myth is wearing a bit thin now. This is big, really big. When the lid blows off this one, I intend to be standing well back from ground zero.

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Bush and Islam: Words versus Deeds

28-09-2006 15:50

The wide gap between U.S. President George W. Bush’s words and deeds vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims doomed to failure his speech at the United Nations on September 19, which could neither appease Muslims nor pacify the ever growing Islamophobia.

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Afghanistan: The Other Lost War

28-09-2006 15:41

US directed repression of the Afghan people aided by its brutal Northern Alliance regional "warlord" proxies has led to the beginning of a growing insurrection against an intolerable situation that's unsustainable. It has the upper hand in Iraq and is fast becoming more of the same in Afghanistan. It's what always happens because no unwanted occupier is ever accepted by the people it subjugates, especially one whose prime mission is to terrorize the civilian population to pacify it. The mission is doomed to fail as eventually it becomes inefficient, ineffective and people back home no longer will tolerate it. By now it would seem cooler heads in Washington and at the Pentagon would have made some headway convincing the hard line neocons behind this growing misadventure and the out-of-control one in Iraq that it was time to cut losses, pull out, and go another way. Those among them with enough good sense have to realize even the most powerful military in the world has no chance to defeat a determined guerilla force gaining strength because it has most of the people in the country behind it.

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Homeless families in Iraq seek government action

28-09-2006 11:34

Hundreds of homeless people demonstrated in Baghdad on Monday in protest over being evicted from government buildings and schools they had been squatting in.

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URGENT - Witch hunt in Chile: Six anarchists arrested after police raid squat.

28-09-2006 04:01

A lot of weapons of mass destruction
This is what progressive democracy looks like.

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Cops get heavy handed at Manchester Peace Rally

27-09-2006 15:38

Today in Manchester, a group of around 70 protesters gathered for the Rally of Resistance, an act of civil disobedience against Anti-Terror laws preventing protests close to the G-Mex conference venue of this year's Labour party conference. Manchester Police decided to act less than peacefully and several protesters were gratuitously shoved into a cordon.

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Liverpool resident halts Pathfinder programme

27-09-2006 14:55

In successfully challenging a Compulsory Purchase Order on her home a Liverpool resident may have dealt a fatal blow to the hated New Labour Pathfinder programme.

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Free the Five Cubans!, in Washington...

27-09-2006 10:51

"Free the Five" march in Washington...

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On the ground: Time to go - the Manchester conference protest

26-09-2006 14:38

£4.9 million indeed. And it could easily be seen. Police, horses, dogs, helmets, body armour - even the horses had kneepads. They looked ready for some kind of weird sporting spectacle that crossed horse-racing and skateboarding.

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Suicide Bomber

26-09-2006 03:55

Perhaps the two most feared words in the English language today are “suicide bomber”; the propaganda machine in the west ensures that these two words continue to strike fear and terror into the hearts of the civilian population. Circumstances occasionally present all of us with unusual opportunities. When a young man who claimed the above distinction wished to make known his story it would have been a dereliction of my profession to refuse the request. The public interest is not served unless both sides of a story are made available.

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OutRage!/NUS; Uganda demo pics and report

25-09-2006 15:19

On Friday Sept 22nd NUS-LGBT and OutRage! held a joint demo agagainst the persecution of lgbt people in Uganda.

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Grauniad "CANCELS" PEACE DEMO, promises to fund/advertise CND demo -OCT 24, T-Sq

25-09-2006 11:13

The sort of people that might come out for a demo against "replacing" Trident in the totally different global environment post-cold war are a far wider group than the old "lefties, greenies, etc" of the 80s, as are the people that are sceptical of war in iraq, staying in Kabul - when the example of a peace deal with locals seems to have lasted across the S border - but the "casuals" that decide, that A.M. to go - -

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PHILIPPINES: Remember Martial Law!

25-09-2006 07:09

September Twenty-One Protest against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (STOP-GLORIA)

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25-09-2006 03:44

PHILIPPINES: Remember Martial Law
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